5 Things for Every Business Website in 2019

Can you name at least five basic things your website must have before going live? What are those absolutely required features for any small business platform in 2019?

If you own a business of any type or size you probably already know the importance of having a website to make it grow. No matter, whether you are into online casino Hong Kong business or visual arts industry, you equally need a website to promote your physical company and show what you can do or sell your services online. To become successful in 2019, any website is not an option. In the age of the Internet, the competition is pretty tough. You need the best website. In other words, you need a platform that meets the needs of the age and the customer’s demands.

How to create a perfect online platform?

Things to Include in Your Website

An effective web page is the one that is both appealing to your customers and Internet search engines. Only this way, you can promote and grow your business fast. Liam Ridings an SEO consultant advises that when developing your website, take into account that your website needs to be optimised for Google as well as your potential clients, this means combining SEO and user experience into your web design.

How to achieve that?

  1. Portray yourself properly. Do not think about the company or services you provide without thinking of your target audience first. A strong «About» page is a core of the website. It should be about your client’s perception of you. Write that kind of information that is 100% interesting for your customers only. Keep in mind, many people do not really read those «About» pages anymore. So, you can try a video format instead.
  2. Add plenty of images. Most ranked websites are those with images. Your web page should have at least 6-7 images, filmed by a professional photographer. Quality matters. The better the images are, the higher the number of clients you’ll get. Images keep visitors more engaged. In 2019, it is better to use custom made photographs rather than download stock pictures from the Internet.
  3. Relevant content. Good relevant content of high quality is essential not only for customers but for Google as well. Do not focus on the keywords only. It is one of the biggest mistakes beginners do. Google is moving toward understanding the overall context of what you are writing. So, make sure that everything presented on your web page is 100% relevant. Hire a professional writer.
  4. A call to action. Your website is not only a place to tell about your business. It is a place to give your customers the motivation to book your services or buy your products. Have a clear call to action that is repeated more than once. Give your customers more ways to contact your company by including a call to action word, sentence, or button for a few times at least.
  5. Social media platforms. Let your customers repost the information from your website on different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Never forget to insert social media buttons. This will give you more views without additional expenses. Add a couple of social media icons to each article that you want to have shared. How many share buttons to offer to your customers? It depends. If you know nothing about that, navigate social traffic report in Google Analytics.

An effective website is not about money, but a proper approach only. You can get a nice platform even with a low budget. Just make sure you’ve covered all of those five things we’ve mentioned above.

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