5 Digital Marketing Mistakes All Companies Should Avoid

If you have a small business (or large) you need to run digital marketing campaigns; it’s as simple and straightforward as that. However, without proper guidance or experience, it’s quite likely that you will end up making mistakes. While nothing can really replace experience, it definitely helps if you know beforehand, which are the common mistakes that people often make while running a digital marketing campaign.

Not Setting Definite Goals

If you are not setting clear goals then your planning is flawed and it’s very likely that the marketing campaign won’t be a success. To avoid this mistake, jot down what your goals are and interconnect them as much as possible by making each objective complement the other. Without definite goals, there is no way to determine essential data like success, failure, progress, etc. If you have goals but you fail to achieve them, it will still give you enough data to work with and devise a better plan the next time around.

Getting on the Hype Train

Now this is a tricky little aspect to deal with because it can be quite hard to differentiate between what’s hype and what’s an upcoming trend. While it isn’t always wise to wait for too long before following a new marketing trend, the ground rule is to give it at least some time. Do not invest in a brand new social media platform or some other emerging marketing methods right away, just because it shows promise. Consider how it can benefit the business which you are involved in and then wait till you are sure.

Marketing to the Wrong Audience

Very few things are worse than employing a well-orchestrated campaign with a very specific target audience, only to realize that your identification of the target audience was wrong to begin with. As this would be a total failure and a complete wastage of every available resource, do your market research well and make sure that your target audience, your products/services and your marketing ploys match perfectly with each other.

Following the Wrong Metrics

When you are using social media, the likes and shares do not matter as much as other more important metrics such as traffic generation, click through rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, cost per lead, ROI, etc. These are the details which will help you identify what is working and what’s not, so pay more heed to the business-centric metrics than anything else.

Trying to Blend In

You don’t want to build and advertise a product or service that the current market has little to no need of at the moment. When your product is something that is in demand but is also being offered by plenty of other rivals, at the very least, you need to stand out in the marketing department. That’s how Apple sets itself apart from an unending number of Android smartphones out there. If you try to blend in by following what everyone else is doing in the field, you will not only blend in, you will become invisible.

Now that we have covered the important basics, it’s time to put what you have learned to the test by designing your next marketing campaign. Do not make the mistake of trying to do everything on your own though. Hire an experienced advertisement agency to aid you in implementing your messages and ideas. You will need the professional resources and guidance if you want to hit a home run from the very first campaign and skip the trial-and-error routine.

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