Here’s how complex the technology behind online slots is

Not many players are aware of the complicated technical requirements for online gambling. Two terms of interest in this regard are called RNG and RTP. Gamblers wonder if this could be a way to achieve higher winnings with mathematical skill.

Especially in mathematically complex games of chance, such as roulette, players feel good because they know exactly what their chances of winning will be. But even in this ever-popular online game of chance, there must be confidence in the technology, because the kettle is only turning virtually and not in front of the players’ eyes. Are there reliable security techniques in online casinos and betting sites like 12bet viet that can rule out manipulation by operators or guests? These and many other questions are asked by guests in online casinos. To know all this, the technology behind online gambling must be thoroughly researched and understood.

RNG – What is the Random Number Generator?

The RNG is the random number generator responsible for the sequence of events in slot machines. Time and again, players talk about how it could be hacked, calculated or even manipulated. Mechanical slot machines in the past had no such random number generator. The design was made to be moved at a certain speed so players could remember patterns. For this reason, some online casino guests now think that this possibility would also exist in modern slot games. However, once interested parties become more familiar with the RNG, they will quickly realize that manipulating the RNG is almost impossible.

Since the generator works continuously, no winnings can yet be predicted while the reels are spinning. The numbers are continuously generated by the RNG and are not known before the spin, as is sometimes mistakenly believed. Now some skeptics assume that the next number can indeed be calculated if both the time period and the algorithm are known. But since these parameters are reliably shielded and hidden, no one can calculate in advance whether there will be gains or losses. Claims that a way has been found to always win are simply deceptions.

The generator most commonly used in online gambling is the pseudo-random number generator, PRNG for short. The starting point of the PRNG is a series of numbers with many thousands or even millions of decimal places. Therefore, cheating is impossible and arithmetic is hardly possible. What operations are performed so that eventually a random number is obtained by the generator algorithm is top secret. To access the settings of the PRNG, the security of the encryption algorithm would first have to be bypassed. Software manufacturers, by the way, make each lock with an entirely new RNG.

Can software providers manipulate slot machines?

To eliminate fraud from the outset, a slot must first be verified and certified before it is made available for online casino players to win.

To obtain RNG certification, product developers must first contact specialized companies and auditors. Then the games of chance are tested extensively by these independent bodies. The costly and cumbersome process often takes a long time, as the chance generator must have specified parameters and approved standards.

Only after all security tests have been successfully passed does an online slot machine receive its certificate. This is necessary to make the game available in the online casino and eventually offer it to guests. Since the games of chance must be equipped with special anti-fraud software, both gambling providers and other real-money players in the online casino have no way to manipulate slots or other money games.

RTP – What is Return to Player?

RTP means something like “back to the player”. An example: The customer deposits 10 euros and receives 9 euros back. This factor is also called the payout ratio. Usually, the RTP is given as a percentage. So in our example, the RTP or payout ratio would be 90 percent. However, since it is not the individual bet but the total value of the money deposited in the casino that determines the game, individual players can win different amounts while other guests go completely empty-handed.

The higher the payout percentage, the higher the chances of winning, as the casino retains less money. Fair games of chance have an RTP of at least 94 percent. Slots usually have a lower payout percentage than table games. Each game of chance has its own unique RTP value. Like the RNG value, the payout ratio is also determined by independent testing laboratories, extensively tested and then officially announced.

Now, players might assume that between a hundred spins, at least one payout should be guaranteed. However, this should not be relied upon, because in gambling neither RTP nor RNG can determine when and how much the winnings will be. If one is not lucky, a few hundred spins may not result in the hoped-for winnings because a previous player has already received disproportionately high payouts.

eCOGRA: the best-known verification body for RNG and RTP

The best-known approval body is eCOGRA. This non-profit gambling organization was founded in the United Kingdom in 2003 to protect the various rights of online gamblers. Values such as RNG and RTP are thoroughly checked before games are licensed. The software license is called a “Certified Software Seal” and guarantees that all relevant requirements have been met. There are also annual reviews to ensure security on an ongoing basis.

Well-known software manufacturers of digital gaming machines

One of the most popular software providers is Novomatic. With annual sales of more than 1.8 billion euros, the group is one of the largest technology groups in the world and has branches in about 50 countries. Novomatic exports functional high-tech gaming equipment to about 100 countries.

Another global gaming provider is Red Tiger. A team of veterans founded the company in 2014. In 2019, Red Tiger Gaming was acquired with an enterprise value of £200 million. It later became part of the largest software company, Evolution Group, along with NetEnt.

IsoftBet is a younger company that entered both the Lithuanian and Latvian gambling markets in 2018. By obtaining the Malta Gaming Authority license, the software can also be made available in Switzerland and Sweden. In 2020, the Vixio Global Regulatory Award was presented to iSoftBet.

Conclusion: manipulating online slot machines can be practically ruled out

Thanks to highly developed technology and supervision of online gambling by independent agencies, fraud can be virtually eliminated. Gambling on the Internet is therefore considered safe and fair. To ensure that an online casino is operating seriously, it should definitely have a valid license, which can be viewed online transparently. If there are new releases in the game offerings, customers can assume a safe and fair gaming operation. Games of chance are becoming more modern with the advancement of technology and are equipped with even better security software. The selection of games of chance from different manufacturers is also an indication that these online casinos are controlled by the state and thus have a good reputation.

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