How casino games are developed

Since a long long time, humans have been fascinated by gambling and the thrill of risking something in order to eventually win a lot more than they invested. The history of gambling and betting goes far back and even in the golden times of the roman empire, people were betting on specific sports events or even played with dice.

This has not changed until today, in fact the industry and the amount of people who are into gambling and casinos has been growing ever since. Besides the land based casinos, which are famous for their expensive decor, charming ambiente and the feeling of luxury, glamor and glitter, the online version of the famous games played in Las Vegas, Monaco and elsewhere have been getting more and more popular as well. One reason for this development is simply the accessibility. While in the times before the internet and the computers, only wealthy people were able to afford the joy of gambling in one of the traditional casinos, the online casino world now offers this opportunity to a much wider amount of people world wide. No wonder that more and more people are searching for bookmakers like in order to enjoy the new games on the market.

Speaking of which: Since the gambling and gaming industry went digital, more and more exciting games have been developed and introduced to the market. Some of these new games are more successful than others. Developers have been working on recreating traditional casino games, while others tried to break the boundaries and find completely new concepts of gambling.

But how are the new casino games actually developed? We have the facts you need to know!

Who develops casino games?

Before we can look at how the casino games are actually developed, we may ask the question who actually developed these games.

As many have found out that besides gambling by themselves, the online casino industry offers a lot more opportunities to earn money, a whole industry appeared which is just about developing new games. No question, some of the developers are obviously big tech firms which have specialized on designing online casino games.

One of the biggest firms in the business is the Microgaming company. As one of the first and most well-known creators of casino games, the Microgaming firm, which focuses mostly on slot games, is one of the most influential game developers on the market.  The company started out in the 1990s and built a reputation for itself via performance and an innovative strategy. Today, there are corporate representatives all over the world, and more than 600 casinos and poker rooms use the software.

Experience in the gaming sector enables producers to comprehend player needs and stay current with fashion. The business actively develops thrilling games, upgrades already-released versions, and helps to establish connections with new operators.

But not only big tech firms can contribute. Basically anyone who has a good idea for a casino game software can submit it to institutions like the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Career changers have been seen checking CSS coding tutorials, learning how to code games and being quite successful. Some of the best games are in fact developed by independent newcomers.

How are the games developed?

Like any other design process, the development of casino games follows a certain order of creative steps in order to come up with a good game.

Step 1: Create a new concept

The first step in a design process is mostly the hardest one. Brainstorming and gathering information about the already existing ideas are key to be able to come up with a new idea.

Any developer may be persuaded to imitate an already successful design from a competing website. However, a strategy like that is bound to failure since the online gaming sector is so crowded right now and competition is very strong. To draw in a new audience, a game has to stand out and have its own unique design.

The new games must have all the user-friendly elements of the products customers are used to, and it must also be created in a unique way from its competitors’ designs.

Step 2: Find the best Random Number Generator

As gambing is all about chance, a game cannot be programmed like any other. The key to keep the results random is a software called Random Number Generator. Without this software, no casino game can work. As there are more of those RNGs on the market, it is important to find the best one fitting to the new game. Some have been seen to have security gaps that hackers used to get around.

National regulations are mostly including specific jurisdictions about how a RNG must work. These rules have to be considered while choosing the right software. Sites and games which are meant to be used in different countries or regions must as well adapt to a bigger amount of different regulations.

Step 3: Troubleshooting

As soon as the game has its face and a good RNG, it must be perfectionized. Running games which are newly designed often shows some bugs in the software. As people are gambling with their own money, bugs or any kind of mistakes are an absolute No-Go in the casino industry.

That is why it is important in particular that a proper troubleshooting process is done before even thinking of releasing the new game into the world.

Step 4: Make it mobile

The next step is to make the game also run on other devices besides computers. Most of the online gambling is done from Smartphones and Tablets.

That is why a game which aims to be able to compete with the rest of the market must be running perfectly on all kinds of devices. Mostly this is a very time intensive process as the design must be optimized for all kinds of different smartphones, tablets and operating systems.

Step 5: Get legal

Last but not least a very crucial step. Stay in legal boundaries. As mentioned before, most of the countries have very strict rules about gambling and casino games. In order to be able to sell and really operate the game you designed, you need the right licenses.

These licenses can differ from region to region as the legal basis and jurisdictions are different from another. After implementing all the rules and fulfilling all the requirements, a developer can submit his game to the institutions that are monitoring and controlling the release of new games. If everything is alright, the game is good to go and may entertain thousands of people in the near future.

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