How Web Hosting Can Make or Break SEO

Have you ever heard the famous SEO joke? Here it is: “Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?”

“Page two of Google…”

Being on page two is no laughing matter though. It’s even worse if you’re on an even lower page for your chosen keywords. The fact is, if your business isn’t on page one for these terms, it’s virtually invisible. There is of course search engine optimization. Whether a business has an in-house SEO team, or uses an external provider, most have an idea of some of the SEO basics that can contribute to a site getting higher in the rankings. These include:Continue reading →

Important Things To Know Before You Start Trading Forex in 2018

Forex trading requires accurate and comprehensive knowledge of all the data affecting the financial market with a general knowledge of trading technology in light of the technological progress made by the Internet before making any decision that you can make a profit or lose. Therefore, each Bitcoin Code trader should look at the following in order to enrich his knowledge of Forex: Continue reading →

Strategies Your Seo Company Should Not Do

Every SEO company has its way of doing things and not every SEO technique is used to obtain healthy search results. But it is important when considering different forms of SEO strategies, you choose a company that isn’t practicing techniques that do not work.

There are hundreds of SEO myths that an SEO company may choose to implement into your website. But it is up to you knows which strategy will bring in results and which ones won’t.

When choosing an SEO company, you must understand what it is you are paying for. One SEO myth that continues to float through the Industry is that website owners should link every page to their main navigation menu. This is highly untrue and it will deem to not be effective when optimizing your website. Linking every page to your navigation menu will do nothing more than confuse your visitor. Of course, linking to pages isn’t a bad idea but expecting high capacity results will leave your website with no targeted traffic.

Another thing you will not want your SEO Company to do when optimizing your website is spamming your website with tons of internal links. Internal links don’t bring in traffic; it’s the external links linking to your website that gain you the most traffic.

A good SEO company will never freshen up old articles on your website. Updates are good of course but it shouldn’t be expected that changing the date or adding a few more lines to old content will bring you search engine happiness.

Redirects aren’t something you will want your SEO company to advise you and your business. Redirecting a domain that has your keyword in it to your real domain isn’t something the search engines praise. Google like website domains like Trends Magazine that contain their particular keyword, so why it’s important to execute this from the beginning.

Link popularity is important and it plays a huge part in your SEO strategies. Your SEO company will understand that linking to popular sites like Google won’t bring you link popularity. Advertising links like Ad words do not count as part of your link collection and will only work against you.

It’s imperative that you do not let your SEO Company target the same exact keywords on every single page of your website. Since there are billions of keywords and keyword phrases, your SEO Company will want to help you expand your options by giving you access to keywords that will get your website ranked better.

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Learn business ethics of expert person- achieve success

In this competitive business world, online businesses are growing by leaps and bounds due to the impacts and features of search engine optimizations companies. In today’s competitive most of the successful business person is making use of the SEO expert service in order to leverage their business. It will be a smart decision for you if you are having an online business and toying with the idea of the hiring of an expert as well.

Choose a person who is having thorough knowledge about the internet and those who know what are the great deals and offers that the SEO companies are offering. On the other hand, doing an online research on your own is essential. It will help you to get little more knowledge and better grounding about the offers and deals of companies. The first thing that you have to know before start marketing or hiring expert services is the basic terminologies of SEO with the features of top most companies such as SEO company.

Search for the best SEO expert and then learn his or her business ethics. This step has to be done prior to starting a professional relationship. Avoid firms using black hat method because bad practices such as spam and many others are included in this method. If you implement this method then it will put a negative impact on your website then your site will get backlist by all the other major search engines.

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Once you are confirmed about the critical conduct of the SEO Company, and then start inquiring their practices and techniques.  You should have the potential to expert the same thing to your client in an effective simple and straightforward way. Brag and boast people should be avoided. Keep away from the firms who are reluctant to give reports or charge a huge amount to provide even the basic documents.  Both success and failure of your business depend on how you keep track on all these important factors. Hence, more care and attention is needed while dealing with them. Such care and knowledge can be gained easily from the expert experienced people. Without any backlogs in the move, one cannot achieve any height. You can get free guidelines from the experienced person available online by sending him a friend request. The ultimate goal of social networking Medias is to make the people to get communicated easily and to share their views and thoughts with the others easily.  Facilities on online such as Twitter, video chat and much more will help you to get guidelines effectively and easily.

Visit to know more about todays SEO world.

How to create a good business website

Every business nowadays must be represented online – it has become a market standard.  The internet is a global marketplace for any sphere of professional activity, and a huge number of purchases, orders and deals are made online every day. You can ignore phones, mails, and other communication channels, but it is impossible to run a company without a website. Moreover, the value of the website has been growing from year to year.

The online market is constantly evolving. The ability to access the internet from mobile phones and tablets has caused a real shift in the evolution of ecommerce, and nowadays we are online everywhere, regardless of our location and activities. Each service and enterprise, even the smallest local firm, for example, a beauty salon or café must have a site, not to mention large enterprises and international business sharks. And that’s that.

Over the last few years the part of all mobile internet users has grown to 50%, and the mobile traffic share continues to grow.Continue reading →

Why You Should Use Joomla For Your E-Commerce Website

Although Content Management Systems (CMS) help to reduce the hassles that are associated with getting a website built, especially an e-Commerce site, it can be a difficult decision when it comes to selecting the right system.  The three largest CMSs that need to be considered by all eCommerce entrepreneurs are all popular and usually business owners will end up selecting one of them to use on their websites.  Joomla is a great choice since it offers excellent extendability, ease of use, extensive functionality and can deliver a very positive online business experience for both entrepreneurs and customers.Continue reading →

Digital Marketing Tips

When you are a start-up company or even a long established company, you don’t necessarily have the budget for huge marketing campaigns. When ROI is far from guaranteed, it is tempting to hold back on marketing altogether but then how do you attract new business? If you have a really limited budget but you know that you need to somehow attract new customers, here are some free or cheap solutions that you may want to give a try:

Website Builders 

If your business doesn’t currently have any digital presence then you are certainly missing out on huge business opportunities. Perhaps it is the expense that is holding you back from getting a website set up for your business? There are a lot more options these days for setting up websites, so you do not necessarily need to hire an expensive developer to get one set up for you. If you are a relatively small business then you may want to consider using a free website builder as offered by a number of different hosting services including GoDaddy and SiteGround.

They will provide you with all of the tools that you need to get a website set up and live, completely for free. There are some drawbacks of setting up a free website but if your options are between a free website and no website at all, surely the best option is to get one out there? Many free website providers offer easy website builder tools to help novices to get their first website online.

Free Email Campaigns 

Sending an email from your standard email account will not look half as professional as using a responsive template that you can add your branding and images to. If you want to capture people’s attention with your email marketing campaigns then there are companies such as MailChimp that will allow you to use their templates and monitor the success of your campaigns. You can get a lot of their services for free, so unless you are looking to send your campaigns to larger volumes than MailChimp allow (in their free plan), you can do it all completely for free.

Social Media Accounts 

The more channels you can use, the more people you can reach, so explore the different social media platforms that you can use to promote your business. Some platforms will suit different businesses more than others. As a starting point, you can look at LinkedIn, Facebook for business, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also use Hootsuite to help you to manage multiple social media platforms to save you the time and effort of logging in to each account separately to share content. 

Design Tools 

If you are spending ages developing content to go onto your social media accounts like banners etc., have you thought about using a company like to use their templates and free icons and images? You can quickly develop designs for all kinds of marketing material without spending a penny for the design. Canva enables you to create social media content, posters, flyers etc. with considerable ease and to a professional level.

There really are lots of free and cheap marketing options out there and if you prefer to use direct marketing like mail or flyers then always look out for offers that Vistaprint and other popular online printers offer. If you go to a local printing company, you may find that you could make considerable savings by switching to an online printing provider. Don’t put a hold on your marketing when you run out of budget, simply look at cheaper marketing options!

Setting Up Your First Website

Setting up a website for the very first time can be a huge challenge, particularly if you wouldn’t describe yourself as technically-minded. However, for businesses looking to stay relevant in terms of marketing trends and consumer behaviour patterns, a website for a business is a must.

More than ever before, a potential customer will use the internet to find a product or a service and if you are not appearing in that list of results then you are missing out on a huge volume of business leads.

A website can make the difference between a highly successful business and one that struggles to attract new customers. If you are fortunate enough to have a long list of returning customers then you are probably doing okay but what about in the future? Can you afford to not pick up any new business? Of course, for local tradesmen there will always be ‘word of mouth’ referrals but people increasingly want to see a tradesman’s online ratings or visit their website before they make a decision.

If you are reading this article then you have probably already decided that you need to set up a website for your business. We have made things a bit easier for you by providing some tips to help you along the way:

Research your web host options 

You will need a web host provider to give you some server space so that your website can exist online. There are many different types of hosting companies available and they offer many different levels of service and features, so it is an area that needs some consideration before you make your choice. You can get free hosting, cheap hosting and pretty expensive hosting, so if budget is a big factor for you, take a look at the various offerings of each different type of host.

You can get shared web hosting services, which is a popular option for small business websites that do not want to spend a large amount of money on their host. Free hosting has a lot of limitations, so make sure you understand what you are taking on before you invest time in building a website using a free hosting solution.

Content management 

Who is going to be updating your website? You will need to make changes at some point, so make sure that whoever needs to update it knows how to use the content management system. For many reasons, a lot of businesses choose to use WordPress for their CMS, as it is one of the most straightforward systems for updating content.

Content plans are good too, don’t just set up a website and expect it to work well without any future work involved. Great content is what attracts new visitors to your website, so time should be spent on making it as good as possible.

Keeping content up to date and adding new content will keep it fresh and SEO friendly. Which brings us to our next point:

Understanding SEO 

If you are not looking to pay for website traffic then you will need to rely on organic traffic through SEO friendly content. The world of SEO covers many aspects from using keywords to creating in-depth content. Knowing how and when to spend time on SEO will help to ensure that your website performs well in rankings and that potential customers can easily find you. If you haven’t heard about Google algorithms then that is a good starting point and then keep up to date with SEO trends from leading marketing experts.

A Commonly-Overlooked Tool in the SEO Toolbox: Client Care

As search engine optimization professionals, we have many tools and techniques at our disposal. Our skill at building robust sites and boosting page rankings for our clients is eclipsed only by our exhaustive knowledge of search engine algorithms. Many of us are experts at teasing out the mysteries of search and developing new strategies to harness the power of online search engines. Advances in the SEO field seem to happen on a weekly basis, and we are equipped with many cutting-edge tools as a result. However, there is one extremely important tool that many of us neglect or overlook: client care.Continue reading →

5 SEO tips to increase web traffic and increase conversions

Despite the widespread development of Internet technologies, shocking statistics: about half of all small businesses have no website. Given that, Google receives daily more than 3.5 billion different requests; such companies are losing many potential customers. Surely, someone is looking for, and your services.

If you belong to the group of entrepreneurs who feel the presence of an optional site, we hasten to disappoint you: today is your primary goal is to give your business a decent online presence.

If you were smart, and the site you have, one of your priorities should be to attract visitors to the site or page through the campaign. Regardless of how visually appealing and functional is your website is, without visitors, it will be a waste of resources.

How to encourage Internet users to choose among dozens of your page option in the search results? You need search engine optimization, i.e., a set of specific strategies and tactics used by webmasters to ensure the influx of visitors and make a site or page landing more attractive to search engines.

I am a regular reader and author of Local Advertising Journal, a magazine that has well defined the power of local advertising but for success, you will need few local SEO tips that really work – and here I will describe how you can start using them today to grow your business online to achieve.

Major brands distinguish thousands and thousands of dollars a year on a variety of SEO-procedure and, as a rule; they do successfully dominate the pages of search results. Small businesses to compete with big brands can seem hopeless. However, it is not so.

Here are some relatively simple solutions that will help increase traffic to your website or campaign page …

1) Conduct an audit

The first step in the process of SEO-Optimization is an audit of the current state of the site. Use tools like Google Analytics or the Google: Webmaster the Tools, selecting the options of the services that are best suited to promote your site.

Re-read the entire text content. Keep track of every link and write down all the obvious errors (non-download pages or images, grammatical errors, irrelevant information). First of all, start with correcting these problems.

Then use Google Analytics to analyze the contents of the most visited pages. Which pages get the largest percentage of “natural” traffic? If some areas have a low failure rate and long-term stay on the page, consider why visitors prefer it.

Perhaps they are attracted more engaging content and vivid image? Perhaps these pages include a clear call to action? Through trial and error, you will be able to determine what they find helpful and friendly, and then you will only have to repeat these techniques on all relevant pages of the resource.

Then connect to the process capabilities Webmaster Tools Google. Which search terms bring people to your site? What keywords visitors use to navigate through the pages of your site using the internal search engine? Are there those who come to your site looking for a service or product that you do not offer? How many users request a particular product or service? Compare this with the data from Analytics, and used to develop their strategy for SEO-updated, optimized content.

2) Secure your local presence

Imagine that your project is based in the attractive tourist beach town and is dedicated to surfing. Your target audience is fueled from two main sources: the community of local surfers and seasonal visitors on vacation. Most likely, the locals already know about your store, but it is doubtful that tourists have already found some information about it. Usually, the first thing that makes a tourist – to get a smartphone and looking for surf shops in the area.

If your site is not optimized for the competition with the local business, your store may not get there in the search results. What to do? Create profiles on social networks, if you have not already done so. If you already have profiles, make sure that they provide the correct address and links to your website. Register your project on Yelp, the Foursquare, the Bing the Places, Google+ the Local, Citysearch, and any other resources provided by the list of services in a particular location.

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3) Optimize your keyword selection strategy

Many small companies make a big mistake by focusing only on frequently used, specific keywords and trying to place these keywords in the text as often as possible. This will lead you to search the crash. Even if you manage to achieve high rankings in the search results (which is quite tedious and difficult), it is unlikely to lead to high rates of conversion.

Let’s go back to the surf shop. It is safe to assume that you can hardly expect to bring to your shop farmer who grows potatoes in the outback. However, it is very likely that a farmer has a nephew who lives in your city. Nephew will soon be celebrating a birthday, and a farmer wanting to make it really worth the gift, will require the search engine to give him a list of specialty stores it in your town.

Instead of spending all of your time to optimize the list of the most popular queries, adapt your strategy so as to be in the lead on the issue verbose key phrases that have a really high potential for conversion.

Create sections on specific goods and services that you offer. Make sure that these pages actually entice visitors to action: online purchase, call for more information or visit the store.

4) Think of links placement strategy

When search engines crawl, new pages have appeared on the Internet, they move from page to page via links. Whenever scanning the specific page, they check it for the presence of any reference, and then followed for each of them to see if they are on pages that have not been validated.

In connection with this incredibly important to build up the internal connection. Links posted on your site should link to other pages on your site with similar or related information.

Imagine your site – it is a city, and a web page – this is the building. Links are streets that help you to move from one building to another. The more streets, the easier it will be moved. But do not overdo it: between optimization and surplus, there is a fine line, which we will describe in the next section of this article.

5) Stay man

In fact, SEO is a complex process and quite exciting game, but ask any SEO-experts – and he will tell you that the most important thing to be able to remain human. Work SEO-experts is not easy: they must keep in mind the balance of the human factor and the technical aspects. Create a website that people actually want to visit, fill it relevant content – and pretty soon you will begin to notice a clear improvement in the traffic issue.

Author Bio:

A.H. Sagar is Operations Manager at CYONWO, a company that committed to helping businesses with online marketing. A.H. has more than 6+ years of experience in digital marketing. His expertise helps him to be a professional blogger and he loves to share his ideas, tips, tricks and information with blogging.

Starting an online business is quite easy with this easy steps

When we try to examine the details of every online business success there are lots of obscurities comes to make that fade in between the result. Some experts say there must have to be some creative business ideas that fit in the current market. Getting all the business success is not all about luck, you have to earn it with your credibility.

Just imagine what sort of products or services can hit the actual demand of a society that they are looking forward to getting immediately.

Like when we through some noodles on a wall there will be few that sticks on it. Just like your creative business strategies that you have to determine to develop based on market demand. Once you have your ideas ready, you can constantly test and improve your ideas to deliver the best products and services to your customers.

Create and develop your online business concepts:

Creating an online business concept is just like ‘Rate Contender’ where a potential customer can look forward to finding the best products or services with the lowest price.

The second part is much harder than the first one. You will find how hard it could be when you are about to develop your customers. You must have to offer some unique products or services that are not in the market or you can try to develop something they can get with much lower prices. That’s the only way you can expect some of the loyal customers of others might have diverted to your products or service.

Up to date your business strategy constantly:

Sometimes our business strategies can make big infect in terms of the difference between our actual targets and achievements. For example, it has been proven wrong that the strategies of Google Ads are not that effective as it was before. The reason behind that is they realize how the consumer’s online activity has moved towards Social media. No doubt to get them back, your online business strategies also had to switch from Google Ads to Social media. Here you can directly involve communicating with your potential customers, get their opinions, video chats, collecting tips and ideas, etc. That’s a quite broad activity in social networks are playing a key role in modern online business platforms.

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You can upload your business products and service videos on the YouTube channel and you will not be surprised when you see many of your viewers are sharing those videos among their friends and families. That’s a quite interesting advertising strategy that plays a vital role for moving your online business wheels.

Face the challenge with your creativity:

Shifting a business plan from physical to virtual will face a lot of challenge ahead in the competitive market. You have to offer the best products and services to survive in your business. The best advantage is setting up an e-commerce business will be much cost effective than the physical retail store. You don’t have to worry about paying your rent, employee’s salaries, community taxes, etc. It does not mean you can get all your profits without spending a dime. It’s a business and you must have to invest something, either your creative business ideas or some money or both. For getting the best result in your e-marketing strategies, you have to spend some money on SEO (search engine optimization and your business website development projects. To grow your online business, your just can not live your business website and set relaxed. Remember it’s the only beginning of a long path.

You can apply these following five tips for your online business success:

  1. Get a market research to find the best niche

If you want to get success in an online business, you must have to come out with some creative business ideas to find the best niche to find a space in the market. Determine which is the products or services are there badly need to produce or come out to meet the consumer’s demands.

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Once you find out your best niche which is unique and less competitive, your success will come soon. Remember it’s your first steps towards your desires dreams, so try to find the best one.

  1. Develop your writing skill to increase sale

Quite often we see some of the companies are come out top with their products sales only because they are providing the best contents for upcoming products and services.  Contents are the main element for an online business as the consumers know what is coming next. Keep in mind, a good content writing can generate a good customers flow. You can hire some good writers for your company.

  1. Consider your website as your key asset

For an online business creating a website is the most important factor for your company to survive. A well-organized website can bring the visitor back to your website again. It’s a good sign to develop your business. I told you to get the best contents to your web store. That’s the only way you can communicate with your customers. You can contract some SEO farm if you want to give you the service you need. A good website can make a whole difference.

  1. Regularly monitor your website to get an analytics report

You can use Google analytics to get your website report constantly and analysis the report to change your strategy if necessary. Analyze the difference you get between your web traffic and conversion rates that you lost from your website.  Come up with a new plan to fix those errors.

  1. Keep your website up to date for fresh and relevant element

Traditionally you can find many of the e-commerce companies have used their e-mail marketing concepts just to increase their communication with potential audiences. While we can say this may produce some results but most important thing is to constantly improve the quality of your business web homepage and also all other related pages. Bring the freshest and most informed resource to your audience.

Ending up with a positive thought:

Learning online business ideas is very interesting and exciting because it is directly involved with your efforts and creativity. For an online entrepreneur the success may not come shortly but when you put all your talent and credibility, sooner or later you must achieve your desired business goals.

How to Get a Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

Do you want your website to be ranked higher in search engine? Do you want a better number of traffic than ever? Do you want your website be secured? If yes, then this article is for you. The SSL certificates helps you to secure your website’s connection as well as boost its rankings in Google and other search engine. We should definitely give thanks to the services like Let’s Encrypt that you are now actually able to get a free SSL certificate for your website and make it secured.Continue reading →

Residential Solar Power – Save Money While Saving The Earth

The Future is Now

Green technology, green housekeeping, and energy efficiency are all popular catch phrases at the moment. We have all heard about improving the efficiency of our homes and the smart grid but what many people don’t realize is that they can actually purchase a solar kit for their home. While not cheap they are reasonable priced over the long term.Continue reading →

Starting an Ecommerce Venture: Things to Do

Beginning an e-commerce wander is not extremely extreme nowadays. Loads of individuals who have a business are considering opening a parallel one on the web. It is a great thought to extend one’s business to the internet. The web is the place everybody goes to nowadays and it can mean gigantic benefits for specialists to have their organizations in an online space. In the event that you are considering beginning an e-commerce wander, then you require a feasible e-commerce sites outline.Continue reading →

The Advantages Of NoSQL Data Models

NoSQL Data Models

For a lot of people, the NoSQL database appears as an alternative when it becomes too difficult to store data in the form of tables. They prefer NoSQL as a great alternative to relational databases and they learn to rely on its features for a wide range of applications. If you are interested in discovering the advantages of NoSQL, then you should definitely keep on reading this article. By the end, you will be convinced of its functionality and you will want to start using it right away.Continue reading →

Things to consider when developing a website

Starting a business? Well done! Apart from conquering the initial setbacks such as seed funding, accounting systems, licenses, permits and everything else, there are more crucial steps to be taken to establish your business. Developing a website is one of those.

The first step in developing a website would be choosing a web address that is apt for your company. There are several pointers to be kept in mind, of which the foremost are – keep it simple, small, striking and something that is easy to remember. This is to primarily ensure that it’s a web address that people can easily remember on a whim. Selecting the domain name extension .com is most advised, because users generally assume any web address to end so. But if your target audience is restricted to a local area, other extensions like .de for the German market,,, .org, etc. can also be used.

Usages of keywords while adding the name of your business can prove to be extremely helpful from an SEO perspective. It can help you reach out to a greater audience, but yes, the keyword usage in your website content, the metadata and its optimization also take credence here. It is also advised to avoid the usage of numbers, hyphens and other characters in your web address, or the usage of uncommon spellings for the typical terms. All these may hamper your users from memorizing your website address effectively.

But first and foremost, do not wait to act! Domain names sell like hot cakes. Once you decide on the perfect web address for your company, make the purchase. Don’t let anyone keep your business from taking that first step in creating a significant entry into the online world!

Minds Metricks’s team of Dubai web designers are expert in the field of web design. Their consultants help you with every step of the process from booking a domain to launching your website with you taking a back seat.

Craft an online persona that earns you respect

With the development of Internet communication and social media, the traditional notion of identity has disappeared. At present, people have online identities in the virtual world of the Internet. If you are like everyone else, then so do you. When you are online, you cannot hide. Everything you do is in plain sight. The people and nations of the world are connected via technology, so you have to pay close attention to what you are doing.Continue reading →

8 Key Magento 2 Data Migration Issues & Their Solution

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is less of an option and more of a necessity for the store owners. There were a few flaws in the Magento 1.0 which is now improved in the new Magento 2.0 version. Magento 2 migration can take a great deal of time and you can also face some issues since this procedure is extremely unpredictable and incorporate several customizations.

Here, in this blog I am listing down the issues that I have faced during Magento 2 migration.

Adding Grouped type product to cart

We faced this issue after we successfully completed the data migration to Magento 2.  During the testing phase, we tried adding Grouped type product to cart and we found that it was only getting added to the shopping cart but the product details were absent.

The solution which we founded for this issue was that we developed a custom module which basically used to override the shopping cart action and displayed the added product in the cart.

Checkout button in Minicart was not working after data migration

The checkout in Magento 2 is now driven with JavaScript and KnockoutJS. As a result, now you can see improvement inMagento 2 checkout. The Magento 2 checkout has improved general flow now and is visually more appealing for the visitors too.

The issue which I faced here was that after data migration the checkout button in Minicart was not working. I was not able to click on the checkout button and as a result, I was not able to proceed to checkout. Although, I was able to click the checkout button on the shopping cart page.

The solution we founded on this issue was by creating a custom module which will override the cart action to make the checkout button clickable.

Unable to edit products from Admin after data migration

Admin can add/delete products updated by the sellers. When we migrated to Magento 2 we found that we were unable to edit products from Admin.

The solution for this was that we developed a custom module to override the configurable price.

Category URLs were not SEO friendly

The URLs you assign to products and categories play a major role in search engine optimization.Magento’s rewrite functionality creates URLs for categories while saving them. Thishas caused me countless issues over the last few years, primarily from an SEO perspective.

In order to resolve this issue, we:

  • Rewrite entry against the previous URL
  • Developed a custom script to generate SEO friendly URLs.

Admin unable to create invoice for Orders

You need to create the invoice for an order as a record of the receipt of the payment. Invoice is somewhat a completed order page created when a temporary sales order is confirmed or when cancelled. Admin generally generates an invoice with a packing slip and shipping labels. Multiple invoices can be made for a solitary request, and each can incorporate the same number of or as few of the obtained items that you indicate. The problem which I faced was that Admin was unable to create an invoice for orders.

After doing lots of research, I found that the tables responsible for Invoice creation is creating this issue. After adding the appropriate column to the table, I was able to create invoice for orders from admin panel.

Unable to edit/update categories

The category can be edited/updated or moved to another position from the catalog. In case of live inventory, you ought to consider how the change may affect any current links to items in the category.

After migrating to Magento 2, we found that editing any category from Admin was showing error. On exploring I found that the values of custom category attribute are missing that is why it was throwing an exception.

This issue was fixed by creating a custom module to override the ReadHandler.php Model class

Unable to edit/update catalog products

We were receiving the following error when we tried to add new products in the catalog after migrating to Magento 2.

‘Class Magento\Catalog\Model\Product\Attribute\Backend\Media does not exist’

The above error was coming because Product Attribute media_gallary back-end resource model class is missing in Magento 2.

To make it work we developed a script which fixes media_gallary attribute’s back-end resource type.

Unable to place an order from sub stores

Since the time we migrated to Magento 2 the system was not able to generate order increment id to create the orders due to which we were unable to place an order from sub-stores and create order invoices and shipments from backend.

To solve this issue we wrote a script to update the Magento 2 database and create new sequence tables for sub-stores, which is a new concept to generate sales order sequence Idin Magento 2.

Author Bio:
Ronak is a serial entrepreneur and who has worked with small-medium-large companies. He is having a 8+ Years of expertise and closely working with eCommerce ventures since 2009. Ronak Meghani, the Co-Founder of Magneto IT Solutions, a full service of eCommerce Development in the USA, UK, and India. He’s enthusiastic about fitness, start-ups, entrepreneurship, and all things marketing.

Why Should You Use Online Calculator to Calculate College GPA?

Wondering how to calculate college GPA fast? Every college and university student should have a good idea of how to calculate his/her GPA for one term and their Cumulative GPA. G.P.A is an abbreviation for grade point average that is a very important metric for measuring students’ performance in colleges, universities, and high schools during a specific period of time. This internationally recognized calculation is used to calculate the average results of all grades achieved by a student for their course.

Calculated GPA is the most important number you should keep an eye on because it is used to determine whether you meet the educational standards and the expectations which were set by your university or by a specific degree program. To have a successful college career, you need to set academic goals that will lead you to success. That’s why you need to have a good understanding of how your success is measured with your college GPA.

To calculate GPA manually, you have to do a number of steps:

  • First, you need to multiply final grades you received in each course by the credit hours.
  • Then, you need to sum up all credit points you have earned in all your courses.
  • Next, you have to divide the total amount of the grade points by the number of credit hours.

As you see, it’s a rather time-consuming task, especially if you take into account that before begin to calculate college GPA, you need to convert letter grades into the right decimal. You should be very attentive because even the smallest mistake may lead to a wrong result.  Besides, you GPA will change during different years of your studies so you should calculate it every semester to have a better idea of your overall performance in all courses and to determine whether you need to take steps to improve.

If you don’t like the idea of manually calculating your GPA for every term, you should take advantage of a good online GPA calculator that will help you calculate your grade point average in just a few minutes. All you have to do is to visit a website and enter the necessary data and the program will do everything else in no time.

During your studies for completing a degree program, you will be asked to provide your GPA for different occasions:

  • When you join a club or organization.
  • When you apply for academic and athletic scholarships.
  • When you apply for a graduate or postgraduate program.
  • When you do extra-curricular activities.

Your college GPA will help organizations, scholarship committees, universities, and clubs understand what kind of student you are. They want ambitious and hard-working students so they would prefer somebody with a high GPA.

That’s why you should keep track of your G.P.A and be ready to react to make some improvements. A good online calculator will help you calculate college GPA from the comfort of your home or on the move and avoid doing time-consuming and boring work on your own.

The Beginners Guide to Making a Wedding Website to Remember

Anyone with a little knowledge of computers or the Internet can create a stunning wedding website. All you need is a few pieces of software, a good web host, and a couple hours to make your everlasting digital commemorative website for your special day. Follow this quick beginner’s guide to create your own wedding website or to make a special online gift for the groom and bride-to-be. Continue reading →

How to Write an Awesome Business Blog

To keep up with the competition in the modern world of business, it’s vital to have an online presence. When it comes to looking for services or buying a product, the internet has become the method of choice, meaning that having a business website is the bare minimum. However, adding a regular blog will drive traffic to that website and translate into new customers.

Creating a website can be possible, with minimal technological knowledge. However, creating a blog requires a little bit more. As well as attracting new customers, it is also a great way to connect with them and strengthen a brand. It doesn’t involve a huge amount of money to start, and the following tips will help you on your way:

Why a Blog will be Good for Your Business

You’ve heard that blogs are the way forward, but perhaps you don’t understand why. Here are some of a blog’s most important benefits:

  • Develop relationships with customers: Having a blog will allow you to connect with current and potential customers.
  • Build trust: Blog posts are a way of building trust in your brand and increasing its influence in your chosen sector.
  • SEO: If you’ve never heard of it, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a way of increasing visibility in search engine results.
  • Sharing content: Blogs are made for sharing, and every time your blog is shared, it validates your business credibility. It’s a form of marketing that costs nothing.
  • Connecting: With a blog, you’re able to highlight the personal side of your business and better connect with your clients.

Tips for Writing a Successful Business Blog

The first and perhaps the most important thing to remember about writing a business blog is that you’re writing it for your customers, not for yourself. Before you put your pen to paper, or open a Word document to type, ask yourself “What am I writing about and is it unique? How is it going to help my customers?” Ideally, you should be writing about something that is different than all the others. If the subject is not totally unique, aim to write about it in an unusual way. The blog should meet the needs of your customers. The Bonsai Finance blog is a good example because it clearly explains all the ins and outs of the financial services available.

Once you’ve nailed the two questions above it’s time to get down to the writing of the blog. There are five essential elements, regardless of the industry you’re in.

 The Opening

This is the hook on which to catch your audience; it doesn’t matter how good the rest of the blog is. If you haven’t managed to capture their attention in the first seven seconds, they’ll be lost forever. The most critical part of your opening will be the headline. Statistics show that 80% of people clicking on a blog will read the headline, whereas only 20% will stick around and read further. The best attack is to stick with a simple headline. You might be tempted to find a comical angle, to be different. However, evidence has shown that being clear, concise and self-explanatory will be more successful.

Add an Image

It is a good idea to add images to your blog. Furthermore, a good way to relate to readers is to include images of people. They don’t necessarily have to relate to the subject of the blog specifically, either. Choose images that will evoke the emotion you want. Underneath the images include a caption, as it is a way of keeping a readers’ attention.

Don’t be Wishy-Washy

There is so much information available on the world wide web that you need to be able to set yourself apart. It means that a clear and focused point of view is essential.

Use Outside Information

This is of great importance for a business blog because it will increase your credibility. There is plenty of information available to use including:

  • Testimonials from customers
  • Quotes from experts
  • Industry-specific research or data
  • Influencers opinions

Using any of the above will establish trust with readers.

A Structure Which is Easy to Read

There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to the structure of a blog. Read any number of them yourself, and you’ll soon appreciate how different they can be. However, there is one general principle you should aim for: make your blog post look easy to read. Certain elements will make your blog look more appealing at first glance. These include:

  • Short paragraphs
  • Headings and subheadings used properly
  • Bolds
  • Italics
  • Lists

Include all the above and someone glancing at your blog for the first time will not be intimidated or put off. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you rather read? A post that is made up of long paragraphs and little else, or one that includes images, headlines and bullet lists?

How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

Opinions differ when it comes to the frequency of your blog. Some say you should blog every single day. You might even feel the need to blog every day yourself! There are more, however, that say daily blogs are a waste of time. Every couple of weeks is a much better plan. However, there are some occasions when daily blogs could work. It will get you into a steady routine, which is bound to be a good thing. A news-focused blog is better more regularly than weekly, especially if you want your blog to be cutting edge. When it comes to SEO, regular blogs also have their advantages. If you do blog daily, keep them short and vary the format. You’ll also need to plan, so the content you publish is not sub-standard.

Running a small business can, understandably, be hard work, and with so many balls to juggle, it can be quite difficult to find the time to develop an online presence. Creating a website and writing a regular blog has become an important part of business success. It can also take up a huge amount of your time, but it doesn’t have to. With the right amount of advice and knowledge of the basics, you’ll be well on the way to success. Blogging is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd, and it is possible to compete with the biggest of your competitors.

The Beginner’s Guide to Transferring a Website

If you decide to switch hosting providers or buy a pre-existing website you’ll need to complete a simple transfer process to get everything working under the new ownership or hosting environment. This process involves backing up the website files, directing the DNS records to the new host, and checking that everything went well with a few simple tests. Follow this guide to transfer your website to any host in just minutes. Continue reading →

Marketing Your Niche Wedding Business

Wedding businesses are abundant, and if you want yours to stand out from the competition, it is important that you find a way to set yourself apart. While having a unique idea is part of that, differentiating yourself long term means that you must establish a brand that people recognize, a product people understand, and a company that people can trust. As always, it’s a good idea to contact a lawyer like Aaron Kelly to ensure all of your startup legalities and logistics are in order, and then follow these tips for marketing your niche wedding business.Continue reading →

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