How to recognize abusive relationships: five signs

recognize abusive relationships

What is abuse and, namely, abusive relationships? Today we hear it on every street corner. TV, Internet, streaming platforms – they all warn us from this kind of romance that, in fact, has absolutely nothing to do with love.

Do you know that more than 75% of people worldwide have, at least once, suffered from mistreatment from the partner’s side? The number is genuinely impressive, and it means that even gorgeous ladies from the website also have such an experience. In other words, no matter how good-looking, brilliant, and educated you are – there is a high chance to face the abuse. Today we will talk about the psychological type of it. In that case, the violence is expressed through emotional or psychological pressure, intimidation, manipulation. Such experience is not less traumatic than physical pain.

Quite often, victims plunge into the cycle of abuse slowly. They simply don’t know their self-esteem disappears, together with personal boundaries, by the way. What is even more horrible: such a person usually doesn’t realize he has been abused! For this reason, we have prepared five of the most apparent signs your partner is mistreating you. Read them carefully and cross-check with your relationship.


Yes, don’t be surprised to hear that – but an abusive partner idealizes his victim at the beginning of the relationship. It’s just a trap, though. The sufferer later will be willing to do anything to match this perfect image wonderfully created for her. Even if it causes psychological and physical damage – no matter how horrible it sounds. However, everyone knows it’s impossible to be perfect, and the victim, sooner or later, starts realizing it too. Then, she begins to feel shame, fear, and a lack of self-esteem (accurately what the abuser wants).


If the partner monitors every step you make; and doesn’t allow you to make decisions on your own: it’s a warning sign. In some cases, the abuser starts controlling clothing, behavior, hobbies, work, and even the social circle of his victim. The goal of such a person is to infantilize his partner and impose his opinion as a key one.


It’s hard to argue that certain jealousy is absolutely normal. This feeling indicates that you are sincere in your emotions. On the other hand, as soon as your partner starts limiting your freedom – run away. He might also try to change your lifestyle in accordance with his worries. This is a clear sign of abuse which is incompatible with the concept of a healthy relationship. Since partners in a couple are not each other’s property: either you two build trust, or you break up.

Double standards

If your partner is allowed to do something that you, in his opinion, should never do – run away from him as soon as you can. For example, the abuser can party hard at night with his friends while it is not allowed to his victim.


A typical abuser loves to lay blame for his behavior onto the victim. He claims that the partner provoked him and forced him to do one thing or another. In this way, he makes the victim responsible for all his failures.

Once again, we want to say that psychological abuse causes serious damage to the psychological state of its victim. It includes a constant feeling of fear, shame, guilt, which often does not allow the sufferer to get out of this situation himself. It is, therefore, critical to recognize abuse in time and break up such a relationship. If you find yourself in an abusive relationship – do not be afraid to seek help from loved ones! Professional psychological guidance is not less significant.

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