How to analyze managed print services

Managed print services is a fully integrated program designed to help organizations streamline their printing fleet. It is made up of elements like document management by experts who analyze your company’s printing needs and usage to identify any optimization opportunities.

What are the benefits of managed print services?

This approach allows you to reduce your printing costs and avoid any device downtime. It also allows you to capitalize on the tools at your disposal so that you can become more productive and efficient in your document management. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Managed Print Services by Kyocera and other similar companies offer the following benefits;

Print fleet management and monitoring

Managed print service providers keep their eye on your devices and how they are performing. By doing this, they can catch errors as soon as they occur and correct them as soon as possible. The ongoing monitoring helps to ensure that your usage is representative of what you paid for and accurate. If things are not going as they should, they can recommend changes.

Employee usage reporting

Managed print services also provide in-depth employee reporting. It helps analyze how much each employee is printing to create a clearer picture of the equipment needs and the protocols that need to be set in place. Such protocols include restricting color for specific departments in the company.

It makes it easy to monthly budget payments

Moving into a Managed Print Service agreement helps you discover ways to save money and have a budgeted line item per month. More often than not, printing goes unaccounted for hence accruing unnecessary costs. Therefore, managing and monitoring the printing tasks can help reduce the costs. For instance, you can develop a plan for your printing infrastructure and ways employees can use them.

It reduces your teams’ workload

By hiring managed print services, your IT and administration staff can focus on more critical tasks. They do not have to worry about print management. This will help them become more productive and reduce the quantity of work.

How to analyze managed print services

The market is packed with a wide range of Managed Print Service companies. Below are some tips for how you should analyze managed print services when selecting the best provider;

Analyze the provider’s needs assessment capabilities

The best MPS providers usually assess your organization’s needs so that they can develop a plan for your print service management. Managed Print Services by Kyocera takes pride in evaluating their clients’ needs and developing efficient strategies.

Evaluate the provider’s range of services

It would also help if you looked into and analyzed all the company’s services and delivery capabilities. It would help if you understood all the individual services so that you can make an informed decision.

Analyze the supported equipment

The equipment used in your company should be the basis when analyzing the supported equipment by various MPS providers. However, you can also choose the safest route by selecting a company that supports a wide range of equipment. Managed Print Services by Kyocera supports a wide range of printing equipment.

Evaluate the provider’s track record

When choosing a service provider of any kind, it is always wise to go for one with a positive track record. You can get this information by going through customer reviews and evaluate what other clients have to say. Doing this will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Analyze the company’s flexibility

A good MPS provider should be flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of your company. The world of technology keeps changing. Therefore, the company should also adapt to the changing times and still provide satisfactory services. It would help if you also analyzed the company’s upscaling and downscaling flexibility. Partnering with such a company will give you stability.

Evaluate the printing security and IT printing architecture support

One of the best things about partnering with an MPS company that they provide printing architecture support services. They monitor the performance of your printing architecture and resolve issues as soon as they occur. Therefore, going for a company without efficient IT printing equipment services would beat the partnership’s purpose. Additionally, printing security is an essential element to consider.

Other things you should do when analyzing managed print services include;

  • Evaluating their program management and staffing services
  • Researching their geographical range and business process optimization and automation services
  • Look into their billing rate
  • Evaluate their existing partnerships

Kyocera offers some of the best managed print services. Its services are also easy to access. All you have to do is request an assessment and partner with the company in developing a plan.

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