How to Properly Design Your Website’s Homepage

Never underestimate the importance of making a good first impression. Instinctively we all know this. When we go for a job interview, we make sure that we look presentable. The salesperson ensures he or she is not just smooth with words, but looks credible and tries to build a bond of trust. The mechanic wants you to know what they are talking about and show they are an expert in the field.

Your website should do the same thing; it’s important for the whole – and crucial for the homepage. You need to put your best foot forward, and this means you have to impress the visitors of your website. But how exactly do you do that? Here’s how to properly design your website’s homepage.

Look great

The visual aspect is incredibly important – just like a sales person, a job applicant, or a politician, you want to put your best foot forward, and first impressions matter a lot. Ensure you have great visuals, engaging images and text, and that your colour scheme appeals to your target demographic. Make it clear, organised, and visually appealing. This goes for all your pages, but especially your homepage.

Talk about value

Come straight to the point, and don’t dilly-dally; tell your visitors exactly what you are about from the start and what value you have to offer to them. It may seem like a normal, obvious thing to do, but we often see too many websites that lose their audience simply because they seem to be afraid of being straightforward and clear with their purpose.

Go social

Social media has become a very powerful tool, so give your visitors the chance to follow you on FaceBook, Twitter, and all other social media outlets you are active on. This is an excellent opportunity to create a loyal customer base, advises the affordable web design Bristol professionals from It’seeze Websites.

Easy navigation

Can you imagine your first-time visitor trying to navigate your website having trouble and becoming confused? This will not do. Make it easy, straightforward, and intuitive.


Instill a sense of trust. This can be done in many ways (via testimonials, partnering with other reliable websites, providing plenty of contact details, online support, and so on). Credibility is essential. You need to look professional and trustworthy.

One more thing should be kept in mind: your blogs are important, as they are a link to your reader and your website. This means the blog has to be relevant to the concerns of your ideal consumer, but it also means you have the perfect opportunity to hook readers. Ask visitors to submit their email address to give them regular updates. Give them a chance to interact by speaking to a representative who’s online right now. Give your visitors the chance to get to know you; that’s how a customer base is built.

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