ArcheAge: Unchained Trade Packs Explained

Trade packs are a huge part of ArcheAge: Unchained and also a great way to make easy ArcheAge Unchained gold. In fact, some players use Trade Packs as their only way of making gold. Let’s take a look at how the trade pack system works and how you can make tons of gold running trade packs.

Are Trade Packs for Everyone?

Although running trade packs can be a great way to make ArcheAge gold, many players dislike the system. This is because it has a high time cost and not everyone has lots of free time to play the game. Not only do they take a long time, but some players don’t consider it engaging gameplay either. However, it’s usually the biggest gold making method that requires the most effort. If you’re not put off by this, then let’s get started.

How to Make a Trade Pack

You make trade packs at Speciality Workstations located near community centers found in every region. Each station will allow you to craft specific trade packs that are native to the region. For example, if you’re in Dewstone, you can make Dewstone packs such as Dewstone Fine Local Speciality, Dewstone Gilda Speciality, and so on.

Ynystere Pack

If you go into your craft menu and scroll down to Blue Salt Pack, you’ll see the Ynystere pack. The Ynystere pack has high gold making potential but costs a whopping 600 labor points. When you craft your Ynystere pack and turn it in, you’ll make around 90g! This is huge.

Another great thing about the Ynystere pack is that although the labor cost is high, it means you have to complete fewer runs than the other packs if you wanted to expend all of your labor points. If you wanted to use all of your 5000 labor points, you can run 8 Ynystere packs, rather than running other packs that will require more runs and eat up more of your time.

Tips For Trades Packs

  • Look at the demand for the trade pack and the price being offered for it. Some packs will fluctuate so make sure you look at what packs make sense. If a lot of trade packs have already been delivered to the Speciality Buyer, then the demand for more of the same trade packs will be low and you will be offered less gold for the pack.
  • Consider whether running Aged packs are worth it. There are trade runs for aged products like Rookborne Preserved Aged Honey that will net you around 22 gold. This may sound tempting compared to the gold offered on runs, but you have to consider how long it takes to age the products. This usually takes 3 days, thereby making the run not worth it for most people.
  • For local specialty packs, you need to own a house in the region to be eligible to make the pack. For example, for the Dewstone Fine Local Speciality, you need to own land in Dewstone.
  • Always factor in the cost of materials when working out your profit. Some materials are more expensive than others or require much more time to acquire.
  • Should you gather more gold than you need for your own needs, you can always exchange it into hard currency on this website:

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