Why You Should Use Joomla For Your E-Commerce Website

Although Content Management Systems (CMS) help to reduce the hassles that are associated with getting a website built, especially an e-Commerce site, it can be a difficult decision when it comes to selecting the right system.  The three largest CMSs that need to be considered by all eCommerce entrepreneurs are all popular and usually business owners will end up selecting one of them to use on their websites.  Joomla is a great choice since it offers excellent extendability, ease of use, extensive functionality and can deliver a very positive online business experience for both entrepreneurs and customers.

Why You Should Choose Joomla As Your CMS

Joomla represents the middle ground in between Drupal and WordPress.  It isn’t as complicated as Drupal.  However, it has great capabilities for managing complex functionalities for e-Commerce websites, in addition to providing sites with many must-have features straight out-of-the-box.  The following are five excellent reasons why Joomla should be your choice to use on your 7 figure e-Commerce website. Get more info about how you can start your 7 figure eCommerce business using Joomla here: www.7figurecycles.net

Security Is Enhanced

There are built-in secure layers in Joomla that can help to make your 7 figure e-Commerce site invulnerable to various security threats.  Joomla excels, beginning with CSRF protection to prevent other known vulnerabilities.  In addition to that, there are also extensions that can help give your website security a boost.  The extensions enable you to have an extra security barrier using captchas and protect against XSS attacks, SQL injections and more.  Given that sensitive customer information is dealt with by e-Commerce websites on a daily basis, and those features can be very useful when it comes to ensuring that transactions are safe on your 7 figure e-Commerce website. Get more here: https://the7figurecycle.net/

Excellent built-in features

This is the strong selling point for Joomla. It offers a broad range of features that enable you to do practically everything with your store.  It comes with a fine-grained access control list that enables you to manage various customer or user groups easily.  You can sell to both a wholesale merchant and retailer from the same website.  It offers powerful content management that comes with built-in meta-management provides you with great SEO advantage.  External plugins do not have to be relied on since Joomla offers an excellent publishing platform for you to use. It offers powerful content management that comes with built-in meta-management provides you with great Search Engine Optimization advantage…

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Multilingual Capabilities

This is another great benefit.  In the world economy, businesses target customers all over the world.  A multi-lingual store can be easily built compared with other CMS platforms.  Websites can also be hosted in any type due to multilingual support.  There are practically limitless features.

Thousands of Third Party Extensions Are Available

Is a membership feature something you want to add to your website?  Would you like to accept donations?  No problem to either of these.  Do you need to take bookings for events or sell tickets?  You got it.  Joomla has over 8,000+ plugins available that extend your website’s functionality.  The best thing is, many of these extensions are well-supported and free.  Developers constantly bring in new modules and plugins that can it hassle-free and smooth to run an e-Commerce website, especially if you are looking to start a 7 figure online business.

Another thing that we really like about Joomla is that there is a great selection of templates that are available in the marketplace.   They are designed for every possible type of e-Commerce.  You don’t have to pay for all of them, which is the best part.  There are many different incredible free templates if you are on a tight budget.

A friendly, responsive community

You are going to need help while you are in the process of building your website.  Joomla allows you to easily do this.  The Joomla community is a responsive, vibrant group that can help to smoothly accelerate your learning curve.  There are many knowledgeable experts on forums that can offer helpful advice, solutions, and hacks to beginners on how to get their 7 figure eCommerce website on Joomla.  There is a very large community and there is plenty of help available for Joomla related questions.

Get started getting your 7 figure e-Commerce website built using the world’s most-loved CMS. You will find more info about how you can build your own 7 figure online business using Joomla here: http://www.gfkamerica.com/7-figure-cycle-review

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