Loyalty Programs, Loyalty Rewards and VIP Clubs Explained

Do you know what the difference between an online casino’s VIP club, loyalty program or loyalty rewards is? Why is it important to know, and what can this knowledge do for you when you bet online? If you’re eager to find out why this is all so important, join us as we explore the topic in the rest of this article.

Aren’t Loyalty Programs, Rewards and VIP Clubs the Same Thing?

While many of the features and services performed by loyalty programs, loyalty rewards and VIP clubs sounds the same, they actually aren’t. Each can serve its own purpose and provide you with various goodies and bonuses. We intend on walking you through each of them right here. Let’s start with the casino loyalty program. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Casino Loyalty Program?

A casino loyalty program is the most common form of the three programs listed here. What it essentially does is allow you to claim goodies when you bet on your favourite games. The more you bet, the higher up this tier-based system you will claim. Each new step offers you bigger and better bonuses than those before it. Perks include cash deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback and more besides.

Isn’t That the Same as a VIP Scheme?

Actually, no. VIP schemes can be one of two things. At casinos that don’t have a loyalty club, the VIP scheme will be for high rollers only. These schemes offer red carpet treatment to just the biggest deposits and most frequent high-staking bettors. If a casino has a standard loyalty program, then the VIP scheme will usually be at the uppermost levels of that scheme. They are out of reach for standard players unless they bet regularly. In these cases, the VIP scheme offers much the same types of promos as the loyalty program, although in greater number and with far more prosperous deals.

And Loyalty Rewards Are?

Loyalty rewards sound as though they could be the gains of either of the two programs listed above. While they could be true, there is another explanation. Loyalty rewards are more closely linked to conventional promos. They are offered to all bettors who have shown loyalty to the casino. In most cases, they will be refer-a-friend bonuses, free spins for publicly promoting the casino on social media or one-off promos such as deposit bonuses given solely to you by way of an e-mail or inbox message. In short, they don’t rely on you fulfilling any sort of requirements on attained a specific loyalty status.

Top Casino VIP Schemes

If you want the very best loyalty and VIP rewards, then you need to sign up for a top casino like Rollers VIP scheme. We recommend that you explore what each of these VIP clubs and loyalty schemes can offer you long before you sign up to an online casino, so you aren’t surprised by what they offer and so you know how to claim the goodies on show.

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