Coding is the ultimate job skill – How it can help secure a job in future

Though it’s true that computer programming jobs are declining with time, yet coding is gradually becoming the most demanding skills throughout industries. Besides companies that are based on the tech sector, there are soaring numbers of companies that are entirely dependent on computer code. In fact, as per Glassdoor review, 8 among the top 25 jobs are for tech positions. A software engineer can easily find themselves working in a hospital or in Apple or in an automotive manufacturing company.

As per BLS or the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, employment, especially for the post of computer programmers will trip down for 10% to 304,200 positions over the next 10 years as more and more businesses will outsource projects to less costly contract worker areas.

Is there a hike in demand of coding skills?

A brand new report from Burning Glass which is an analytics firm found out that there were as many as 7 million job openings in 2016 in offices which demanded effective coding skills. They even concluded that the programming jobs are increasing 15% faster than the market average. This aforementioned finding is due to the fact that researchers are broadening the scope of analysis to include coding skills to most job categories. The most common job categories where you may require coding and web development are:

  • Information Technology
  • Artists and web designers
  • Data Analysts
  • Scientists
  • Engineers

Such skills were defined as utilizing a computer program to write down instructions to a computer as against utilizing the applications which are already established. The researchers took a close look at programming languages including HTML for designing websites, JavaScript, AutoCAD programs for engineers, statistical programs SAS and R and other languages like Python, JAVA and C++.

Coding skills have become a ‘MUST’ for employers

Reports and researches take a look at the job market demand for the coding skills in order to reveal definitely jobs and skills which the employers are looking for these days. Half of the openings are found in industries which are not related to technology like manufacturing, finance and health care. This is why coding has become a key skill which bolsters the chances of the applicant to demand higher salary. Jobs which need best skills of coding, pay up to $22,000 in a year or more than that. So, for all those students who are desperately looking for ways of increasing their income can definitely learn coding. Around half of all jobs which pay more than $58,000 need coding skills, as per analysis.

Burning Glass studies revealed that almost 90% of the coding jobs in the industry need a bachelor’s degree as against 45% of the career-tracking jobs. For the candidates who neither have a coding school certificate nor a bachelor’s degree, they can opt for short-term roles as computer user support, drafters and engineering technicians. They are all options with a moderate demand as per what the researchers have to say.

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