The difference between a good and a bad SEO company

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and this is the process of getting organic web traffic to a website from the search results on search engines (such as Google).

What happens is that when a certain keyword is searched, such as the word ‘health’, websites that Google deems worthy of a high ranking are shown first or higher up in the search results. This is a great way for websites to gain traffic and for companies to gather exposure.

This is where an SEO company comes into the picture. A good agency will help a business or website become noticed by Google’s algorithms in order to be deemed worthy to rank higher on search engine results.

While there are many reputable firms out there, there are also poor services that do not fulfil promises or only garner results while they are been paid. This article will explore the difference between good and bad SEO companies so that potential clients know what to look for and can enjoy the benefits of plenty of natural traffic to their website.

Unrealistic Guarantees: Something to watch out for when finding your consultant is the guarantees the company makes. While of course everyone would love to be at the top of a Google search straight away, this is often done when a company uses pay-per-click advertising.

But as soon as the ads stop being paid for, the exposure goes away. A reputable company knows that Google has their own special algorithm, comprising of over 200 elements, many of which are top secret. This means it is not realistic to promise super high rankings overnight, as no-one truly knows how to do this.

A good SEO company will instead be realistic with the time it takes to gain a higher ranking and will use long-lasting methods such as backlinking.

Backlinking basically involves linking the desired website on other relevant websites. The more websites that have links to the desired website, the more Google will pick up on this. This is an example of a natural way to increase search rankings and in turn gain more visitors to a website.

Previous work: When shopping around for a good SEO company it is perfectly acceptable to ask for examples of previous work. A business with a poor reputation may not have many testimonials or any feedback displayed on their website and social media pages, so it is important to ask.

A genuine company will have spent the time to create real results for real websites whereas other companies may claim that they use bots or automated apps to create backlinks. These are the companies to stay away from.

A great and easy way to see if a business is producing real results is to search for a previous customer to see where they come up in the search results. Checking if previous customers have real and current websites is another quick way to establish if a company has had legitimate clients in the past.

Rates: Checking a company’s rates is an easy way to establish if it is worth using. If a company is priced well over what the majority of other companies charge, this could be an indication of poor value for money, especially if they do not have any testimonials.

Conversely, a company may cost well below what the average company charges and this again may not be the best sign. Another bad sign is when a company is willing to negotiate or barter prices. A quality agency will be able to give you a quote based on the work that needs to be done to improve your site.

Freebies: A great company will give a taste of what they offer. This may be in the form of a free trial, a blog explaining what they do or perhaps a free e-book. Good businesses know that giving an indication of what they offer is the perfect way to show off their expertise to their clients.

A not so great company might not give any suggestion of what exactly their services are, so it is best to choose one that seems to know what they are doing.

Customer Service: Checking customer service is a great way to see if a company will look after you. An easy way to establish this is by sending an email or giving the firm a call and seeing how long it takes them to return contact.

If a company responds in a quick and courteous way, then this is a great indication that they value their customers. Companies that go above and beyond will offer easy to contact options such as online chat or social media messaging.

Alternatively, if a company does not return contact or does not have easy to find contact details, then it is safest to stay away from them.

Clear planss: Finally, it is important to establish a company’s plan. If a business has a website that clearly displays what they do and what they want to achieve for their clients, then they are more likely to follow through with these actions.

However, if a company does not have a clear mission or goal then it is likely that they are simply trying to make quick money without doing the necessary work in return.

In conclusion, finding an SEO – search engine optimisation company is the perfect way to boost visitors to a website in a natural and organic way.

In order to find a reputable company, it is important to stay away from unrealistic guarantees, view a company’s previous work, compare their rates to others, see if they provide any information, explore their customer service standards and see if they have a clear plan.

Finding a legitimate company can save time, money and disappointment in the long run while enjoying the benefits of a high Google ranking.

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