Dota 2 Heroes

DOTA 2 is one of the most popular MOBA type games. There are many more games you can try out. Check the list of other games and game prices to start playing right now. Regardless of the experience level of the player, choosing to play with a hero in Dota 2 can be a challenge, especially when there is a huge available pool of 117 heroes. We will go over the most important information about the best heroes so that you can help to win the game.

All the heroes in the game are divided into different tiers depending on their characteristics. There is a different role for every hero in the game. At the start of playing Dota 2, beginners might find it difficult to choose a hero for the battle. But it gets better with time and experience. If you are finding it difficult, we got your back.



Alchemist is unanimously considered the most complete hero in the game. Chemical rage and acid spray make it a deadly carrier even in group fights. The cherry on the top of this sign of destruction is a nuclear weapon that stuns for four seconds. With so much money and these kinds of skills, great players can afford all the items that limit opponents, making Alchemist the best in the business at all levels of play.


Lycan is also a very highly rated hero of Dota 2. This possesses the powers of jungling and pushing that make it more lethal in any attack. Lycan also stops enemy carriers with a Howl area of effect that reduces their damage and armor. Meanwhile, a passive buff increases his damage by 42% and his HP regeneration by 8. Again, this is a passive ability. He is amazing.


It is really hard to believe that a city tournament is being held and it does not feature Enigma in a large amount. This assumption is irrespective of who wins the auction. Losing the jungle means the loss of experience and gold. Fortunately, no one combines jungling and ganking like Enigma.

Even those who are smart enough to stay apart become easy fodder for friendly Enigma portages. In short, Enigma is destruction.


The Battle Pass has a lot of additional content to unlock, but each combo reward can never replace Visage’s terrifying presence in the game. He’s a support hero who requires virtually no farm to deliver devastating nukes.

There’s a lot of micromanaging involved with ultimate familiars, but after mastering that, Visage is a staple that solidified into higher levels. Because Visage can defend and heal itself, any team that doesn’t know how to play with Visage will likely bar the hero from holding onto any hope of winning.

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