A simple guide on how to start a profitable news website

A fresh news website will not be immediately successful as The Guardian or Forbes, but you need to start somewhere. Learn how to make a news website and keep it credible and profitable.

Tips on how to start a news website

A news website needs a thoughtful approach, just as any other business. These steps might be helpful in the beginning:

  • Decide on the type of content – either it will be a news outlet dedicated to a single topic, such as economy for example, or a bunch of diverse themes, you need to have a clear idea on the news coverage. This will help you to choose your target audience;
  • Hire specialists – in order to provide your readers with the best content, you will need professional writers, photographers, web designers, technical and customers support workers, etc.;
  • Let the people hear about you – by launching a marketing campaign you will attract the readers to your website. Media marketing is the most simple and efficient way to create an image. You can use such outlets as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

How to monetize your website

In order to make profit from your news website you will need some kind of monetization. The most efficient are:

  • Ads – you can use banner ads on your webpages, if the service or product promoted is suitable for your target audience;
  • Paywall – many respectable news companies use paid subscriptions as a way for their audience to gain access to their services. If you will create unique content, the readers might want to support your website financially;
  • Sponsored articles – accept orders for the articles, if they will be useful for your readers.

There are lots of different news websites, but you can be competitive and successful if you will make unique and reliable content.

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