5 Secrets That Can Help You Gain a Higher SEO Ranking

Before anything else, let me just say that there really is no secret formula that can help your website get a first-page ranking in Google. All the techniques you need to learn are laid out in the open and absolutely anyone can use these to gain more organic traffic. But what many people (entrepreneurs and businesses alike) fail to realize is that SEO entails a lot of hard work and it takes time to achieve your goal. This is why many companies invest in SEO in Montreal. If they do not have the time, the skill or the patience to work on their website’s ranking, they should simply let the pros do it for them.

But if you want to understand how SEO works, then here are a few “secrets” that you really should learn:

  1. Quality over Quantity

Google and other major search engines put a lot of emphasis on user experience and this is why on the first pages of the search results, they only show the most relevant websites. It’s therefore essential that you create valuable content for your target readers. Doing so will not only get Google’s attention, but it will also improve your backlink profile. The better your content, the more websites will link to your pages.

  1. Use Relevant Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Relevant title tags should be found on each page of your website. These tags should be under 55 characters so search engines won’t truncate them. The main purpose of these title tags is to let Google know what information is available on a particular web page. You should use the right keywords and phrases that will match with what your target audience is searching for.

The meta descriptions, on the other hand, will provide readers with info regarding what they should expect to find on that web page. This section will help boost your click-through-rate for that page. Be concise and descriptive, and keep your meta description to 150 characters. It should also include a call-to-action.

  1. Include Structured Data

This helps search engines determine what will appear when someone makes a relevant query. This improves your click-through rate and enables you to stand out from all the rest on the search results page.

4.Use H1 Tags Properly

H1 tags are basically the headline or title of your web page. This helps introduce your page to your audience so it should provide an overview of what the page entails. Include a keyword in your H1 tags and use it only once per page.

  1. Consistency is Key

Because the main objective of Google is to give users a positive experience, they give preference to websites that provide quality and updated content. That means you need to publish content regularly and you need to build links naturally. Building a thousand backlinks in a span of a week and then having zero links the week after would look suspicious to Google.

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