What is Ethical Hacking?

Penetration Testing, otherwise known as ethical hacking, is a type of security that tests weak points in cyber code. In other words, penetration testing acts as a hacker to strategies better security systems. If your business has suffered from a cyberattack, you may want to look into an ethical hacker. They can improve and point out weaknesses in your systems.

Types of Hacking

There are three groups of hackers known as white hat, black hat, and grey hat hackers. Each has its own hacking method and provides different insights into the system and code. Be sure to hire an ethical hacker if you want to secure your information without fearing an attack. Here is a breakdown of these three types of hacking.

White Hat Hackers

White hat hackers, typically on a company’s payroll, determine defaults in security systems by cyberattacking its victims. They mainly test security systems daily or whenever they notice a default in the system. White hat hackers want to help a company and its security system. There are multiple ways white hat hackers test the systems:

  • People Hacking – Purposely tries to get employees to click on phishing links. Then organizes meetings to help people understand what a threat may look like.
  • Penetration Testing – Attacks the system directly to find any weakness or open back doors.
  • Programming – Programs their own systems as a distraction from other harmful hackers.

Gray Hat Hackers

Gray hat hackers take hacking to a different level. They intentionally break laws and even go against ethical principles for the greater good. White hat hackers only hack into a system when they’ve been given permission. Gray hat hackers hack into systems and inform a company after taking all their information.

Their intentions are never to use the information but to act as a righteous motivator, so businesses upgrade their security. You don’t want to find yourself at the hands of a gray hat hacker. Although they do not intend to harm – they still invade your privacy to prove a point. The point being that you need a better security system. Be sure to hire white hat hackers to prevent gray hat hackers.

Black Hat Hackers

Black hat hackers are the worst types of hackers you will come across. Their entire purpose is to break into your system, steal information, hold it for ransom, or cause chaos. Hackers can take sensitive information from you, the company, and its employees and sell it to other parties.

Alternatively, they can hack into a system and hold your entire system for ransom. You won’t have access to any computer resources until you pay them a significant amount of money. Or, a black hat hacker may not want anything in return but to prove that they can destroy your security system. Do not let yourself fall victim to these types of attacks.

How to Protect Yourself

Even with a great security system, you must have ethical testing to secure the system. Many companies provide exclusion penetration testing along with a State of Pentesting Report that includes detailed information about the ethical cyberattacks. Fortunately, cyberattacks can be prevented. You must stay vigilant and on top of any potential threat.

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