How to avoid getting crushed after defending with a weak hand

If you find yourself defending a flop with a weak hand in poker online dominoqq, you probably are confused about what to do next. It is even more pressure when the other players start placing their bets and considerably fill up the pot. If you want to avoid getting crushed, you need to know how to play your weak hand well.

Be Prepared to Fold 

A check-call is not always necessary when defending with a weak hand. In fact, you might find that folding is the best solution in most situations. The decision to fold is really on a case-by-case basis.

No one likes to fold, especially if they made some money on a preflop call. But you can still walk away with some cash if you fold after a preflop call. It is better than risking your money any further with a weak hand.

There is an upside to over folding with a weak hand. It increases the size of the pot and makes the game more competitive. As you gain a stronger competitive range later, you could end up with a bigger chunk of the pot when the game is finally over.

Don’t Bluff Too Much

When there are a lot of draws in your range, try not to bluff too much. Over-bluffing happens quite often when a lot of draws and betting are taking place. One of the other players could exploit the situation and gain the upper hand.

Of course, you don’t want to fold on every draw, either. The best thing to do is to bet on some of the draws only. Keep a balance between your betting and folding to avoid over bluffing.

Wait for a Range Advantage

When a player has more equity in their range than most other players, they have a range advantage. If you find your range advantage to be big enough, you can use your range to lead small for the pot if the bottom card or middle card is paired on that turn.

The other players won’t check back if your lead is small. They won’t even have an idea of the hand’s equity realization if they fold on it. But you have to play your lead small enough to do this right.

Protect Your Ranges

When you have stronger hands on the flop, do some check calling and slow playing to increase your range’s strength. By the time the last card gets dealt, you will have a competitive advantage over the other players.

The pot is at its largest by the time the last card gets dealt. It is very tempting to fold on the river (which is the last card dealt). If you make several folds at this point in the game, you should do more call downs if you have a top pair in your hand. But if you still have a weaker hand at the river, it is best to fold and save yourself.

Final Tips 

Defending a weak hand is never easy. If you can earn some money from the flop, folding is often the best thing. When you have strong hands, then slow play to protect your range.

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