Common myths people have about gambling online

You may have heard of online gambling myths. There are countless of them out there and new ones are ‘’created’’ almost daily. But, there are a few more common myths that most people believe are true. Below you can see those myths and actual facts regarding the matter.

Online casinos are not fair sites to gamble

This is actually the most common myth of them all and the one that has been with us for decades. Basically, most people believe that online casinos are rigged. Online casinos will use special games that take your money but do not pay out the winnings. Some even believe that online casinos develop their own games. This is a complete set of mistakes.

First of all, all casino games use Random Number Generator or RNG. This is a piece of software or code if you like that is implemented into all casino games, especially slots. It means that each next combination is completely random. Add the fact there are a billion combinations and you can see that winning while playing slots is moistly about luck.

All games do payout if you win. More on that later. Last but not least, online casinos do not develop games. They use software providers such as Microgaming, NetEent, Evolution Gaming, and many more. In most cases, online casino games are not even located at the online casino. They are located on servers of software developers and gambling sites simply rent them. Don’t forget that most casino games are tested and approved for fairness on a regular basis. This is done by eCORGA or similar companies.

You can make an extremely high profit if you count cards online

Although this was possible in land casinos in the 70s and 80s, it is considered as cheating and casinos do not like it. However, it is still something you can do and in certain cases, you can win real money. Online casinos do not offer this ‘’advantage’’. They use multiple decks and the computer will shuffle the decks after each hand, making card counting impossible.

There are certain gamblers who claim this is possible. Even some, professional gamblers acclaim the same thing. In reality, this is just a myth and you would need an IQ of 260 to successful count cards in any online casino.

Online casinos do not pay winnings

This is another, the very common myth that has been present for decades. Some gamblers believe that online casinos will simply block you if you win big time. This isn’t possible due to two main reasons. First and foremost, if you gamble at a casino with a gambling authority license, such as UKGC for UK players, you are protected. Even if the casino refuses to pay you out, you can use your rights and get the winning. But, that casino will be clocked and his permit will be removed.

Secondly, most casinos will not do this due to the fact if this issue spreads on the web, they will lose hundreds or even thousands of potential gamblers. Due to tough competition, this isn’t something most online casinos are willing to do.

This type of gambling creates more addicts than real-world gambling

If you are one of those who believe online gambling is more addictive than real-world gambling, you are wrong. If a person wants to gamble, he or she can visit a local casino or online gambling site and gamble as much as possible. There are land casinos in every single city around the world, where gambling is permitted.

Online casinos are actually safer for potential addicts. In the UK they use the Gamstop provider. This is an organization that helps gamblers control their addiction. If you create an account there, you will select a specified time frame during which you won’t be able to gamble at casinos members of the Gamstop network. Some examples are 888 Casino, Wink Slots, and many others.

Keep in mind that not all UK casinos are members of this organization. Some casinos such as Fortune Clock Casino, PH Casino, Jackpot Charm Casino among the others are online casinos not registered with Gamstop. Usually, such casinos accept players from many different countries and work under other country licenses.

The bottom line is that online gambling is actually safer and has fewer odds that you become an addict. We hope that land casinos will implement the same protection any time soon.

Slots or other games freeze when you win the jackpot or win multiple times

This is another myth that isn’t common but is present. Slots work like any other game. They need an internet connection to run and when you are offline, they will stop working. There is no link with the fact are you winning or not. If you lose an internet connection, a game will stop.

This is probably an explanation of how this myth originated. All we can add is that slots do not freeze when you win the jackpot. You can see many people who won big amounts of money or won smaller jackpots multiple times and slots paid out every single time. Once again, even if a slot freezes but you have won, be free to contact gambling authority and they will help you get the money. This isn’t something that will happen, regardless of how much time you spend gambling online.

Bonuses are not beneficial

Bonuses are just a promotion or ad casinos use to attract new players. This is a myth and nothing more. Bonuses are actual promotions that are given to new and existing players. You can get a 100% bonus match on the first deposit, free spins and so much more. Keep in mind that an average gambler from the UK spends £2.75 per week. With the bonus, you can get the same amount for free, at a casino with the 100% match bonus.

Bonuses do come with wagering requirements. This is a number of times you must bet before you can withdraw the winnings. On the other side, some casinos offer bonuses without wagering requirements. Don’t forget that you would gamble the bonus and a deposit and play games with or without wagering requirements and bonuses.


Online gambling is already more popular than real-world gambling and the trend is going in one direction only. The explanation lies in the fact this form of gambling is easier, more appealing, and has better odds. Don’t let these and many other myths stop you from pursuing your luck and possibly win millions playing games you like.

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