How To Play Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape is a very classic game from many years ago. Filled with many skills to train and adventures to go on, many players have difficulty actually progressing in the game after they are placed on the mainland from Tutorial island as there is not a lot of further guidance on what to do and where to go. It can all seem quite scary at first.

Which skill are you supposed to train? How do you make OSRS gold? This guide will provide you with ways that you can do to play Old school Runescape and earn more gold.

Training your skills

If you select the skills tab in the game, you will see many skills to train. Each has its own benefits of training and will assist strengthen your character in various ways. For example, the Attack skill will determine how accurate and often you hit a monster, this is a very good skill to train. It can be done by simply attacking monsters. A couple of good monsters to kill at lower levels would be Chickens, Cows, Goblins, or anything located around Lumbridge. This is because they have a very low defence so they can be killed very easily.

The mining skill is an example of a passive skill you can train, which does not affect how you deal or take damage with others. It is simply a skill you can train in order to make some money or train it just for the sake of it.

Old School Runescape has a very useful in-game guide system. To access this, you can select your skills tab then click on the skill you want to find out more about. This will display a list of all the activities you can do within the chosen skill. Use these guides if you wish to further progress into the game and level up your skills

Making money

One of the biggest questions in Old school Runescape is “How do I make money in the game?”. This question is mainly asked by new players as the tutorial does not actually teach you how to make good money in the game.

As you are starting out, you should focus on just training your skills and money will naturally come to you. For example, if you are training the woodcutting skill, you should deposit your logs at the bank and sell them at the Grand exchange once you have stocked up quite a lot.

You could also train your combat skills (Attack, Strength, Defence, Range, Mage) to fight against certain bosses that can provide you with a lot of cash. Vorkath or Zulrah are some examples of bosses that many players slay to make good money from it.

Overall, the money will naturally come to you as you play the game and just have fun. Training skills will especially provide you with a flow of income the longer you train them.

We highly advise that you start training high-value skills like mining and runecrafting if you want to make more gold consistently. You can check out our OSRS mining guide for the best tips and strategies in leveling up this RuneScape skill.

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