How to find your dream corporate video production company

It’s easy to find a company that produces corporate videos, but the trick is to find one that does it well. The downfall of most pieces of communication is overloading the recipient of the message with information and communicating it in a way that is not relevant to the audience. The modern audience demands engaging and high-quality content to draw them in effectively, and to get them to engage with the brand.

Get your references in order

Before committing toa partnership with any video production company, make sure you have taken enough time to thoroughly go through their showreels. It’s quite simple – if the videos on their showreel make you feel a connection to the brands in those videos, they have done a good job!

5 tips to guide your selection process 

Investigate the work they did before, and what styles they are capable of delivering.

If you want to see your future, look at their past!

Check references and contact them if you prefer. This can help you sidestep a multitude of potential problems, such as conflict, gaps in communication, and even plagiarism. 

Check their response time. If a company does not revert to you about a query within 24 hours, chances are that they are spread too thinly, and might not be able to deliver on the quality you are after. 

Are they upfront about their pricing structure? In general, costs and pricing should be indicated on the company website. Take care that you are not being done in by people who deliver quotes only to check your budget! 

Talk to them. Nothing substitutes for the human touch. A person to person discussion will quickly make it clear whether they understand your brief, have capacity to handle it, and whether they understand the role of the marketing video in the greater marketing food chain.

Understand that your video talks on your behalf 

For this very simple reason, you will have a far easier and more effective time putting your messaging together if your corporate video production company has the same ethics and values as your company.  It is easier to elaborate on philosophy or communicate a corporate viewpoint if you come from a similar point of departure.

The choice of talent that you choose to do the communication work in your video is one of the most difficult decisions in the process. Find a company that is willing to collaborate with you on this choice, and who will be able to convert your requests into something unique and interesting.

Although it may seem at the outset like an expensive choice, going straight for the large production companies and video houses can be a good way to ensure the process runs speedily. Because these companies have the infrastructure and equipment to get the job done quickly, many people op for this. However, the benefit of a smaller company is the personal touch, so make sure you know what route you would prefer to take.

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