How To Get Your First IT Job

Most people already know how tough it is to land great jobs in the IT industry. You can find discouraging statistics about the topic on various different sites. If you want to do all you can in order to land your dream career in IT, the idea is to get experience, improve your skills, and keep your eye out for opportunities to help you succeed and build on your skillset.

There are many job search strategies, but the following tips will greatly increase your chances of landing your first IT job.

Start At The Bottom

Even if you know a lot about the work you really want, there is a pretty good possibility you will have to start right from the bottom. It is hard to start as system or network administrators and can be pretty difficult to find jobs in call centers or in a help desk establishment. Working hard and climbing your ladder is going to be the secret to success. Be sure you always focus on starting from the bottom  especially if you have no experience. This helps you to save time and get the best possible job for you to eventually reach your career goals.

The Reality Of Education In IT

All specialists agree the best way to look at finding jobs and climbing career ladders in the IT industry has to start with getting the first job, gaining on-the-job training, and then pursuing certifications. If you have high-level certifications like MCTS or CCNA and your experience is zero, you’ll still have difficulty finding an ideal position. That’s because employers always prefer candidates with actual experience over those with a lot of education but no workforce experience.

There are many certification options available for the beginners. However, they are so much better after you’ve gotten your feet wet in an actual IT job. Focus on that first job, then find ways to add to your education.

College Degrees Versus Certification

In IT, sometimes it’s better to have your college degree instead of a long list of certifications. This is something that is of importance for all high level jobs, not just for that very first job. A college degree proves you can work hard toward a long-term goal and achieve it. A college degree also shows you have a broad range of skills which can be applied to any job, and which are helpful in the tech world as well.

Being Dedicated

The truth is everyone has problems getting their very first job, even when there is a clear need for IT specialists. To be competitive, use all the resources available to you to land that first job. You have to work hard when you land your job and work harder until you get hired. When you put in the effort and go through the process, no matter how frustrating it may seem, better IT jobs in the future will be a lot easier to get.


On the whole, the most important thing at the end of the day in the IT industry is experience. You need to be sure you get as much on-the-job training as possible, and you almost always have to start with entry level jobs. This is what helps you get on a lucrative and rewarding good path, one that will lead to IT career success.

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