Setting Up Your First Website

Setting up a website for the very first time can be a huge challenge, particularly if you wouldn’t describe yourself as technically-minded. However, for businesses looking to stay relevant in terms of marketing trends and consumer behaviour patterns, a website for a business is a must.

More than ever before, a potential customer will use the internet to find a product or a service and if you are not appearing in that list of results then you are missing out on a huge volume of business leads.

A website can make the difference between a highly successful business and one that struggles to attract new customers. If you are fortunate enough to have a long list of returning customers then you are probably doing okay but what about in the future? Can you afford to not pick up any new business? Of course, for local tradesmen there will always be ‘word of mouth’ referrals but people increasingly want to see a tradesman’s online ratings or visit their website before they make a decision.

If you are reading this article then you have probably already decided that you need to set up a website for your business. We have made things a bit easier for you by providing some tips to help you along the way:

Research your web host options 

You will need a web host provider to give you some server space so that your website can exist online. There are many different types of hosting companies available and they offer many different levels of service and features, so it is an area that needs some consideration before you make your choice. You can get free hosting, cheap hosting and pretty expensive hosting, so if budget is a big factor for you, take a look at the various offerings of each different type of host.

You can get shared web hosting services, which is a popular option for small business websites that do not want to spend a large amount of money on their host. Free hosting has a lot of limitations, so make sure you understand what you are taking on before you invest time in building a website using a free hosting solution.

Content management 

Who is going to be updating your website? You will need to make changes at some point, so make sure that whoever needs to update it knows how to use the content management system. For many reasons, a lot of businesses choose to use WordPress for their CMS, as it is one of the most straightforward systems for updating content.

Content plans are good too, don’t just set up a website and expect it to work well without any future work involved. Great content is what attracts new visitors to your website, so time should be spent on making it as good as possible.

Keeping content up to date and adding new content will keep it fresh and SEO friendly. Which brings us to our next point:

Understanding SEO 

If you are not looking to pay for website traffic then you will need to rely on organic traffic through SEO friendly content. The world of SEO covers many aspects from using keywords to creating in-depth content. Knowing how and when to spend time on SEO will help to ensure that your website performs well in rankings and that potential customers can easily find you. If you haven’t heard about Google algorithms then that is a good starting point and then keep up to date with SEO trends from leading marketing experts.

The difference between a good and a bad SEO company

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and this is the process of getting organic web traffic to a website from the search results on search engines (such as Google).

What happens is that when a certain keyword is searched, such as the word ‘health’, websites that Google deems worthy of a high ranking are shown first or higher up in the search results. This is a great way for websites to gain traffic and for companies to gather exposure.

This is where an SEO company comes into the picture. A good agency will help a business or website become noticed by Google’s algorithms in order to be deemed worthy to rank higher on search engine results.

While there are many reputable firms out there, there are also poor services that do not fulfil promises or only garner results while they are been paid. This article will explore the difference between good and bad SEO companies so that potential clients know what to look for and can enjoy the benefits of plenty of natural traffic to their website.

Unrealistic Guarantees: Something to watch out for when finding your consultant is the guarantees the company makes. While of course everyone would love to be at the top of a Google search straight away, this is often done when a company uses pay-per-click advertising.

But as soon as the ads stop being paid for, the exposure goes away. A reputable company knows that Google has their own special algorithm, comprising of over 200 elements, many of which are top secret. This means it is not realistic to promise super high rankings overnight, as no-one truly knows how to do this.

A good SEO company will instead be realistic with the time it takes to gain a higher ranking and will use long-lasting methods such as backlinking.

Backlinking basically involves linking the desired website on other relevant websites. The more websites that have links to the desired website, the more Google will pick up on this. This is an example of a natural way to increase search rankings and in turn gain more visitors to a website.

Previous work: When shopping around for a good SEO company it is perfectly acceptable to ask for examples of previous work. A business with a poor reputation may not have many testimonials or any feedback displayed on their website and social media pages, so it is important to ask.

A genuine company will have spent the time to create real results for real websites whereas other companies may claim that they use bots or automated apps to create backlinks. These are the companies to stay away from.

A great and easy way to see if a business is producing real results is to search for a previous customer to see where they come up in the search results. Checking if previous customers have real and current websites is another quick way to establish if a company has had legitimate clients in the past.

Rates: Checking a company’s rates is an easy way to establish if it is worth using. If a company is priced well over what the majority of other companies charge, this could be an indication of poor value for money, especially if they do not have any testimonials.

Conversely, a company may cost well below what the average company charges and this again may not be the best sign. Another bad sign is when a company is willing to negotiate or barter prices. A quality agency will be able to give you a quote based on the work that needs to be done to improve your site.

Freebies: A great company will give a taste of what they offer. This may be in the form of a free trial, a blog explaining what they do or perhaps a free e-book. Good businesses know that giving an indication of what they offer is the perfect way to show off their expertise to their clients.

A not so great company might not give any suggestion of what exactly their services are, so it is best to choose one that seems to know what they are doing.

Customer Service: Checking customer service is a great way to see if a company will look after you. An easy way to establish this is by sending an email or giving the firm a call and seeing how long it takes them to return contact.

If a company responds in a quick and courteous way, then this is a great indication that they value their customers. Companies that go above and beyond will offer easy to contact options such as online chat or social media messaging.

Alternatively, if a company does not return contact or does not have easy to find contact details, then it is safest to stay away from them.

Clear planss: Finally, it is important to establish a company’s plan. If a business has a website that clearly displays what they do and what they want to achieve for their clients, then they are more likely to follow through with these actions.

However, if a company does not have a clear mission or goal then it is likely that they are simply trying to make quick money without doing the necessary work in return.

In conclusion, finding an SEO – search engine optimisation company is the perfect way to boost visitors to a website in a natural and organic way.

In order to find a reputable company, it is important to stay away from unrealistic guarantees, view a company’s previous work, compare their rates to others, see if they provide any information, explore their customer service standards and see if they have a clear plan.

Finding a legitimate company can save time, money and disappointment in the long run while enjoying the benefits of a high Google ranking.

A Commonly-Overlooked Tool in the SEO Toolbox: Client Care

As search engine optimization professionals, we have many tools and techniques at our disposal. Our skill at building robust sites and boosting page rankings for our clients is eclipsed only by our exhaustive knowledge of search engine algorithms. Many of us are experts at teasing out the mysteries of search and developing new strategies to harness the power of online search engines. Advances in the SEO field seem to happen on a weekly basis, and we are equipped with many cutting-edge tools as a result. However, there is one extremely important tool that many of us neglect or overlook: client care.

Client Care Defined

What is client care? In simple terms, it means the relationship one develops with business clients, and how those clients are treated during interaction with you and your team. Those relationships are critical to long-term success in SEO campaigns. Collaborative work between SEO professionals and clients help to build strategies that work for the clients’ specific needs.

Building Relationships by Listening

It goes without saying that one of the very best ways to ensure great client care is by taking the time to listen to each client. Every client will have different needs and desires when they come to you for SEO help. Perhaps their business is lagging, or they are seeking to build brand awareness. Maybe they need help with restoring a damaged online reputation, or they may simply want to try something new with their website. No matter the reason your client has come to you, it is important to understand that in the SEO business, cookie-cutter solutions simply don’t work. By listening carefully to clients and working together, you can tease out their specific goals and wishes, making the strategy stronger as a result.

Responding to Client Needs

Your responsiveness to your clients is another important factor in the client care picture. Just like the reasons your clients came to you in the first place, each client will have their own preferred method of communication. Some will like regular telephone updates, while others will prefer email or chat. Some good ways to enhance communication flow and responsiveness include:

  • Call forwarding services for quick response to phone calls
  • Video chats on Skype on a regular weekly/monthly/quarterly schedule
  • Text chat services on Skype or MSN Messenger for near-instant interaction
  • Replying quickly to emails by setting time aside in the morning or afternoon to clear out your inbox

Leaving someone hanging for an answer because your email box is full, or neglecting to return calls promptly, can greatly impact your blossoming relationship with your client. Be aware that your client’s time is as valuable as your own. Make it a goal of your team to stay in close touch with clients as needed.

Connecting with Clients

On a related note, you must understand that each of your clients works differently, and each will have their own particulars you must remain aware of. Your goal is to learn how to connect with each client on their own level. Some prefer a lot of hand-holding and explanation throughout the SEO development process. Others will simply let you do your thing. Still others will want regular reporting and analytics to ensure their budget is being spent wisely. Take the time to learn about your clients, and collaborate with them to figure out the best way for your team to remain in contact with them during your work together.

By applying these basic principles, your client relationships will be made stronger and more effective. Communicating with clients, keeping them aware of the progress of your work, and collaborating to develop SEO campaigns together will go a long way toward achieving client satisfaction.

Darren Dunner / CEO of Internetzone I, Inc. / has been doing SEO since 1999 and continues to develop his and his teams skills to provide the best services online.

5 SEO tips to increase web traffic and increase conversions

Despite the widespread development of Internet technologies, shocking statistics: about half of all small businesses have no website. Given that, Google receives daily more than 3.5 billion different requests; such companies are losing many potential customers. Surely, someone is looking for, and your services.

If you belong to the group of entrepreneurs who feel the presence of an optional site, we hasten to disappoint you: today is your primary goal is to give your business a decent online presence.

If you were smart, and the site you have, one of your priorities should be to attract visitors to the site or page through the campaign. Regardless of how visually appealing and functional is your website is, without visitors, it will be a waste of resources.

How to encourage Internet users to choose among dozens of your page option in the search results? You need search engine optimization, i.e., a set of specific strategies and tactics used by webmasters to ensure the influx of visitors and make a site or page landing more attractive to search engines.

I am a regular reader and author of Local Advertising Journal, a magazine that has well defined the power of local advertising but for success, you will need few local SEO tips that really work – and here I will describe how you can start using them today to grow your business online to achieve.

Major brands distinguish thousands and thousands of dollars a year on a variety of SEO-procedure and, as a rule; they do successfully dominate the pages of search results. Small businesses to compete with big brands can seem hopeless. However, it is not so.

Here are some relatively simple solutions that will help increase traffic to your website or campaign page …

1) Conduct an audit

The first step in the process of SEO-Optimization is an audit of the current state of the site. Use tools like Google Analytics or the Google: Webmaster the Tools, selecting the options of the services that are best suited to promote your site.

Re-read the entire text content. Keep track of every link and write down all the obvious errors (non-download pages or images, grammatical errors, irrelevant information). First of all, start with correcting these problems.

Then use Google Analytics to analyze the contents of the most visited pages. Which pages get the largest percentage of “natural” traffic? If some areas have a low failure rate and long-term stay on the page, consider why visitors prefer it.

Perhaps they are attracted more engaging content and vivid image? Perhaps these pages include a clear call to action? Through trial and error, you will be able to determine what they find helpful and friendly, and then you will only have to repeat these techniques on all relevant pages of the resource.

Then connect to the process capabilities Webmaster Tools Google. Which search terms bring people to your site? What keywords visitors use to navigate through the pages of your site using the internal search engine? Are there those who come to your site looking for a service or product that you do not offer? How many users request a particular product or service? Compare this with the data from Analytics, and used to develop their strategy for SEO-updated, optimized content.

2) Secure your local presence

Imagine that your project is based in the attractive tourist beach town and is dedicated to surfing. Your target audience is fueled from two main sources: the community of local surfers and seasonal visitors on vacation. Most likely, the locals already know about your store, but it is doubtful that tourists have already found some information about it. Usually, the first thing that makes a tourist – to get a smartphone and looking for surf shops in the area.

If your site is not optimized for the competition with the local business, your store may not get there in the search results. What to do? Create profiles on social networks, if you have not already done so. If you already have profiles, make sure that they provide the correct address and links to your website. Register your project on Yelp, the Foursquare, the Bing the Places, Google+ the Local, Citysearch, and any other resources provided by the list of services in a particular location.

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3) Optimize your keyword selection strategy

Many small companies make a big mistake by focusing only on frequently used, specific keywords and trying to place these keywords in the text as often as possible. This will lead you to search the crash. Even if you manage to achieve high rankings in the search results (which is quite tedious and difficult), it is unlikely to lead to high rates of conversion.

Let’s go back to the surf shop. It is safe to assume that you can hardly expect to bring to your shop farmer who grows potatoes in the outback. However, it is very likely that a farmer has a nephew who lives in your city. Nephew will soon be celebrating a birthday, and a farmer wanting to make it really worth the gift, will require the search engine to give him a list of specialty stores it in your town.

Instead of spending all of your time to optimize the list of the most popular queries, adapt your strategy so as to be in the lead on the issue verbose key phrases that have a really high potential for conversion.

Create sections on specific goods and services that you offer. Make sure that these pages actually entice visitors to action: online purchase, call for more information or visit the store.

4) Think of links placement strategy

When search engines crawl, new pages have appeared on the Internet, they move from page to page via links. Whenever scanning the specific page, they check it for the presence of any reference, and then followed for each of them to see if they are on pages that have not been validated.

In connection with this incredibly important to build up the internal connection. Links posted on your site should link to other pages on your site with similar or related information.

Imagine your site – it is a city, and a web page – this is the building. Links are streets that help you to move from one building to another. The more streets, the easier it will be moved. But do not overdo it: between optimization and surplus, there is a fine line, which we will describe in the next section of this article.

5) Stay man

In fact, SEO is a complex process and quite exciting game, but ask any SEO-experts – and he will tell you that the most important thing to be able to remain human. Work SEO-experts is not easy: they must keep in mind the balance of the human factor and the technical aspects. Create a website that people actually want to visit, fill it relevant content – and pretty soon you will begin to notice a clear improvement in the traffic issue.

Author Bio:

A.H. Sagar is Operations Manager at CYONWO, a company that committed to helping businesses with online marketing. A.H. has more than 6+ years of experience in digital marketing. His expertise helps him to be a professional blogger and he loves to share his ideas, tips, tricks and information with blogging.

Starting an online business is quite easy with this easy steps

When we try to examine the details of every online business success there are lots of obscurities comes to make that fade in between the result. Some experts say there must have to be some creative business ideas that fit in the current market. Getting all the business success is not all about luck, you have to earn it with your credibility.

Just imagine what sort of products or services can hit the actual demand of a society that they are looking forward to getting immediately.

Like when we through some noodles on a wall there will be few that sticks on it. Just like your creative business strategies that you have to determine to develop based on market demand. Once you have your ideas ready, you can constantly test and improve your ideas to deliver the best products and services to your customers.

Create and develop your online business concepts:

Creating an online business concept is just like ‘Rate Contender’ where a potential customer can look forward to finding the best products or services with the lowest price.

The second part is much harder than the first one. You will find how hard it could be when you are about to develop your customers. You must have to offer some unique products or services that are not in the market or you can try to develop something they can get with much lower prices. That’s the only way you can expect some of the loyal customers of others might have diverted to your products or service.

Up to date your business strategy constantly:

Sometimes our business strategies can make big infect in terms of the difference between our actual targets and achievements. For example, it has been proven wrong that the strategies of Google Ads are not that effective as it was before. The reason behind that is they realize how the consumer’s online activity has moved towards Social media. No doubt to get them back, your online business strategies also had to switch from Google Ads to Social media. Here you can directly involve communicating with your potential customers, get their opinions, video chats, collecting tips and ideas, etc. That’s a quite broad activity in social networks are playing a key role in modern online business platforms.

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You can upload your business products and service videos on the YouTube channel and you will not be surprised when you see many of your viewers are sharing those videos among their friends and families. That’s a quite interesting advertising strategy that plays a vital role for moving your online business wheels.

Face the challenge with your creativity:

Shifting a business plan from physical to virtual will face a lot of challenge ahead in the competitive market. You have to offer the best products and services to survive in your business. The best advantage is setting up an e-commerce business will be much cost effective than the physical retail store. You don’t have to worry about paying your rent, employee’s salaries, community taxes, etc. It does not mean you can get all your profits without spending a dime. It’s a business and you must have to invest something, either your creative business ideas or some money or both. For getting the best result in your e-marketing strategies, you have to spend some money on SEO (search engine optimization and your business website development projects. To grow your online business, your just can not live your business website and set relaxed. Remember it’s the only beginning of a long path.

You can apply these following five tips for your online business success:

  1. Get a market research to find the best niche

If you want to get success in an online business, you must have to come out with some creative business ideas to find the best niche to find a space in the market. Determine which is the products or services are there badly need to produce or come out to meet the consumer’s demands.

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Once you find out your best niche which is unique and less competitive, your success will come soon. Remember it’s your first steps towards your desires dreams, so try to find the best one.

  1. Develop your writing skill to increase sale

Quite often we see some of the companies are come out top with their products sales only because they are providing the best contents for upcoming products and services.  Contents are the main element for an online business as the consumers know what is coming next. Keep in mind, a good content writing can generate a good customers flow. You can hire some good writers for your company.

  1. Consider your website as your key asset

For an online business creating a website is the most important factor for your company to survive. A well-organized website can bring the visitor back to your website again. It’s a good sign to develop your business. I told you to get the best contents to your web store. That’s the only way you can communicate with your customers. You can contract some SEO farm if you want to give you the service you need. A good website can make a whole difference.

  1. Regularly monitor your website to get an analytics report

You can use Google analytics to get your website report constantly and analysis the report to change your strategy if necessary. Analyze the difference you get between your web traffic and conversion rates that you lost from your website.  Come up with a new plan to fix those errors.

  1. Keep your website up to date for fresh and relevant element

Traditionally you can find many of the e-commerce companies have used their e-mail marketing concepts just to increase their communication with potential audiences. While we can say this may produce some results but most important thing is to constantly improve the quality of your business web homepage and also all other related pages. Bring the freshest and most informed resource to your audience.

Ending up with a positive thought:

Learning online business ideas is very interesting and exciting because it is directly involved with your efforts and creativity. For an online entrepreneur the success may not come shortly but when you put all your talent and credibility, sooner or later you must achieve your desired business goals.

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How to Grow your Business Online through SEO

Whatever industry you are in, you will agree on the fact that businesses just couldn’t grow th old fashioned way. Sure, traditional advertising still enjoys some appeal among large brands, but when it comes down to startups that have yet to stand on their own, different strategies need to be involved.

It is due to this issue that a lot of businesses today spend a great deal of time and resources building their brands online. It’s inexpensive, and it’s obviously the most practical thing to do in terms of attracting clients and, in the long run, grow one’s enterprise.

Businesses in Canada, for instance, are not left behind in using digital platforms to promote their products and services. At least 80 percent of businesses agree that digital marketing plays a vital role in business strategy and that entrepreneurs should focus more on using methods that will make their brands more visible in the search results.

For this, companies should not look further than SEO. For the uninitiated, SEO is about ensuring your website gets to enjoy a good influx of visitors and, more importantly, influence a purchase.

One thing’s for sure, getting your fair share of the online market does not only involve churning out content on a daily basis. In fact, it also involves hiring search engine experts  that are capable of putting your brand on top of the of the search results.

For good measure, here are some tips that can help you reach that objective.

Quality over quantity

Back then, it was always about keywords. More keywords means more opportunities to gain a customer. But then, Google found a problem with this, that is, there was a great proliferation of low quality content. Eventually, it decided to update its search algorithms to encourage business to up the ante, not in terms of the keywords they use, but in terms of the content they want to publish on their sites.

With that said, focus more on actually providing well-written blog articles or engaging graphics that would attract anyone. For sure, you will be able to grow your revenue that way while building your brand’s identity on the side.

Go beyond your niche’s demands

What’s a better way to know the type of content you want to throw out there? It begins by knowing what your niche wants. But most of the time, your niche doesn’t know exactly what it wants in a certain product. Chances are, they are looking for something different and it makes sense to try on gimmicks and other strategies that have yet to be tried out.

Be careful though. Not all ideas will end up happily ever after, so you need to know a great deal about your market before trying on different shoes.

Be consistent

If you plan on blogging daily, so be it. Make it a habit to publish every day and e sure to include information that is close to the hearts of your audience. Once you have started on your way, it eventually becomes easier for you to gain new clients while retaining existing ones.

How to Properly Design Your Website’s Homepage

Never underestimate the importance of making a good first impression. Instinctively we all know this. When we go for a job interview, we make sure that we look presentable. The salesperson ensures he or she is not just smooth with words, but looks credible and tries to build a bond of trust. The mechanic wants you to know what they are talking about and show they are an expert in the field.

Your website should do the same thing; it’s important for the whole – and crucial for the homepage. You need to put your best foot forward, and this means you have to impress the visitors of your website. But how exactly do you do that? Here’s how to properly design your website’s homepage.

Look great

The visual aspect is incredibly important – just like a sales person, a job applicant, or a politician, you want to put your best foot forward, and first impressions matter a lot. Ensure you have great visuals, engaging images and text, and that your colour scheme appeals to your target demographic. Make it clear, organised, and visually appealing. This goes for all your pages, but especially your homepage.

Talk about value

Come straight to the point, and don’t dilly-dally; tell your visitors exactly what you are about from the start and what value you have to offer to them. It may seem like a normal, obvious thing to do, but we often see too many websites that lose their audience simply because they seem to be afraid of being straightforward and clear with their purpose.

Go social

Social media has become a very powerful tool, so give your visitors the chance to follow you on FaceBook, Twitter, and all other social media outlets you are active on. This is an excellent opportunity to create a loyal customer base, advises the affordable web design Bristol professionals from It’seeze Websites.

Easy navigation

Can you imagine your first-time visitor trying to navigate your website having trouble and becoming confused? This will not do. Make it easy, straightforward, and intuitive.


Instill a sense of trust. This can be done in many ways (via testimonials, partnering with other reliable websites, providing plenty of contact details, online support, and so on). Credibility is essential. You need to look professional and trustworthy.

One more thing should be kept in mind: your blogs are important, as they are a link to your reader and your website. This means the blog has to be relevant to the concerns of your ideal consumer, but it also means you have the perfect opportunity to hook readers. Ask visitors to submit their email address to give them regular updates. Give them a chance to interact by speaking to a representative who’s online right now. Give your visitors the chance to get to know you; that’s how a customer base is built.

Image attributed to

How VR Will Shape the Future

Not too long ago, people were abuzz by an announcement that was straight out of a science fiction movie. Never have we thought about how virtual reality was going to be brought into, well, reality until the unveiling of the Oculus Rift last March 2016.

This was due to the attention that the technology itself has cultivated, spurning interest even more online. In fact, within the first few weeks it was introduced to the IT crowd, you could already see an Oculus Rift review here and there.

The news itself was met by an ecstatic crowd of tech aficionados who accept many more innovations to come in the Rift’s wake. For sure, the VR era will not stop with the Oculus Rift as other companies are tapping into this newfound market in the tech and software industry.

Just recently, Variety has pegged revenue for the VR market at $7 billion for 2017. The numbers will get even bigger as more and more startups have decided to tread into a whole new world of possibilities.

Much of this optimism has been influenced by a desire for companies to take advantage of this fascination that the general public has for VR technology. But even more so, tech gurus and consultants are confident of VR’s potential to shape innovations in the years to come.

With that let’s look at how VR can point the way to the future.

Continued revisions

Alongside praise for VR technology, there has also been a considerable amount of doubt at what it can actually provide right off the bat.

Issues such as a lack of motion control and a vertigo-inducing experience have hounded the Rift’s debut. But anyone can tell you that technology does start off in primitively, and it makes sense that VR was not perfect the moment Facebook, the brand that initiated the development of the Oculus Rift, announced its venture into this vastly unexplored arena.

There is still room to be optimistic. As Forbes contributing writer David Ewalt points out, the Rift is not that perfect a piece of technology. True that it has its downsides that critics can drool over, but like everything else in the field of technological innovation, VR can be improved even further, especially now that everyone is waiting for how the Oculus Rift 2 will fair. Ewalt even predicts that the continued development of VR technology will eventually hit living rooms everywhere. Only time will tell, of course.

Influence on other media

VR technology is every gamer’s dream. Realism, after all, is the only thing that makes a truly exciting gaming experience, and hardware such as the Oculus Rift can properly satisfies this demand for immersive gameplay.

But Ewalt also expects for VR technology to break barriers. He argues that such technology will be able to go beyond the gaming industry and affect other entertainment areas as well. We will be seeing more movies or television shows that literally absorbs viewers into the narratives. But it remains to be seen how VR can also influence other aspects of society as well, particularly warfare and disaster response.

Genio – The Ultimate App for Cleaning Businesses

Ultimate App for Cleaning Businesses

Starting a cleaning business can be overwhelming – from what needs to be done from the get-go to how are we going to grow and expand our clientele. Imagine if there was a way of simplifying the process of starting a business but more importantly, if there was a software that provided you with the resources needed to succeed? Genio, is a cleaning service management software that can help take your business to the next level. It has the ability to take the work that is often done manually, such as scheduling and automated the process. Imagine, less time worrying about who is working when and more on focusing on the clients and employees. That is what Genio offers – a house cleaning software for any sized company.

Automation = Simplification

Imagine a cleaning business software that took care of the dirty work so you can focus on the things that matter when operating a business?  Genio offers a cleaning service software free to any budding entrepreneur who is looking to not only take advantage of maximizing their time but more importantly looking to take their company to the next level.

Whether you have a staff of 4 or forty, having a house cleaning software can make the managing and operating of a business easier and efficient.

You may be wondering how this is possible?

Smart Schedule

A smart schedule allows a management team to easily task jobs to their crews but also to engage in communication with them. Doing this means that you and your team will never have to worry about any conflicts but more importantly, Genio offers real-time updates. Have a last minute booking with a client looking for immediate service? Don’t worry because Genio allows you to see who has a free slot for the time needed and reserve the time.

When managing a company, one often overlooks the importance of scheduling – it is almost second nature that we would just assume a regulated and rigid work schedule, but that is far from how the cleaning industry operates. If anything, the cleaning industry operates on spontaneity within the confines of organization and accessibility. Genio has the ability to offer a scheduling software for cleaning services that will remove the reliability on old-fashioned timesheets but more importantly paper work.

Curious to see how your company staff is doing, or maybe how many jobs are happening in a particular area of town?

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Live Map

Plot out hotspots of existing clients to see if there are any potential clients that you and your company have yet to tap in to. Or maybe, you would like to quickly see how your staff is doing with their list of clients – Live Map, offers this service. You can see the rate to which your crews are working but also the locations that you can work on retaining and growing in.

Using a Live Map, means having a cleaning service software that has not only automated and simplified the process of keeping tabs on your crew but it allows you to be connected and informed from a distance.

But, Genio offers much more than just focusing on your crew and staff – it allows for customer management.

Customer Management

If there is anything that Starbucks has taught the business world – it is that everyone looks to make things customized and personable. With this insight, it only makes sense that when your cleaning service company gets a client, one cannot assume that “clean the house” will mean the same thing from client to client. As a result, Genio’s customer management feature allows you and your staff to have pertinent customer information and job details that will assist in providing a top-notch service.

Maybe you client wants only certain things done around the house, or maybe they need you and your staff to come between a certain time in the afternoon – regardless of your client’s needs, with this feature in your cleaning service management software, you will have the ability to real-time send this information out to your cleaning crew and they can be in the know-how of what precautions need to be taken.

Being informed is just as essential as knowing how to do something, which is why one of the great features of Genio is the activity log.

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Activity Log

Unable to finish a job because the customer came home, or maybe something came up unexpectedly and you have to leave. Don’t worry, with the activity log, you can leave detailed information about jobs that need a follow-up, or that had to be rescheduled.

This feature not only enables the crew to stay informed with their colleagues but as a business owner, you have provided your crews and staff with the tool to always be informed but to succeed. With the activity log, you will be informed on when your staff check’s in and out of a job, when there are unavoidable delays or cancellations but more importantly, you can see the feedback of your clients.

Knowledge is Power the information that a company can decipher from the Genio is invaluable but more importantly, the information is something that some companies pay thousands for because they either don’t have the tools to do so or they don’t think their company is able to get this information. The reality is, so long as you are willing to invest in your company, Genio has the tools to provide you with what you and your company needs to succeed. Don’t feel misinformed or that you don’t know what is happening in you company, don’t be held back or mislead in believing that the cleaning industry doesn’t rely on technology and innovation – if anything it is an industry that is looking to always simplify and automate processes without sacrificing quality.

Don’t let the fear of technology, innovation hold you back – embrace a cleaning management software like Genio, and you will see the benefits through your clientele and more importantly in the efficiency and productivity of your staff!

SEO for online insurance companies

We normally think of SEO as something that trendy stores or start-ups would do to get some initial traction to their website. Few would expect SEO to be of any use to insurance companies. The truth is the complete opposite. Insurance businesses are not heavily advertised, which is why alternative strategies including SEO can be very useful. Even law firms like Fisher &Talwar can use SEO to educate the public about legal issues. If you are an online insurance company, SEO can become your primary marketing strategy to make up for low visibility in the offline world.Continue reading →

Three Ways to Make Sure You Get the Most out of Your Website

No matter how big or small your business, everyone needs a website. Every individual could benefit from a website too! From creating an online portfolio to housing a blog or uploading your resume to your own website, there are actually fewer people who don’t have a website.

But, just because you have a website that’s live on the internet doesn’t mean it’s actually working.

Many websites can’t easily be found on the internet, and some of the ones that can aren’t very good. If you’re going to have a website, you should make it worth your and your visitor’s time.

Here are three ways to make sure you get the most out of your website.

Invest in the Right Hosting Services

Free web hosting is tempting. After all, why pay for something you can get for free! Well, free web hosting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

By paying for a hosting service, you can increase the security on your website and have access to customer service if you have any questions. Paying also ensures you can design your site how you want without having to worry about file or size restrictions.

Web hosting isn’t expensive either! With a GoDaddy coupon or another special deal you can find online, you’ll pay peanuts to make sure your site is properly hosted.

Make Sure It’s Usable

How usable is your website? If it isn’t usable, people won’t stick around to check out what you have to offer. Usability includes:

  • Consistent navigation that makes sense, including clear page names, a home page, and a contact page.
  • Make sure the text on your site is easy to read by choosing the right background color, font color, and font size.
  • Less is more with a usable website. Go easy on the graphics, slideshows, images, and popups.
  • Use simple text, and break up that text with plenty of paragraphs and visual line breaks.

It’s also a good idea to take the time to make sure your website is disability friendly. Many of these principles are just good web design, so your non-disabled visitors will appreciate them too.

Monitor and Analyze Your Website’s Data

If you want your website to be successful, you have to know how it’s performing. After all, there’s no use in maintaining a website that no one is visiting! Fortunately, it’s extremely easy with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics and other monitoring services can help you figure out:

  • How users are finding your site
  • Which areas of your website get the most traffic
  • Which demographics visit your site the most often
  • If your SEO strategies are working

You can then use that information to alter your website to make it even better for your target audience.

Don’t just slap your website on the internet and hope it will bring people to your virtual doorstep. With these three tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a website that people actually want to visit.

Top Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

One of the primary reasons that businesses have set up websites is to attract new leads and then gather information about them. Doing so aids a business in eventually nurturing these leads into customers. Different methods are used by a business for accomplishing this goal, which range from organic SEO, social media engagement, blogging and pay per click advertising. However, in order to assess the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts, you need to look at the conversion rate i.e. how many visitors on your website are being converted into customers. If you are getting thousands of visitors, but are converting only a handful, then there is a problem.

This is one of the primary reason why conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a vital strategy for every business. It is aimed at helping a business in maximizing the incoming traffic on its website by first convincing them to become email subscribers and then nurture them into loyal customers in the long run. Conversion rate optimization means knowing where the conversions are occurring, whether through sign-up forms, pop-up messages or blog offers amongst others. This can tell you what is working and what needs to be fixed. When it is done right, conversion rate optimization can offer the following benefits:

        CRO increases customers and boosts sales

This is simply a no-brainer; when you are improving your conversion rate, it means you are successfully convincing visitors to sign up for email or actually pushing them to make a purchase. Even if they only subscribe to emails, it still opens up a platform for you to reach out to them through email marketing campaigns. It is incredibly obvious that your sales will increase when you are able to nurture your leads, but it should also be noted that even a slight improvement in your conversion rate can have major impacts on profits. They will add directly to your bottom line.

        Current website traffic can be leveraged

One of the biggest perks associated with conversion rate optimization is that it works with your current level of traffic on the website. Yes, there is an initial investment of both time and money, but once it begins to work, you are able to make the most of the traffic that’s already coming to your webpage through search engine optimization and other marketing efforts like email and social media. After all, the purpose of CRO is not to drive more traffic; it is about ensuring the visitors convert into customers.

        Reduces your customer acquisition costs

If you are in desperate need of funds for your marketing campaigns like PPC or social media, you can easily free up your money by increasing your conversion rate. When your website is optimized, the traffic coming in from other campaigns will automatically see an improvement. This will create a cycle of money that works in favor of the business because customer acquisition costs are reduced as improving conversion involves converting visitors into customers.


In a nutshell, conversion rate optimization helps you in getting ahead of the competition and expanding your user base thereby impacting your business goals.    

Things to Consider When Choosing CMMS Software

Choosing the right computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can seem an arduous task. It is a type of software that most of us only ever encounter once or twice, if ever, but it is something that many businesses will need at some point.

Royalty free photo

CMMS software is a big investment. It is often expensive to purchase and set up the software itself, and it will also require varying degrees of post-installation support, depending on the type of business it is being used in. Below is a brief guide to some of the key questions you need to ask when choosing CMMS software.

Define Your Needs

Before you start looking at software options, you need to have a good idea of what it is that you want from the CMMS software that you ultimately choose. Consider exactly what the software will be used for and by whom, and consult with everyone who will make use of the CMMS software to ensure that everyone’s needs are accounted for. You don’t want to end up in the position of discovering that your brand new, expensive system isn’t up to task.

Once you have identified the key requirements of any software that you choose, you can then begin researching options and checking reviews. If you know other businesses similar to yours who have successfully implemented CMMS software, then consult with them as to what they would recommend based on their own experience.

Is It Customizable? Does It Need to Be?

One of the most attractive features of many CMMS software packages is that they allow a high degree of customization, their functions can therefore be tailored to the needs of your individual business. You can have an entire system built just for your company, but this would be a very expensive option, a better middle ground is to choose an off the shelf system, but choose one that allows for customization.

If you have staff with a good knowledge of programming, then they might be able to utilize their skills in order to alter or add to the software you choose so that it fits your business’s needs better. However, if you don’t already have the necessary skills on hand then you will have to hire them from outside and this can prove to be expensive.

Is There a Free Trial?

Free trials with software are always a good thing, especially when that software represents a significant investment, so if one is available you should always take it. A free trial doesn’t just let you test the functionality of software, it also allows you to check its compatibility. A free trial before buying CMMS software will give you peace of mind before committing to a purchase.

Choosing the right CMMS software isn’t easy, you will need to do a great deal of research beforehand and familiarize yourself with quite a specialist type of software. Make sure that you have a clear idea of what you want from the software, if you have the opportunity to try the software beforehand then make sure that you do.