Genio – The Ultimate App for Cleaning Businesses

Ultimate App for Cleaning Businesses

Starting a cleaning business can be overwhelming – from what needs to be done from the get-go to how are we going to grow and expand our clientele. Imagine if there was a way of simplifying the process of starting a business but more importantly, if there was a software that provided you with the resources needed to succeed? Genio, is a cleaning service management software that can help take your business to the next level. It has the ability to take the work that is often done manually, such as scheduling and automated the process. Imagine, less time worrying about who is working when and more on focusing on the clients and employees. That is what Genio offers – a house cleaning software for any sized company.

Automation = Simplification

Imagine a cleaning business software that took care of the dirty work so you can focus on the things that matter when operating a business?  Genio offers a cleaning service software free to any budding entrepreneur who is looking to not only take advantage of maximizing their time but more importantly looking to take their company to the next level.

Whether you have a staff of 4 or forty, having a house cleaning software can make the managing and operating of a business easier and efficient.

You may be wondering how this is possible?

Smart Schedule

A smart schedule allows a management team to easily task jobs to their crews but also to engage in communication with them. Doing this means that you and your team will never have to worry about any conflicts but more importantly, Genio offers real-time updates. Have a last minute booking with a client looking for immediate service? Don’t worry because Genio allows you to see who has a free slot for the time needed and reserve the time.

When managing a company, one often overlooks the importance of scheduling – it is almost second nature that we would just assume a regulated and rigid work schedule, but that is far from how the cleaning industry operates. If anything, the cleaning industry operates on spontaneity within the confines of organization and accessibility. Genio has the ability to offer a scheduling software for cleaning services that will remove the reliability on old-fashioned timesheets but more importantly paper work.

Curious to see how your company staff is doing, or maybe how many jobs are happening in a particular area of town?

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Live Map

Plot out hotspots of existing clients to see if there are any potential clients that you and your company have yet to tap in to. Or maybe, you would like to quickly see how your staff is doing with their list of clients – Live Map, offers this service. You can see the rate to which your crews are working but also the locations that you can work on retaining and growing in.

Using a Live Map, means having a cleaning service software that has not only automated and simplified the process of keeping tabs on your crew but it allows you to be connected and informed from a distance.

But, Genio offers much more than just focusing on your crew and staff – it allows for customer management.

Customer Management

If there is anything that Starbucks has taught the business world – it is that everyone looks to make things customized and personable. With this insight, it only makes sense that when your cleaning service company gets a client, one cannot assume that “clean the house” will mean the same thing from client to client. As a result, Genio’s customer management feature allows you and your staff to have pertinent customer information and job details that will assist in providing a top-notch service.

Maybe you client wants only certain things done around the house, or maybe they need you and your staff to come between a certain time in the afternoon – regardless of your client’s needs, with this feature in your cleaning service management software, you will have the ability to real-time send this information out to your cleaning crew and they can be in the know-how of what precautions need to be taken.

Being informed is just as essential as knowing how to do something, which is why one of the great features of Genio is the activity log.

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Activity Log

Unable to finish a job because the customer came home, or maybe something came up unexpectedly and you have to leave. Don’t worry, with the activity log, you can leave detailed information about jobs that need a follow-up, or that had to be rescheduled.

This feature not only enables the crew to stay informed with their colleagues but as a business owner, you have provided your crews and staff with the tool to always be informed but to succeed. With the activity log, you will be informed on when your staff check’s in and out of a job, when there are unavoidable delays or cancellations but more importantly, you can see the feedback of your clients.

Knowledge is Power the information that a company can decipher from the Genio is invaluable but more importantly, the information is something that some companies pay thousands for because they either don’t have the tools to do so or they don’t think their company is able to get this information. The reality is, so long as you are willing to invest in your company, Genio has the tools to provide you with what you and your company needs to succeed. Don’t feel misinformed or that you don’t know what is happening in you company, don’t be held back or mislead in believing that the cleaning industry doesn’t rely on technology and innovation – if anything it is an industry that is looking to always simplify and automate processes without sacrificing quality.

Don’t let the fear of technology, innovation hold you back – embrace a cleaning management software like Genio, and you will see the benefits through your clientele and more importantly in the efficiency and productivity of your staff!

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