Exam Writing Tips

Every scholar inevitably has to sit for an exam at some point. Having the knowledge is not all what you should do to pass in an exam. You need to know how to properly put it across to the person who is to mark your paper.

The exam situation may vary from one discipline to another but there are some exam tips from vivaessays.com that can be applied across the board and help boost your grade.

How to Answer Exam Questions

Use Test Papers for Revision

Using past papers as your revision material is one of the most effective ways you can prepare for a test. You can use these questions and by the help of your teacher, learn how to approach exam questions. This way, you will know the answer structure, how much time you should allocate to each question and the points to include in your answer for you to earn marks.

The organizations that assess students should provide online assessments for students use during revision. GoConqr in one most recommended online platform that provides sample questions.

Be Very Keen When Reading Each Question

Being nervous can make you miss the meaning of a question. So, be relaxed before you tackle any question and ensure you understand what is expected of you in the answer. Then plan how you’ll tackle the question before you put down anything. You may scribble some short notes about the topic in context before you answer.

Attempt every question except for an MCQ quiz where you may be required to only attempt the question you are very sure of or else you lose your gained mark.

Keep Watch at the Time Have

Assign some time to every question; if it lapses you should to move on to the next. As you allot this time, remember to leave some time for proofreading your work to ensure you gather as many marks as possible.

Your Answer Should be Well Structured

Planning how to structure your answer saves time especially when answering bulky questions. Always remain within the boundaries of the question to avoid being too outrageous.

Your answer should contain a preliminary section, a main body part consisting of three well explained major points and a wrap up. The conclusion should be quite strong tying everything together including you own opinion concerning the subject.

Discuss the two Ends of the Argument

As you write your answers’ body part, be sure to fully describe then two sides of your argument. This way your answer remains indisputable.  You should always try to be open minded and broad in your thinking.

Do A Thorough Proof Reading of Your Answer Sheet.

One great mistake one can make is submitting your paper having not proofread it. Proofreading helps you spot and correct most mistakes made while writing.


For you to score very well in your exam, you need to know how to tackle questions and present your answers properly. Always be sober before you sit for a paper.

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