How To Market Your Software As a Service

No matter your industry or your niche, marketing is tough. Really tough in fact, but SaaS marketing can prove particularly challenging. There are quite a few reasons these challenges exist. First, the competition is immense. These products are often complex, and all too often people are putting the emphasis on the features and not the benefits in this area of marketing.

While SaaS companies might offer innovative products, they’re not necessarily implementing marketing that keeps pace with the modern element of their business.

So how can you market your SaaS company or product?

Use an Explainer Video

One of the best things you can do in SaaS marketing is making sure your potential customers are clear on what it is you do, and a great way to do that is with a whiteboard explainer video. Even in a B2B environment where your targeted audience is knowledgeable, it can be tough for them to take the lists of features you’re providing and know how that will apply to their business, so take the guesswork out of it for them.

Use an explainer video to present the problems your audience likely has, and then highlight how you solve them with your SaaS platform. Your audience shouldn’t have to connect the dots.

Emphasize Service

When you’re a SaaS company, you’re going to have to accept the fact that there are probably other people out there offering many if not all of the same things you are. It’s tough to be the only one at anything in today’s competitive marketplace.

What you do have to offer that’s different, however, is yourself and your team that will provide the service.

In your marketing, rather than focusing entirely on the software element, work on incorporating the service as well.

Provide Feedback from Experts and Customers

Another way you can set yourself apart and break through the noise of the SaaS marketplace is by providing potential customers with feedback from the people who know best, including experts in your industry as well as real customers who have used your products.

It’s important to focus your marketing on third-party input as well as things like case studies. Your audience is going to want to see proof, and they’re going to be discerning. A SaaS audience is usually pretty astute, so give them high-quality marketing packed with facts.


For SaaS businesses, new customer acquisition is important but perhaps even more important are your existing customers. Customer retention is necessary, and the majority of your revenue is going to come from your current customers in the future. You need to make sure your marketing is taking the importance of this into account.

Look at analytics here such as lifetime value and include this in your marketing strategies.

Finally, it’s also important that you’re an authority, so make this happen by being a provider of information. Put the idea of selling your product behind the priority of being an organization that delivers information to your audience. Then, you can build the audience around their following of that information.

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