Mobile Casino or App: What’s Better for the Player?

Gone are the days of desktop computers and even laptops; the entire World Wide Web has made itself comfortable in one’s pocket. Even the most popular online casino site is going to lose its players these days if it doesn’t offer them a mobile application to install on their smartphones. What is it that makes mobile gambling so attractive, and is it really better than playing the game at the table?Continue reading →

What Bosses Should Know About Employee Privacy Laws

Employee monitoring is slowly becoming a common trend in most workplaces. However, before making use of this technology, bosses should understand some laws surrounding employee privacy. While employers are allowed to implement employee monitoring technology when tracking their employee’s work activities and location, they should adhere to the Electronics Communications Privacy Act, which is the federal law regulating this activity.Continue reading →

Aspects of Great Web Design for Small Businesses

I’m Ryan, the owner and founder of Vulpine Marketing, the Idaho Falls Web Design Company. Over the past nearly decade, I have been designing, developing and creating websites for small businesses all across the United States and Canada. During that time there are certain things I have learned and have deemed to be incredibly important in the process. This article is an overview of those important principles.Continue reading →

How are business websites a virtual allure shop

The world around technology has exceedingly assured human beings a concept of virtually. As much as we deny the hypothesis of reliance on the web, every alluring approach online has promised us a fixation in our head which draws us closer to the world of digitization. This is a big advantage for entrepreneurs and businessmen as it saves their time and cost and contributes to all sorts of next business marketing strategies that they might want to go for.Continue reading →

How to find your dream corporate video production company

It’s easy to find a company that produces corporate videos, but the trick is to find one that does it well. The downfall of most pieces of communication is overloading the recipient of the message with information and communicating it in a way that is not relevant to the audience. The modern audience demands engaging and high-quality content to draw them in effectively, and to get them to engage with the brand.Continue reading →