How SEO Has Changed Over the Past Few Years

SEO encompasses far more than high quality blog posts and regular website updates, and while there are numerous tactics that can be used to help your site rank high in searches, not all of them are recommended – or even allowed by Google. Below are a few ways in which SEO tactics have changed over the years as well as a few hints to help that come highly recommended by Seologist – all of which have been classified as white hat by Google.

  1. Intent is now everything

Nowadays, it’s not necessary to use an exact keyword in order to offer a relevant search result. While it used to be all about ‘getting the click’ in the past, search engines are now able to see how visitors interact with your website. Are they finding the information or answers they need on your site, or are they clicking back to go and search elsewhere instead? These days, you not only have to ensure that you get the clicks; your site content has to satisfy user intent as well. Providing high quality content will help ensure that you are able to satisfy users and Google.

  1. Keywords are no longer the main focus

Incorporating keywords into headlines is no longer as important as it used to be. Google has become better than ever at interpreting meaning. Previously, anyone who wanted to rank for ‘best sports shop’ would had to have incorporated that particular phrase into their text a few times. However, now, all that needs to be done is to speak about which shops offer the best service and which ones have the best client reviews and Google will be able to pick up on it. In fact, it’s no longer always necessary to even have a keyword mentioned in a site’s Meta description.

  1. Responsive sites are crucial

Before, websites would have had to have had a dedicated mobile version for smartphone and/or tablet users. However, because more users than ever now access the internet by means of these devices, it has become essential to cater for them by means of fully responsive websites – those that can be viewed, accessed and utilized fully on a phone or tablet. And it’s no longer good enough to just offer basic functionality to these users – they need to be able to do everything that desktop or laptop users can do – right down to completing a purchase.

  1. User Experience (UX) is more than just essential

With Google implementing more than 500 algorithm changes each year, it has become more important than ever for website owners to ensure that visitors are able to enjoy the best possible UX. As a result, providing top quality content that is 100% original is essential – regardless of whether it is in the form of text, pictures or video content.

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