How To Use Content Marketing Effectively in The Digital Age

For many, the prospect of using digital marketing as their main form of advertising is a daunting concept. Although a recent phenomenon, the growth in online marketing methods has increased dramatically in the past few years, and will only continue to do so.

We have put together a few tips on how you can get your business moving more towards digital, and how it can help to improve the overall performance of your business using online content

  1. Compelling content is vital for online marketing. Your content will have the attention of your readers for no longer than 5 seconds, before they decide to move on to the next article on their Facebook newsfeed. No content is unique, you are in competition with every piece of writing out there so you must ensure yours is well written, engaging, informative and short and relevant to what you want to achieve. Not only does this count for blogs, but every update on your social media channels will need to follow this too. Your company needs a strong voice to stand out from the crowds.
  2. Timing is key to gaining the most views and responses to your online content as possible. Conducting research into when your target audience are more likely to be engaging in social posts and reading blogs is useful in ensuring you gain the most out of the content you create, and the maximum number of potential customers available will see your posts.
  3. Engage with your customers online, react and respond to their comments and questions to show you are active. Don’t forget to share their content as well on platforms such as twitter, and to react and comment on their posts- it’s a two-way process in building up a relationship with customers. Use events and news to inspire your content, and to encourage.

Finally, you need to be committed. You must be posting and engaging in social media every day, and uploading blog posts to your website at least once a week, with plenty of keywords linking back to your website to help build your reputation of being a trustworthy, knowledgeable company with a sophisticated online marketing strategy.

It can be tricky to manage all of the different online advertising platforms available, especially for smaller businesses who perhaps lack the funding or staff available to take charge and manage the amount of content and the quality of production. SeeLocal is a local online advertising platform that allows businesses of any size to manage multiple online advertising providers through one easy to use platform, with the focus on targeting local customers.

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