Top 10 Best Free Android Games 2018 with Multiplayer

Playing games with friends is much more interesting than alone, especially if you come together. Arrange entertainment or competition in a cheerful company of like-minded people can be using your Android-devices – for this, there is nothing better than games with multiplayer. They will allow organizing a real competition – and it is not so important who will win. The main thing is time spent with friends – fun and with benefit.Continue reading →

How Web Hosting Can Make or Break SEO

Have you ever heard the famous SEO joke? Here it is: “Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?”

“Page two of Google…”

Being on page two is no laughing matter though. It’s even worse if you’re on an even lower page for your chosen keywords. The fact is, if your business isn’t on page one for these terms, it’s virtually invisible. There is of course search engine optimization. Whether a business has an in-house SEO team, or uses an external provider, most have an idea of some of the SEO basics that can contribute to a site getting higher in the rankings. These include:Continue reading →

Why Should Tech Businesses Ensure Their Finances Are up to Date?

As some of the most innovative and progressive ventures in the world, tech businesses are undeniably a force to be reckoned with when it comes to business growth and success. Many of the fastest growing, richest companies in the world are tech companies (Facebook and Apple, for example), and as such, there is the need for them to stay on top of their financial operations through every step of their life cycle. Here are some of the main reasons tech businesses should keep all finances up to date.Continue reading →

The Ins and Outs of a VPN for Remote Access Employees

In today’s world, going to work doesn’t always mean driving to the company building. Not every employee is sitting in an office or a line of cubicles.

Instead, many employees work from home. They have an office right in their house but still need to be connected to whatever company they work for. You will also find many workers take their work home with them after hours or on the weekend. Sometimes there is just not enough hours in a day to finish everything up.

So what do these employees do if they need to access the company’s network from anywhere but the office? Not only that, how can the company guarantee the connection to the system is secure and that no one outside the link can get in?

That is where a VPN comes into play. Let’s take a look at what a VPN is, how it works and why a company needs VPN apps to provide security for remote access employees.

What is a VPN?

First things first, what is a VPN? It stands for virtual private network and is a way to secure an internet connection. Basically, you take a public, open network and make it as secure as possible to the user accessing the connection.

For example, if you go to a coffee shop that offers free Wi-Fi that is a public network. You can access all you want. However, you cannot guarantee the connection is safe, or if the Wi-Fi is indeed from the coffee shop (you can change the Wi-Fi name to whatever you want). So as soon as you connect to the internet, your device is vulnerable to prying eyes that can see what you are doing and access personal information on your device.

A VPN creates a tunnel in which it encrypts the data that flows through it to the network. It makes it so that you are invisible on the network. So those prying eyes can no longer see what you are doing.

A VPN also allows you to access content that you are unable to get in specific regions. So if you are trying to stream something online that is in a particular country, you can still use it even if you are somewhere else.

Why Have it For Remote Employees?

If you have an employee that is working from home or are a large company with multiple workers in different areas, they still need access to the company’s network. Since they are not in the building that has the server, they need a different way to gain access.

A remote-access VPN can get your employee connected to the company’s server through a remote computer network. It works as if the employee is in the building directly plugged into the system. The downside to remote access is it leaves your server vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals because the connection isn’t secure.

That is where the VPN comes in handy. It takes that open, unsecured connection and closes it off to anyone other than the employee access the server. That tunnel the VPN creates for the data blocks anyone else from trying to access the system that shouldn’t be. Without it, your company is exposed and vulnerable to cyber-attacks and personal information potentially compromised.

Your employees can now access the central server of their workplace anywhere, anytime. Not only that, they can access it securely. So if they decide to take work home and hang out at the local coffee shop, your remote-access VPN will allow that.

So if you are a company that has evolved as much as technology has and your employees don’t work in an office, a VPN will be your friend. Secure your employees and your business with a VPN.

Artificial Intelligence and business growth: how R&D tax credits can help

R&D tax credits and business growth

From self-driving cars to internet chatbots, personal assistants to medical assistance, the future of Artificial Intelligence is all but with us. So much so, in fact, that more and more businesses from an array of industry sectors are looking at investing heavily in ensuring they remain at the forefront of their market, utilising AI to boost sales and optimise user experience.

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Of course, visions of a future where all tasks can be autonomous and machine learning has exceeded our own ability to add value is a long way off, but working towards a more efficient and economical era is undoubtedly vital in modern business. As such, ensuring that your company is engaging effectively in such development is key and, with R&D tax credits rewarding the push towards AI advancements, it makes sense to properly understand how you can benefit from tax initiatives introduced by the UK government.

Integrating systems

While not all companies are in a position to employ a team of software developers to build a fully bespoke artificial intelligence network, many off-the-shelf solutions are becoming available. The challenge with these, however, is integrating into existing systems within an organisation. This process itself may well qualify as R&D activity, fulfilling the criteria laid out by HMRC that you were searching for an advancement in science or technology.

Alternatively, you may well be a software development organisation currently engaged in AI development. As such, you work will not go unrewarded, with such work the epitome of what is means to be invested in innovative, forward-thinking research.

Take advantage of tax credits

Regardless of your situation, R&D tax credits will be able to help you continue your work and inject your business with valuable cash or reduce your Corporation Tax obligations. Whether it’s staffing costs, outsourcing or contractor costs, utilities, materials, and even selected software requirements, a number of qualifying expenses that make up your claim can be recovered in part, depending on the size of your organisation.

For those companies with no more than 500 employees, and with a turnover of less than €100m or a balance sheet total under €86m, making a claim for the SME tax credits will help you recover up to 230% of qualifying costs. Alternatively, for those larger companies, the R&D Expenditure Credit offers the chance to benefit from a rate equivalent to 10p of every £1 spent on research and development.

Regardless of your company size, such investment in AI development will provide ample opportunity to benefit from these tax initiatives.

Discuss with experts

The complexities surrounding making a successful claim for R&D tax – such as suitable documentation and identifying associated costs – means it pays to work with experienced R&D tax professionals to maximise the value of your claim. Find out more about R&D tax credits for software development today.

Online Gaming Guide

Many people enjoy gambling on the result of games of chance. It’s an entertainment. that has existed pretty much throughout history, with records of the practice going back hundreds of years. Today, land-based casinos all over the world are visited by millions of people who want to try their luck at the tables or the slot machines. It’s even possible to play casino games over the internet.Continue reading →