How To Design Your Website To Maximize Traffic Attraction And Retention

Designing your website might seem like a matter of taste, but this is simply not the case if your end goal is to get as many visitors to your site as possible. You have to design your site with purpose, taking your intent into consideration as far as what you want to achieve goes.

If you want to maximize the number of internet users coming to your website that will actually stick around, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Oddly enough, many of these points for consideration can actually be thought of as fairly obvious once you think about it.

Easy On The Eyes

No one likes to visit a website that just screams clutter and horrible color palettes. This is supposed to be obvious, at this point, but far too many people seem to still create websites that bombard the eyes with far too much information. Not much can save you from that unless you actually redesign the whole thing, not even if you buy targeted traffic by the truckload.

What you really want to do in order to increase user engagement and retention is to give them a simple enough layout and design that they can take in at once without trouble. This means that in the one or two seconds they arrive at your site, they’ll already have some idea as to what it’s all about.

Efficient Navigation

Once you’ve convinced your visitors to actually stick around, you’ll want to give them an easy way to navigate your site. This means that every page must be clearly positioned on the menu in such a way that it’s intuitive to the users. If they are looking for a particular page, for example, they shouldn’t have to work too hard to actually find it.

This means your blog section should be prominently positioned right at the top. The same goes for your shop, services, about us, and so on. Getting quality web traffic becomes much easier if you remove all of the obstacles blocking your users from fully experiencing your site.

Obvious CTA

Just as you want to make it as easy as possible for your users to get around your domain, you’ll also want to do the same in leading them to your call to action. This means big, bold, and blinking buttons that practically scream “Click Me!”

Without obvious CTAs, some users are not going to be able to actually find what you are trying to sell them. It’s just a matter of fact that not all internet surfers are tech savvy. As such, they’ll need as much help as you can possibly give them.

Clear Content Structure

In case you are following some sort of content marketing strategy that involves producing high-quality articles or media, you’ll want to focus on the structure. Keep it clear, uniform, and consistent all through your site. This means that the fonts must be the same, spaces need to be systemized, and categorizations must make sense.

A lot of users can be incredibly neurotic when it comes to these elements. If they see one discrepancy, they lose motivation to read further and would simply leave your site.

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