Starting an Ecommerce Venture: Things to Do

Starting an Ecommerce Venture

Beginning an e-commerce wander is not extremely extreme nowadays. Loads of individuals who have a business are considering opening a parallel one on the web. It is a great thought to extend one’s business to the internet. The web is the place everybody goes to nowadays and it can mean gigantic benefits for specialists to have their organizations in an online space. In the event that you are considering beginning an e-commerce wander, then you require a feasible e-commerce sites outline.Continue reading →

The Advantages Of NoSQL Data Models

NoSQL Data Models

For a lot of people, the NoSQL database appears as an alternative when it becomes too difficult to store data in the form of tables. They prefer NoSQL as a great alternative to relational databases and they learn to rely on its features for a wide range of applications. If you are interested in discovering the advantages of NoSQL, then you should definitely keep on reading this article. By the end, you will be convinced of its functionality and you will want to start using it right away.Continue reading →

The Ugly Side of Internet of Things (IoT) that You Haven’t Seen Before


Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining popularity in day by day. It generally refers to the variety of objects, devices and equipment, ranging from home devices to the equipment we use at work; that can be connected to the internet. IoT allows these objects to communicate with each other, thus making makes our lives more convenient and comfortable. However, every good thing has a dark side. IoT is not an exception to this.Continue reading →

8 Most Important Factors to Choosing a Web Hosting Platform


There are thousands of companies that offer web hosting services. Whether you’re an experienced developer or a small business owner looking to build an online presence for your new company, the hosting platform you choose to work with can greatly impact the success of your website. Some of the factors you consider will depend on the size and type of business you own, and what the main goal of your website will be in the future.Continue reading →

Designing an Online Gaming Website: What’s Involved?


The online gaming industry has shown rapid growth over the last couple of years.  It is estimated that roughly 700 million of the world’s population play online games.  Online gaming is big news; however, there is fierce competition when it comes to staying ahead of the game and producing something unique.  You need to be sure that you can launch a site that will draw players in and ensure they keep coming back.


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Important First Steps

Firstly, as an operator providing gambling activities you will need to apply for a licence in the country where your business is located.  The application process will take approximately 2-4 weeks if you ensure you have all the necessary documents for the approval process.  There are also legal and regulatory considerations that you need to consider when developing your product.  For detailed advice on regulations, it would be a good idea to seek expert advice.

Choosing a reputable payment system provider is also essential for the gaming website to run efficiently.  This provider should be able to provide services such as fraud detection and risk management to ensure consumer protection is met. To make your website more convenient for players it is advisable to find a PSP that provides multiple payment options and supports various currencies.

Do Lots of Research

As with any business venture, research is important especially when the world of online gaming is constantly evolving.  Do some extensive research regarding your competitors to find out their winning strategy.  Before you begin, determine who your target audience is and what you want your website to offer.  Research the top categories for different demographics and look to other popular gaming websites for inspiration.

The large selection of online games at Crazy Winners is a great example of how this successful online casino has differentiated itself from other casinos.  The overall website design is often the main aspect players consider when making their choice so consider how much to invest in front end development.

Common Problems to Avoid

Being aware of any problems that might occur can help you to ensure players have a seamless gaming experience.  Here’s some to watch out for:

Mobile incompatibility – this is the most important concern when starting up your gaming website as a large proportion of people use their mobiles to play games.  Running your website efficiently would not be possible if half of the possible players were not able to use the content offered.

Navigation – It’s frustrating to find a website that looks great but is impossible to use.  Therefore, it is really important that the player can easily find what they are looking for.

Loading time – Websites that take too long to load or complicated visuals that affect the gaming experience might become a turn off for many players.

Overall your main objective when making your own online gaming website is to gain the trust of the players by providing quality and unique gaming content that will satisfy everyone.

Mobile phones and watches are the hottest gaming platforms

Three Tips for Testing Your App Like a Pro

Mobile phones and smart watches are portable gadgets which you can take anywhere with you. No wonder these gadgets are now being targeted by online casinos which seek to flow with the revolution as the world now goes fully digital. These two gadgets now integrate perfectly in every aspect of peoples’ lives, so it’s easy to see why everyone is seeing them as part and parcel of their lives.Continue reading →

Launching a New App: How to Provide Good User Experience Out of the Box


In a previous article, we talked about how companies now need to develop their own mobile apps. An ecommerce site can benefit from the payment features and native user experience provided by mobile apps. A news outlet, on the other hand, can deliver their content in a much more immersive and interactive way with a good mobile app in its arsenal.


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Regardless of the kind of app you are launching, one of the most important things to keep in mind is creating a good user experience from the very start. The next few tips we are about to discuss in this article will help you achieve that.

Follow the Native Design Language

Today’s mobile platforms have their own design languages. Google has its Material Design while iOS has UI elements that users are already familiar with. The same can be said for Windows Mobile and the newer platforms like Tizen.

By sticking to these design languages when developing a mobile app, you don’t have to worry about teaching users how to use the app when it is finally launched. The standard hamburger menu, for example, is something that almost every smartphone user is already familiar with. The same can be said for certain layouts – such as placing the menu buttons on the bottom part of the screen in iOS – and themes.

Stick to these design languages and you’ll have no trouble at all creating a good user experience from the start. In fact, users will feel right at home the moment they start using your app.

Don’t Underestimate Tactile Animations

A lot of developers choose to go for functionalities over design elements. While this is a great approach to take during the early stages of the app development project, it is certainly not the solution to presenting good user experience. In fact, tactile feedbacks and animations are among the things that will make your app so enjoyable to use.

The Path app for both Android and iOS is a good example. Swipe down to reload and you will see a small but very unique tactile animation, followed by a ‘pop’ coming from the speakers. The same tactile animation can be found in some of the latest Google apps, including the new launcher that comes with Google Pixel and Android Nougat.

Prepare a Lot of Guides

It is always best to make sure that customers can use your app out of the box, but it wouldn’t hurt to create animated tutorials and videos to help users understand. These videos will also work as a promotional material, allowing you to push your app to more users in a relatively short period of time.

You don’t have to produce the videos yourself either. Creative agencies like Spiel Creative are offering high impact animated video production services at affordable costs with a focus on delivering real and measurable returns on investment.

For maximum success, work with a good animator, create a tutorial or an overview video, and include it in your app store page so users can enjoy the best of your app out of the box.

5 Top SEO Plugins for Your Website for 2017


One of the biggest ways to drive traffic to your website is through search engine optimization. Unfortunately, it can be a bit confusing for many website owners to ensure that they are using the right amount of SEO keywords at the right density. There’s other things to worry about like headlines, alt tags and meta descriptions too. Plugins can help you improve your SEO on your website when you’re web hosting with WordPress without the website creator having to learn all the intricacies of SEO optimization.Continue reading →

Common Website Problems That Appear Way Too Often

Web Design Apps

Launching a website is something that is quite simple but so many mistakes can be made. You need to be sure that you are going to launch a site that is as effective as possible, based on what your target audience wants to see from the sites visited. Different website problems can appear but those that we will talk about now are so much more common than what many believe.Continue reading →

Great SQL Server Performance Tuning Tips


Running an SQL server is highly complex. Performance tuning is by no means simple and the truth is that in many cases people starting out as database administrators do not really know much about what should be done. On the other hand, we are faced with many different SQL performance tuning tips and so many small tasks that would make everything faster, that it’s difficult to know where to start.Continue reading →