2016 Web Design Trends You Want To Be Aware Of

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Every single web developer and web designer out there will tell you that the industry is constantly changing. Trends come and go and the true professionals always know what works great and what has to be avoided at all costs. We normally see many platform changes and updates that happen in one year. The smart web designer will always use the latest strategies as a site is built. With this in mind, here are some of the 2016 web design trends that absolutely all web designers need to be aware of. A failure to take these into account would lead towards an improper result.

Before we get going, make sure that you are 100% sure that the trend is one that would be appropriate for the site that you are going to create. There are many cases in which the implementation is simply done and the result is bad for the visitors as the site ends up being way too loaded. Always take everything in mind and be sure that a trend is suitable before you blindly implement it.

Long Scrolling Websites

This trend emerged in 2015 but it is only now that it is really popular, mainly because of the fact that we are faced with stronger technology. You can easily implement the long scrolling features in WordPress website development and the trend is not difficult to add even when creating complete design from scratch.

In case you are not aware of this, long scrolling basically means that a site will keep scrolling as you move your point of view down. Basically, we end up with infinite scroll instead of having to go to a following page through the use of pagination.

No Large Background Image

PPC Sydney companies highlighted that in 2015 we saw a compelling use of large background images. This did change in 2016. We now see that the trend was not a great one and the main trend in regards to backgrounds used in sites is simply adding white space. This brings in many different advantages ranging from faster loading speed to being able to easily focus the attention of the viewer on some areas that are much more important for the site than the background.

Interaction And Storytelling

Absolutely all SEO companies in India will tell you that the main focus on a website has to be put on content. In 2016 the big content trend will be put on storytelling and visitor interaction. Content management is nowadays connected with web design. A content writer will have to work hard in delivering content that is highly entertaining and the web designer needs to be sure that the focus is put on that content. That is not so easy to achieve and it is this 2016 web design trend that will have the highest possible impact on the success of websites.

On the whole, 2016 will be about interaction and simplistic design. It is important to respect trends but make sure that what you choose is appropriate for what you want to create.

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