Best 5 Tips To Make Your Website User Friendly

Since 2016, the use of mobile devices to access the internet has surpassed the computers. It comes as no surprise that the mobile phones have become an integral part of our life. This shift has forced business website owners to make their website optimised for mobile devices. If you currently don’t have a mobile version of your website, you may be loosing a huge amount of potential customers. Therefore, here we have presented 5 tips on how to make your business website works well for your mobile users.

#1 Make information easily accessible

Some people don’t mind browsing your website just like they would do on a desktop, but others would want to find information as fast possible. Don’t let your mobile users search here and there for the information they are looking for. Instead, put them somewhere easy to locate. If your prospects are not able to find what they are searching for, it may urge them to leave your website.

#2 Don’t use animation

Can you please make the following changes: Not all mobile devices are optimized to run the animation smoothly. A lot of websites discontinued the use of Flash as it takes a lot of time to load and many devices and browsers are not able to handle it. So, if your website has Flash animation involved, your mobile visitors will be left out. It is best to discard the animation and find a more efficient and responsive design. Speaking of which, There are several online stores available which provide such online services and is an excellent option to find professional and affordable web designers.

#3 Use large size font

It is very difficult to read on the small screen if the fonts are too small. It is advisable to use at least 14px, but however, you can try different sizes and see what size suits the best. It is best to use standard fonts otherwise it may ask your visitor to download the font in order to proceed using the website. Using foreign font may cause your website to bog down, which may drive away your users.

#4 Compress your image size and CSS

What affects the speed of your website the most is the images and CSS. Another good way to boost up the speed of your mobile website is to compress everything that consumes a lot of memory. Compressing your images and CSS won’t affect the quality of what your visitors see on your website, but it will definitely reduce the page load time.

#5 Provide an option to switch to the desktop version

Some of your users may like to see the desktop view of the website rather than the mobile version. That is because they may have gotten more familiar with the desktop view than mobile. Ensure that you provide them with an option to view your website according to their preference.

These amazing tips will surely help you optimise your website for mobile users. Do you have any other tip in mind? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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