Why Should I Buy An Apple Ipad?

ipadApple Ipad is all around the news nowadays. Also, there is lot of buzz around the world surrounding the features, specs, operating system, software, and accessories related to Ipad. Some people are saying ipad is not worth as it does not have a camera and some are saying that it is really cool and has loads of new features and can take place of a laptop and many more things, so it proves that there are million of people who are looking for information on Ipad on the Internet and most of them have one single question, “WHY SHOULD I BUY AN APPLE IPAD”? So today via this gadget Blog, I will tell you how ipad is worth its money and why you should buy it.Continue reading →

Huawei unveiled the OS size 10 KB

Huawei OS

Huawei has proposed a conceptual new solution for an emerging market, “Internet of things” – the operating system the size of a ten kilobytes. The announcement was held in Beijing during the Congress on network technologies (HNC2015). Firmware with LiteOS optimized for data collection and transmission would be a simple device and software foundation architecture, Agile Network 3.0, with which the developers plan to integrate their own solutions for the IoT and the products of other manufacturers.Continue reading →

Accessing Database tables using AJAX


In this article, we will access information from MySQL database tables using AJAX. Assuming we have a table named products containing information of products of different categories. The categories may be Mobile, Camera, Book etc. and are displayed on the screen in the form of hyperlinks. On selecting a category, all the products under that category will be displayed. Like, if Camera hyperlink is selected, all the cameras in products table will be displayed. The structure of the table is shown in below given figure.Continue reading →

How to Use HTML Forms With PHP


Some HTML forms pass data from one page to another without the use of database. You can use php to enhance your HTML forms by making sure that these forms are processed properly. For example if you want some condition to be fulfilled before processing the form then it is possible to do so with php. In this tutorial we’re going to process out data from one form to another static page by using php.
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PHP Solution to the Project Euler Problem 1

preuThis is one of the easiest problem in the project euler archive. You can perform this problem in any language of your choice. As this site is specifically for web developers so i’m focusing on php for this post. You can change the code to get answer in C, C++ or any other language of your choice. Depending on your language, few changes will be there but that’s upto you to fix. As this tutorial deals with the PHP code, I can tell you for sure that this code works.Continue reading →

PHP Regular Expressions


Regular expressions are the patterns that allow you to process text based on certain requirement. This in turn produces the sequence or pattern of text that is based on pattern-matching as per developers needs. You can do a lot of things using regular expressions. For example, you can filter our the text in uppercase or replace the word with something else, match the group of text and filter the content. There are plenty of other ways to use the regular expression as per your needs.Continue reading →

PHP Functions Tutorial


A function is used in almost every programming language to reduce excessive code and for effective code re-usability. In some programming languages function is called as method. In almost every programming language they’re used to perform particular task on regular basis. This way it saves time of programmer and code also becomes more readable. Continue reading →

PHP Exception Handling

htyPHP like any other programming language has an exception handling feature. You can write your code in a such way that it catches the most obvious exception depending on your programs logic. Exceptions allow you to manage errors much effectively and this is the reason you should consider using them in your program. In this tutorial we’ll take a look at how exceptions in PHP work.Continue reading →

How to Setup Codeigniter on Xampp and Uniform Server


Learn How to Setup Codeigniter with Xampp and Uniform Server. Codeigniter is one of the popular PHP framework that is suitable for many new php programmers. Codeigniter is lightweight and is relatively easy to understand php framework compared to cakephp and other frameworks. In this tutorial, we will setup codeigniter and get things running with XAMPP and Uniform server. I am explaining codeigniter setup using both of these web servers just so that if anyone wants to use one of these will find it easy to setup.Continue reading →