A Commonly-Overlooked Tool in the SEO Toolbox: Client Care

As search engine optimization professionals, we have many tools and techniques at our disposal. Our skill at building robust sites and boosting page rankings for our clients is eclipsed only by our exhaustive knowledge of search engine algorithms. Many of us are experts at teasing out the mysteries of search and developing new strategies to harness the power of online search engines. Advances in the SEO field seem to happen on a weekly basis, and we are equipped with many cutting-edge tools as a result. However, there is one extremely important tool that many of us neglect or overlook: client care.

Client Care Defined

What is client care? In simple terms, it means the relationship one develops with business clients, and how those clients are treated during interaction with you and your team. Those relationships are critical to long-term success in SEO campaigns. Collaborative work between SEO professionals and clients help to build strategies that work for the clients’ specific needs.

Building Relationships by Listening

It goes without saying that one of the very best ways to ensure great client care is by taking the time to listen to each client. Every client will have different needs and desires when they come to you for SEO help. Perhaps their business is lagging, or they are seeking to build brand awareness. Maybe they need help with restoring a damaged online reputation, or they may simply want to try something new with their website. No matter the reason your client has come to you, it is important to understand that in the SEO business, cookie-cutter solutions simply don’t work. By listening carefully to clients and working together, you can tease out their specific goals and wishes, making the strategy stronger as a result.

Responding to Client Needs

Your responsiveness to your clients is another important factor in the client care picture. Just like the reasons your clients came to you in the first place, each client will have their own preferred method of communication. Some will like regular telephone updates, while others will prefer email or chat. Some good ways to enhance communication flow and responsiveness include:

  • Call forwarding services for quick response to phone calls
  • Video chats on Skype on a regular weekly/monthly/quarterly schedule
  • Text chat services on Skype or MSN Messenger for near-instant interaction
  • Replying quickly to emails by setting time aside in the morning or afternoon to clear out your inbox

Leaving someone hanging for an answer because your email box is full, or neglecting to return calls promptly, can greatly impact your blossoming relationship with your client. Be aware that your client’s time is as valuable as your own. Make it a goal of your team to stay in close touch with clients as needed.

Connecting with Clients

On a related note, you must understand that each of your clients works differently, and each will have their own particulars you must remain aware of. Your goal is to learn how to connect with each client on their own level. Some prefer a lot of hand-holding and explanation throughout the SEO development process. Others will simply let you do your thing. Still others will want regular reporting and analytics to ensure their budget is being spent wisely. Take the time to learn about your clients, and collaborate with them to figure out the best way for your team to remain in contact with them during your work together.

By applying these basic principles, your client relationships will be made stronger and more effective. Communicating with clients, keeping them aware of the progress of your work, and collaborating to develop SEO campaigns together will go a long way toward achieving client satisfaction.

Darren Dunner / CEO of Internetzone I, Inc. / https://www.internetzonei.com has been doing SEO since 1999 and continues to develop his and his teams skills to provide the best services online.

5 SEO tips to increase web traffic and increase conversions

Despite the widespread development of Internet technologies, shocking statistics: about half of all small businesses have no website. Given that, Google receives daily more than 3.5 billion different requests; such companies are losing many potential customers. Surely, someone is looking for, and your services.

If you belong to the group of entrepreneurs who feel the presence of an optional site, we hasten to disappoint you: today is your primary goal is to give your business a decent online presence.

If you were smart, and the site you have, one of your priorities should be to attract visitors to the site or page through the campaign. Regardless of how visually appealing and functional is your website is, without visitors, it will be a waste of resources.

How to encourage Internet users to choose among dozens of your page option in the search results? You need search engine optimization, i.e., a set of specific strategies and tactics used by webmasters to ensure the influx of visitors and make a site or page landing more attractive to search engines.

I am a regular reader and author of Local Advertising Journal, a magazine that has well defined the power of local advertising but for success, you will need few local SEO tips that really work – and here I will describe how you can start using them today to grow your business online to achieve.

Major brands distinguish thousands and thousands of dollars a year on a variety of SEO-procedure and, as a rule; they do successfully dominate the pages of search results. Small businesses to compete with big brands can seem hopeless. However, it is not so.

Here are some relatively simple solutions that will help increase traffic to your website or campaign page …

1) Conduct an audit

The first step in the process of SEO-Optimization is an audit of the current state of the site. Use tools like Google Analytics or the Google: Webmaster the Tools, selecting the options of the services that are best suited to promote your site.

Re-read the entire text content. Keep track of every link and write down all the obvious errors (non-download pages or images, grammatical errors, irrelevant information). First of all, start with correcting these problems.

Then use Google Analytics to analyze the contents of the most visited pages. Which pages get the largest percentage of “natural” traffic? If some areas have a low failure rate and long-term stay on the page, consider why visitors prefer it.

Perhaps they are attracted more engaging content and vivid image? Perhaps these pages include a clear call to action? Through trial and error, you will be able to determine what they find helpful and friendly, and then you will only have to repeat these techniques on all relevant pages of the resource.

Then connect to the process capabilities Webmaster Tools Google. Which search terms bring people to your site? What keywords visitors use to navigate through the pages of your site using the internal search engine? Are there those who come to your site looking for a service or product that you do not offer? How many users request a particular product or service? Compare this with the data from Analytics, and used to develop their strategy for SEO-updated, optimized content.

2) Secure your local presence

Imagine that your project is based in the attractive tourist beach town and is dedicated to surfing. Your target audience is fueled from two main sources: the community of local surfers and seasonal visitors on vacation. Most likely, the locals already know about your store, but it is doubtful that tourists have already found some information about it. Usually, the first thing that makes a tourist – to get a smartphone and looking for surf shops in the area.

If your site is not optimized for the competition with the local business, your store may not get there in the search results. What to do? Create profiles on social networks, if you have not already done so. If you already have profiles, make sure that they provide the correct address and links to your website. Register your project on Yelp, the Foursquare, the Bing the Places, Google+ the Local, Citysearch, and any other resources provided by the list of services in a particular location.

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3) Optimize your keyword selection strategy

Many small companies make a big mistake by focusing only on frequently used, specific keywords and trying to place these keywords in the text as often as possible. This will lead you to search the crash. Even if you manage to achieve high rankings in the search results (which is quite tedious and difficult), it is unlikely to lead to high rates of conversion.

Let’s go back to the surf shop. It is safe to assume that you can hardly expect to bring to your shop farmer who grows potatoes in the outback. However, it is very likely that a farmer has a nephew who lives in your city. Nephew will soon be celebrating a birthday, and a farmer wanting to make it really worth the gift, will require the search engine to give him a list of specialty stores it in your town.

Instead of spending all of your time to optimize the list of the most popular queries, adapt your strategy so as to be in the lead on the issue verbose key phrases that have a really high potential for conversion.

Create sections on specific goods and services that you offer. Make sure that these pages actually entice visitors to action: online purchase, call for more information or visit the store.

4) Think of links placement strategy

When search engines crawl, new pages have appeared on the Internet, they move from page to page via links. Whenever scanning the specific page, they check it for the presence of any reference, and then followed for each of them to see if they are on pages that have not been validated.

In connection with this incredibly important to build up the internal connection. Links posted on your site should link to other pages on your site with similar or related information.

Imagine your site – it is a city, and a web page – this is the building. Links are streets that help you to move from one building to another. The more streets, the easier it will be moved. But do not overdo it: between optimization and surplus, there is a fine line, which we will describe in the next section of this article.

5) Stay man

In fact, SEO is a complex process and quite exciting game, but ask any SEO-experts – and he will tell you that the most important thing to be able to remain human. Work SEO-experts is not easy: they must keep in mind the balance of the human factor and the technical aspects. Create a website that people actually want to visit, fill it relevant content – and pretty soon you will begin to notice a clear improvement in the traffic issue.

Author Bio:

A.H. Sagar is Operations Manager at CYONWO, a company that committed to helping businesses with online marketing. A.H. has more than 6+ years of experience in digital marketing. His expertise helps him to be a professional blogger and he loves to share his ideas, tips, tricks and information with blogging.

Starting an online business is quite easy with this easy steps

When we try to examine the details of every online business success there are lots of obscurities comes to make that fade in between the result. Some experts say there must have to be some creative business ideas that fit in the current market. Getting all the business success is not all about luck, you have to earn it with your credibility.

Just imagine what sort of products or services can hit the actual demand of a society that they are looking forward to getting immediately.

Like when we through some noodles on a wall there will be few that sticks on it. Just like your creative business strategies that you have to determine to develop based on market demand. Once you have your ideas ready, you can constantly test and improve your ideas to deliver the best products and services to your customers.

Create and develop your online business concepts:

Creating an online business concept is just like ‘Rate Contender’ where a potential customer can look forward to finding the best products or services with the lowest price.

The second part is much harder than the first one. You will find how hard it could be when you are about to develop your customers. You must have to offer some unique products or services that are not in the market or you can try to develop something they can get with much lower prices. That’s the only way you can expect some of the loyal customers of others might have diverted to your products or service.

Up to date your business strategy constantly:

Sometimes our business strategies can make big infect in terms of the difference between our actual targets and achievements. For example, it has been proven wrong that the strategies of Google Ads are not that effective as it was before. The reason behind that is they realize how the consumer’s online activity has moved towards Social media. No doubt to get them back, your online business strategies also had to switch from Google Ads to Social media. Here you can directly involve communicating with your potential customers, get their opinions, video chats, collecting tips and ideas, etc. That’s a quite broad activity in social networks are playing a key role in modern online business platforms.

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You can upload your business products and service videos on the YouTube channel and you will not be surprised when you see many of your viewers are sharing those videos among their friends and families. That’s a quite interesting advertising strategy that plays a vital role for moving your online business wheels.

Face the challenge with your creativity:

Shifting a business plan from physical to virtual will face a lot of challenge ahead in the competitive market. You have to offer the best products and services to survive in your business. The best advantage is setting up an e-commerce business will be much cost effective than the physical retail store. You don’t have to worry about paying your rent, employee’s salaries, community taxes, etc. It does not mean you can get all your profits without spending a dime. It’s a business and you must have to invest something, either your creative business ideas or some money or both. For getting the best result in your e-marketing strategies, you have to spend some money on SEO (search engine optimization and your business website development projects. To grow your online business, your just can not live your business website and set relaxed. Remember it’s the only beginning of a long path.

You can apply these following five tips for your online business success:

  1. Get a market research to find the best niche

If you want to get success in an online business, you must have to come out with some creative business ideas to find the best niche to find a space in the market. Determine which is the products or services are there badly need to produce or come out to meet the consumer’s demands.

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Once you find out your best niche which is unique and less competitive, your success will come soon. Remember it’s your first steps towards your desires dreams, so try to find the best one.

  1. Develop your writing skill to increase sale

Quite often we see some of the companies are come out top with their products sales only because they are providing the best contents for upcoming products and services.  Contents are the main element for an online business as the consumers know what is coming next. Keep in mind, a good content writing can generate a good customers flow. You can hire some good writers for your company.

  1. Consider your website as your key asset

For an online business creating a website is the most important factor for your company to survive. A well-organized website can bring the visitor back to your website again. It’s a good sign to develop your business. I told you to get the best contents to your web store. That’s the only way you can communicate with your customers. You can contract some SEO farm if you want to give you the service you need. A good website can make a whole difference.

  1. Regularly monitor your website to get an analytics report

You can use Google analytics to get your website report constantly and analysis the report to change your strategy if necessary. Analyze the difference you get between your web traffic and conversion rates that you lost from your website.  Come up with a new plan to fix those errors.

  1. Keep your website up to date for fresh and relevant element

Traditionally you can find many of the e-commerce companies have used their e-mail marketing concepts just to increase their communication with potential audiences. While we can say this may produce some results but most important thing is to constantly improve the quality of your business web homepage and also all other related pages. Bring the freshest and most informed resource to your audience.

Ending up with a positive thought:

Learning online business ideas is very interesting and exciting because it is directly involved with your efforts and creativity. For an online entrepreneur the success may not come shortly but when you put all your talent and credibility, sooner or later you must achieve your desired business goals.

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The Advantages Of NoSQL Data Models

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3D printing: 8 tips for beginners

Printers for 3D printing are not only multifunctional, but also incredibly fashionable devices. Obviously, these days they are at the peak of popularity and more and more people want to buy a 3D printer in order to try their hand at this field.

However, before it is not superfluous to stock up on knowledge and useful information about this equipment. That’s what industry professionals advise – people who use 3D printing for several years.

1) You should clearly understand that the 3D printer for the house is not a 3D printer for housewives, no matter how the manufacturer did not convince you that you only need to turn it on and the printing will begin by itself. The amount of knowledge of how everything really works should be no less than your curiosity and desire to try printing more quickly. To date, only very few printers are able to really work out of the box. But even with them, sooner or later, you will have to solve a number of technical issues related to the maintenance or replacement of parts.

2) Do not start printing without an accurate calibration. Again models that have auto-calibration while a few units, but in this case, I strongly recommend to study the principles of setting up a 3D printer. Do not rely on automation, check your work area, pulleys and belts, keep all the main components clean. Now the thematic forums are filled with messages about dozens of different problems related to 3D printing. People are frustrated and send curses to manufacturers, but in 9 cases out of 10, the cause of all troubles is incorrect calibration or its complete disregard. Once again: study the principles of calibration of a 3D printer and in time, you will be able to determine literally by ear, if something goes wrong.

3) Do not focus on one reason; if suddenly the simulation will occur with errors. 3D printers are technically complex devices and often the sources of the problem can be several. For example, slippage of a yarn during printing can be caused by insufficient tension of the fixing screw on the extruder, contamination of the nozzle, improperly set feed rate, too low temperature, too high temperature, or just a combination of several of these factors.

4) Anyone who takes the first steps in 3D printing – start with a simple one. From the most simple. After you have assembled and configured the printer, print a few 20 to 20 mm cubes. I agree, it sounds boring, and you do not want this from your 3D printer. But it is such simple objects that will allow you to understand how the machine works, how it is best calibrated and tuned for your further tasks. Print monolithic cubes to check for continuous extrusion and calibration accuracy. Print the hollow inside the cubes to check the minimum wall thickness and strength. As in any case – to achieve outstanding results, you first need to fill your hand with routine tasks.

5) You cannot do without advice on the calibration of the working platform – in any case, do not ignore this point. The more time you spend with the 3D printer at the initial stage and the more you learn about the principles of its operation, the less you will make mistakes in the future. Most likely, paying proper attention to the settings, you will do without them at all. Even if your printer is equipped with an automatic calibration system, check the position on the X, Y and Z axes yourself – everything should be perfectly smooth at an angle of 90 degrees. The printing of small cubes, which I advised a little earlier, will help you to make sure of this.

6) Do you think with the cubes all? No matter how it is! It is these little figures that will help you print accuracy. We agreed with you that each edge of the cube would be 20 mm – armed with an electronic caliper you can see whether it is so or not. In particular, I recommend that you perform this check for those who collect 3D printers on their own. Often, in the open source code, there is the possibility of micro-correction of the print step. In other words, you yourself are able to determine the reference millimeter, which your machine will take as a basis.

7) Remember two important rules: the rule is 45 degrees and the rule is 0.25 mm. The first is the golden mean, which will provide you with a good quality of ready models. In this case, you do not need additional support elements, which means that the surface of the part will be perfectly smooth.

8) Explore the world of materials for 3D printing. After you get enough experience with ABS plastic or PLA-plastic, you should definitely try something new. The artist does not use only two colors, so you do not have to limit yourself – only in this way, you will be able to appreciate the creator’s own potential and all the possibilities of his printer.

Individual materials are created from original composite mixtures, which will allow you to get something more than just plastic trinkets on the output. In the end, you can even make finished products for sale, for example, from yarns with a wood structure or luminescent plastic.

Learn How Bitcoin Wallet Works

Bitcoin transactions are increasing every day, and with time there are many different kinds of wallets coming up to make transactions fast and easy. Each of these Bitcoin wallets is known to have different characteristics and functionalities, however, more or less all of them work similarly. Bitcoin wallets store private and public keys. Bitcoin wallets are available in different forms and based on your device, many types are coming up in the market. There are even paper storage options also available to avoid storing it on a computer. However, it is important that you backup and secure your bitcoin wallet on a regular basis.

What are Bitcoin wallets?

Bitcoins is a digital currency which is equivalent to cash and in many places it is used for day to day transactions. Merchants from different places are accepting Bitcoin in exchange for products or services. Bitcoin is a digital currency which is creating a huge impact all around the globe . And it is slowly but surely making its way into traditional banking systems. Like traditional currencies, bitcoins are also stored in wallets called a Bitcoin Wallet. Normal currencies are physical, and hence we need normal wallets, for digital currencies you need to use digital wallets. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

To be accurate, Bitcoins are not technically “stored”anywhere. In reality, you are storing the secure digital keys which are used for accessing public Bitcoin addresses as well as sign transactions. Bitcoin wallet keeps track of all this information. There are different forms of Bitcoin wallets coming up in the market, here are five main types of wallets:

  • Mobile wallet
  • Desktop wallet
  • Web wallet
  • Hardware wallet
  • Paper wallet

Here is how these wallets work:

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are very popular, and it is like running an app on your smartphone or tablet. The advantage of the mobile wallet is that it stores private keys for Bitcoin addresses and helps you to pay for products and services directly from your phone. Some of the more advanced Bitcoin wallets will give you the advantage of smartphone NFC, or Near Field Communication, which enables you to tap the phone and pay with Bitcoins without even entering any information.  Some of the examples of Mobile wallets are Blockchain, Mycelium, and Xapo.

Desktop wallets

Desktop wallets are mainly used for laptops and computers. The advantage of the desktop wallet is that, in addition to relaying transactions on the network, this tool helps you to create a digital currency address for receiving and sending of virtual currency. This wallet can also be used for storing private keys. Different desktop wallets are becoming available in the market which include a wide range of features. OSX, for example, is for Mac and MultiBit runs on Windows. Some of the latest desktop wallets are tailored for advanced security.

Online wallets

Online wallets are also known as “web wallets” and they are popular among many Bitcoin users. The specialty of this online or web-based wallet is that it stores all of your private keys online or on a computer. The best thing about this wallet is that it can be accessed from any place irrespective of the device you are using. Many popular online wallets are available in the market such as: Coinbase, Circle, Blockchain, Xapo and many more.

Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets are another popular type of cryptocurrency wallet, but at present time, they are very limited. These are mainly devices which can hold private keys electrically and help in making payments. Cryptolabs, Mycelium, and BitStash are popular hardware. Many new concepts are coming up within this type of wallet which will eventually make transactions fast and easy.

Paper wallets

Paper wallets are a popular form of the digital wallet and is known to be the most popular and cheapest option for storing digital currencies. Many online portals are offering paper Bitcoin wallet services, and in present-day time many are opting for this digital wallet. This wallet is known to generate Bitcoin address and create an image which contains two QR codes. One QR code is a public address which can be used for receiving Bitcoins, and the other is the Private key used for spending Bitcoins. There are numerous benefits of Bitcoin paper wallet. The best thing about a paper wallet is that it is not subject to hardware failures and cyber-attacks.

Improving Shopify SEO –A 6-Step Workflow

How are many competing Shopify sites there in any niche? Too many?

There are only too many if you rank behind them in Google.

Use this workflow will help you prioritize your Shopify SEO tasks.

Shopify On-Page SEO

Improving your on-page ranking factors needs no coding or SEO knowledge; just follow these simple steps.

1.     Make your Store Faster

Every second counts, and changing your Shopify theme could work for you. Check your site speed with your current theme using Google’s page speed tool, then recheck after installing a new theme.

A poorly-coded e-commerce theme will mean your product pages take longer to load, meaning Google and Bing will rank them lower in search results. Choosing the fastest theme might mean compromises in other areas, but higher ranking in search results will mean more site visitors and more sales, regardless of perceived deficiencies in your theme.

Given that so many people will be browsing your Shopify site on phones and tablets, a responsive theme is essential. Nobody wants to scroll sideways to see photos or prices, so make your site easy to use on small screens.

2.     Improve Your Hosting

Google has decided to mark all non-https sites carrying personal data as insecure for Chrome users. You now have no option but to upgrade to secure hosting and to pay for anSSL certificate. This Search Engine Journal article includes a guide that is easy to follow.

Moving to VPS hosting at the same time will give your site an additional speed boost. Check for user ratings before deciding and remember that most hosting recommendations are driven by the possibility of affiliate commissions. This WPBeginner article shows Siteground, and InMotion hosting stand out as excellent options.

Cloud hosting is another option to consider, and this TheCoders.vn article will help you in that decision.

3.     Unique Product Descriptions

Replace the default product descriptions from your suppliers with individually written ones. Tweaking the default description is not enough.

Extended descriptions are better than short ones, but be sure to include your main keyword in the first sentence and common variations in the first hundred words. Shoppers won’t read more than that, but Google sees everything you write and uses it to decide your relevance to the search phrase.

Find low-cost writers on sites like Upwork, but be aware that many foreign writers’ English will be lacking, which will alienate some site users.

4.     Shopify Header Tags

Google uses your H1 header tags in its listings so getting these right is a vital step in your Shopify SEO workflow.

Screenshot source

In the example above a customer’s chief concern is to find a ‘drop waist dress.’ The brand or store name is secondary so put it at the end of your H1 tags, not at the start.

5.     Optimize Your Product Images

Most of the data on your site is in the images you use. Look for a theme that lets you choose your image size. Look for rollover effects that allow shoppers to zoom in, or links to open a larger image in a new window.

Include your keyword in your alt-image tags and use the title and description tags to good effect. Every word on your page is accessible to search engines, so make use of these ‘hidden words’ to improve your ranking. Your image ‘description’ tag will naturally include related terms.

6.     Shopify Redirects

Decide whether your preferred URL includes www or not and use a 301 redirect to send visitors to the alternative URL to your preferred one. You can set this up in your Shopify Dashboard – Preferences-DNS & Domains-Always redirect customers here CheckBox.

Nothing in life is constant, and that applies doubly online. Your products change, but those pages will still appear in Google, leading to frustrated customers facing a ‘404 Page not found’ error. Use the built-in Shopify redirect feature – Bottom of page-Admin-Navigation to choose an alternative product whenever you discontinue a line.

The Short Version

Your Shopify competitors are always going to be there, and they are going to get better year by year. You can outrank them on Google, but you need to go the extra mile.

Your site needs to be faster, your page tags need to be descriptive, and your content must be unique. Choose a quick and responsive Shopify theme, then look for secure and speedier hosting. Then writing unique descriptions, optimizing your images and setting up redirects will put you ahead of most competitors.

What Fonts should You Choose for Your Website? Your Top Questions Answered

Not so long ago, websites had the tendency to look pretty much the same when it came to fonts and lettering, simply because there were only a few fonts around that were considered ‘web-safe.’ Times have changed, however, and there are now literally hundreds of fonts that are available for you to experiment with, and this allows for a lot of creativity.

However, just because you have so many choices doesn’t mean you have to be original and neglect some basic principles of website design. You website needs to project clarity and must be easy to read, first of all. What fonts should you choose for your website? Here are your top questions answered.

Take your time

You don’t have to rush into these kinds of decisions – your choice of font is an important one, and it’s perfectly fine to take your time, do your research, and experiment with different kinds of types. Finding the right ones isn’t that easy; it will have a great impact on readability and the layout or format of your page. Certain types will also alter or invoke a mood within your visitor, so take your time and be meticulous.

Typeset first

This requires you to understand some technical details about the typeset – the height and width of the letters, the way they blend together, and so on. You don’t need to pick a specific font yet, but you do need to set requirements regarding size as this will affect your layout and the length of the text.

Understand your medium

Your fonts will look different on small screens than on large screens (small screens tend to have a smaller X size, for example, which means the X and Y – or width and height – proportions will differ). Understand your medium.

Consider file size

Serve even a small amount of data a couple of thousands of times, and it starts to add up. Beware of your file size and optimise it. Most web browsers can access only a limited amount of fonts, so eliminate unnecessary characters.

Stick with just a few

Two or three kinds of fonts on one page are more than enough; don’t make it too fancy or confusing.

Web design Oxford experts from Xist2 also recommend that you keep in mind that browsers are constantly changing – and understanding the changes that are taking place will help you improve your site and your layout. For example, Firefox has recently made it possible to include OpenType substitutions, which means it offers a lot more possibilities now than it did before. Above all, keep your target demographic and their preferences in mind – they will be the judges on whether you’re effective or not, after all.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com

Cloud Servers: Do it Inhouse or Outsource?

Photo credit: depositfiles

When it comes to hosting data, most companies opt for cloud solutions simply because it is where the modern market is headed. There was a time when both in-sourced, as well as outsourced data, were exclusively handled by data centers, but modern cloud servers have a slew of optimization benefits too numerous to ignore.

This does raise the question however of whether or not cloud operations should either be handled in-house or outsourced to a private company. Both have their own pros and cons, and this knowledge will help steer your business in making the right decision.

What are the benefits of maintaining servers in-house?

First and foremost, we have the in-house cloud servers. This cloud solution’s most defining feature is that everything that can affect your data all occurs within your company’s walls. Its main benefits include:

  • Very tight security. Compared to outsourcing your cloud server setup, the fact that all of the data is maintained in-house means that there is very little risk of anyone outside your company to compromise the data. Your servers can only be accessed through the computers within your company, making this quite possibly the in-house solution’s greatest benefit.
  • Complete control over the hardware. Another great reason for choosing an in-house solution is that you benefit from having complete control over what makes your servers tick. While this does mean that you will need to hire skilled specialists in the company capable of maintaining these servers at all times, your company’s ability to respond to any server issue will be second to none.

Photo credit: depositfiles 

How about the benefits of outsourcing cloud servers?

On the other side of the spectrum, outsourcing cloud servers is all about convenience and cutting costs without sacrificing too much of the quality. Its benefits include:

  • It costs a great deal less than in-house overall. As previously mentioned, one of the greatest benefits a company can avail of with outsourcing cloud solutions is that they are able to cut costs on the upkeep. Because you will be hiring another company to manage the data for you under your direction, you won’t be required to hire specialists for the job or need heavy-duty equipment.
  • Flexibility and security dependent on the hired service. Using outsourced cloud servers allows for higher levels of flexibility and security. While it cannot compete with in-house server hosting when it comes to keeping your data secure, outsourcing services all over the world are becoming more adept at keeping your precious cloud servers It is also a simple matter to increase the amount of data you need on the cloud, compared to in-house which requires a great deal more maintenance and upgrading to accomplish.

How do I know which is best for my company?

When it comes to in-house cloud solutions, consider that your company will be required to pay the cost of upkeep, as well as training individuals to be able to maintain your servers. For businesses considering this solution, keep in mind that it is rewarding but also quite costly – especially at the beginning.

On the other hand, those who are looking to try outsourcing for their cloud services should be well aware of the possible risks that come with it. While most services out there have no trouble providing you with qualitycloud solutions, there can still be some complications, which may take some time to address.

To conclude, both outsourcing as well as in-house offer their own advantages and disadvantages, but there can be no denying that their benefits make either solution completely viable for any fledgling company.

How To Market Your Software As a Service

No matter your industry or your niche, marketing is tough. Really tough in fact, but SaaS marketing can prove particularly challenging. There are quite a few reasons these challenges exist. First, the competition is immense. These products are often complex, and all too often people are putting the emphasis on the features and not the benefits in this area of marketing.

While SaaS companies might offer innovative products, they’re not necessarily implementing marketing that keeps pace with the modern element of their business.

So how can you market your SaaS company or product?

Use an Explainer Video

One of the best things you can do in SaaS marketing is making sure your potential customers are clear on what it is you do, and a great way to do that is with a whiteboard explainer video. Even in a B2B environment where your targeted audience is knowledgeable, it can be tough for them to take the lists of features you’re providing and know how that will apply to their business, so take the guesswork out of it for them.

Use an explainer video to present the problems your audience likely has, and then highlight how you solve them with your SaaS platform. Your audience shouldn’t have to connect the dots.

Emphasize Service

When you’re a SaaS company, you’re going to have to accept the fact that there are probably other people out there offering many if not all of the same things you are. It’s tough to be the only one at anything in today’s competitive marketplace.

What you do have to offer that’s different, however, is yourself and your team that will provide the service.

In your marketing, rather than focusing entirely on the software element, work on incorporating the service as well.

Provide Feedback from Experts and Customers

Another way you can set yourself apart and break through the noise of the SaaS marketplace is by providing potential customers with feedback from the people who know best, including experts in your industry as well as real customers who have used your products.

It’s important to focus your marketing on third-party input as well as things like case studies. Your audience is going to want to see proof, and they’re going to be discerning. A SaaS audience is usually pretty astute, so give them high-quality marketing packed with facts.


For SaaS businesses, new customer acquisition is important but perhaps even more important are your existing customers. Customer retention is necessary, and the majority of your revenue is going to come from your current customers in the future. You need to make sure your marketing is taking the importance of this into account.

Look at analytics here such as lifetime value and include this in your marketing strategies.

Finally, it’s also important that you’re an authority, so make this happen by being a provider of information. Put the idea of selling your product behind the priority of being an organization that delivers information to your audience. Then, you can build the audience around their following of that information.

Where to Find Cool Casino Bonuses Online

When it comes to online casino gaming, bonuses are seen as ‘manna’ from heaven, a collection of offers that are both rewarding and exciting. And who wouldn’t want to earn access to these casino offers? Bonuses come in different forms like codes, and these are designed to offer the players with improved bankrolls a large number of spins or simply more opportunities to play real-money casino games risk-free. In a way, these offers are creative marketing tools that work both ways, helping both the casino operator and the players. For the casino operators, offering these bonuses help them advertise the services and games and can greatly help in player retention. With more bonuses given to players, there is a higher chance of retaining the accounts of active members. And for players, these offerings help boost the bankroll, allowing them to explore real money productions, without the usual risks. Casino bonuses are the best things to happen to online gaming, and these are ripe for picking, provided you know where to turn to. So where do you find the coolest casino bonuses online today?Continue reading →

Errors to be avoided in managing an AdWords campaign

Managing an AdWords campaign is very complex, and if you do not have the right skills, the risk is to unnecessarily invest your budget. Common issues are very high click costs, few contacts, and very few or even no orders.

It looks really simple, I’m just four lines, one blue, two black, and a green with a link, all in a handful of characters. That’s all. But the reality is quite different, and to get good results you need to study, experiment and change an AdWords campaign continuously.

It’s clear that if you activate an AdWords campaign, traffic increases and your statistics counter has a peak upside, but the problem remains the conversions, which, let’s never forget, are the goal of a Pay Per Click campaign.

What are conversions? Conversions represent the user’s passage to a client. A professionally created AdWords campaign is made up of many variables and many techniques that help make it a good campaign in Google’s eyesight, and this result in an increase in Quality Score and consequently a reduction in Cost Per Click.

The AdWords campaign mechanism may seem very simple, but need to handle a Pay Per Click campaign professionally enough, so you should visit PPC PRO for AdWords management, and if you deepen the study, you can understand that this tool is really complex. Not at all, AdWords accounts for more than 90% of Google’s revenue.

What are the main errors to avoid in an AdWords campaign?

1. Get users on the home page

One of the great things about AdWords is that you only pay for the click you received, so you’re sure that once paid for the click, users are definitely on your site.

To send them on the home page, in the vast majority of cases, may be a problem.

Think of you as a user, landing on a homepage with a 10-button menu, a big picture, many sections, so it’s not very easy to find the service / product you were looking for.

Try to send your users directly to the page where they can find the service they were looking for on Google and for which they chose your ad.

This will greatly reduce the dispersion of users and you will surely get much more conversions. With specific landing pages, you will optimize the cost per click. Anything else positive? You can measure exactly the keyword and page conversion in particular, this is very important.

2. Enter 100 keywords in one ad

Always remember that the reason Google has become the number one search engine for years has been its obsession with the relevance of search results. This relevance is also crucial in Pay Per Click campaigns.

It’s not convenient to include so many keywords and perhaps not relevant to each other in one ad. Doing so will first make a little relevant text ad (compared to all keywords) and Quality Score is zero, click cost increases, and forgot conversions.

This does not mean that keywords cannot be grouped into a single text ad, but I recommend, grouping those relevant to each other.

3. Do not follow the progress of the campaign

A big mistake is to create an AdWords campaign and not track it.

After a few days you should realize that some keywords do not convert, some have thousands of impressions but are not clicked (the CTR is very low), some keywords are too generic and hundreds of clicks do not even get a single request of estimate.

These are absolutely normal things, one cannot expect a campaign to be born and end after online mass. So always, optimize, change keywords, and add more, change landing links, or edit your ad text.

Keep in mind that campaigns are always “in progress”.

4. Believe that all campaigns are the same

This error is much underestimated. AdWords campaigns, even for the same product or service types, can be very different in the cost of the click, in the results, and in many other factors.

SEO: Increase the positioning level of your website

SEO is an acronym that is for Search Engine Optimization, in this inscription are enclosed those activities needed to obtain the best relevance of the site by the search engines. Each search engine has a set of criteria to evaluate the value of each page on an internet site, and one page or site is optimized to best match these criteria, the search engine ranking on the pages of Search Engine Results (SERP) List.

How does important SEO activity?

SEO activity is not only important, it’s fundamental. A site that fails to appear in the first keyword positions on the topics it deals is not competitive and every day loses traffic and opportunities for the benefit of its competitors.

Optimizing a site can become a costly investment, but in the long run it will be well positioned and always improve the ranking allows you to intercept more and more bands of interested audiences, having leadership on search keys is an activity that largely respects the efforts made in terms of visibility and visits.

SEO to go everywhere in the world

Reach your customers: by their way of finding you. Just think how every day we approach an online search: after typing the keyword, we expect to have a satisfactory answer from the first 4-5 alternatives that Google presents us.

So it is obvious that being among the very first of your research is a necessary condition for your site to be taken into account by potential customers.

A well-optimized site for keywords related to your business area will ensure that really interested users come across you and contact you for collaboration. ldseosydney.com.au web agency has the tools and knowledge to reach high goals.

Know your website

Each search engine optimization for search engine placement starts with a thorough analysis of various factors. At this stage, we will discover the significant performances and the false beliefs you have on your website.

At the end of the analysis, we have certain data that we share with you, based on which we can start for search engine optimization. It is important that these considerations are as realistic as possible and supported by measurable data, rather than the theories of alleged SEO experts.

Every field activity, from now on, is kept under observation with control software that measures web authority advancements and position enhancements.

Instruments for SEO analysis

Through the use of SEO optimization software, you will get the analysis report of your site current condition and position on the most common search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo … so you can implement a plan with you development aimed at increasing your search engine rankings.

Increase your visits

With the help of the control tools, you can work in a precise and effective way so that the site can gain more relevant position on the search engines.

More visits = More contacts

What makes the difference between a well-made and mediocre site is the number of people who come into contact with it, that is, the traffic that the site itself generates. The more contacts we are able to intercept, the more opportunities for our business to grow, become known and gain a significant place within our market niche.

SEO professional services have been paying particular attention to search engine placement over the years because we believe it is one of the most effective weapons available to help your business see and visit more people. It is the customer who decides who, after research, will better satisfy the search, and you will be able to choose from the immense sea of online offers.

Do you have you got your iPhone X? Here are few accessories to protect your iPhone X

The new iPhone X is very exciting to buy. It is a device that comes with a new look, new features and thousands of functions, which makes it useful in all aspects of our lives. There are always available exclusive iPhone accessories and that can improve its use. Especially if they have security features, you should purchase them as soon as possible.

Let’s look at what are the indispensable accessories you can buy right now and in case you want to secure your brand new iPhone X …

Protective films

A smartphone such as the iPhone X is continually being placed in the most strange places: pocket, bag, backpack, bedside table, table and so on. Moving it continuously is likely that the screen gets scratched by other objects or that it may fall over the liquid, so protect it with a film. Generally, if the quality of the film does not obstruct the operation of the phone, in fact: if the film gets damaged it can be replaced.

The cases

Just turn around when we are in any place to understand how the housings are important. Depending on what we have said before, the phone may fall, it may touch other objects, someone inadvertently can put something on us: the cases completely remove the problem, and especially if we want to spend a little there are occasions maybe not beautiful to see but surely useful to protect a device of $999 dollars. Find out most appreciated iPhone x cases Australia at the moment.

The external battery

After about a week of using the included iPhone X, you will realize, more than anything else, one thing: the battery lasts a bit. As a result, the phone is constantly unloaded. For this reason, it is always convenient to buy an external battery, which is held in the bag or in a backpack, charged at home and connects to the iPhone X when it is almost discharged so that the battery charge is transferred to the phone.

Car mounts

This is an almost indispensable device for those traveling a lot in the car. If you spend hours, you will realize that you will not only want to use it more often, more to talk, but also that it is extremely convenient and sure to do so. Siri let us read and reply to email and messages, as well as having information, simply with our voice.

Car Charger

Another useful accessory for those traveling a lot, but also for those who use the car only on Sundays to take a ride: it takes photos all day long, at high brightness, and finds it very soon without battery, so even without the possibility of call. If we do not have a wall outlet because we are out, a charger to attack the car will definitely be our case for necessity situations.

Arm Band

If the car holder and car charger are useful for those traveling, the armband is useful for those who do sports. It keeps the iPhone on your arm so you count your footsteps, measure your speed during activity, measure your heart rate (built-in sensor in the band) and leave the iPhone a short distance from your ears listen to music while we run, with headphones. A product that does a few sports will no longer be able to do it, especially thanks to the presence of the App Salute on the iPhone, which monitors our parameters.

Apple original or compatible accessories?

In another article we discussed the differences between an original Apple accessory, a certified accessory and a little of reliability, my warning is to rely on non-original but certified accessories, saving and in many cases obtaining a superior product of the original one.