How to Write a Unique Article?

If you want to know how to write a unique article, then you are surely in the right place because today we are going to tell you about the best tool on the internet that can help you in maintaining the uniqueness of your article! In this three-minute article, you will learn a lot about plagiarism checking and how you can use this tool to make your article unique! We will like you guys to read this article till the end so that you can know how to simply utilize the tool when you start using it!

Now first of all before telling you about the tool we will like you guys to know that writing unique content is very much important especially if you are in the content writing business or also when you are in your student life! You should know that nowadays the rules and regulations related to plagiarism have become very much strict and you can’t just possibly risk submitting an article without checking it for plagiarism! You can face a lot of negative consequences and penalties if your content is accused of having plagiarism in it! If you don’t want to get into trouble, then you should probably start reading the details of the top copyright checker on the internet!

Write A Unique Article with The Help of SmallSEOtools!

Now the tool that we are going to discuss today in detail belongs to the famous website better known as SmallSEOtools! Now the small SEO tools is a platform that is capable of providing you with the best solutions for every problem related to the web and especially content and search engine optimization! We would like you guys to know that with the help of the free plagiarism checker by small SEO tools you can easily check for plagiarism in your content and not only check it but can remove it and rewrite the content if you find any! Now many people are confused about the use of the website plagiarism checkers. You just have to click on this link thus the page for plagiarism checker will be opened.

  • First of all, you have to begin with a very simple step, and that is to register yourself with the website for your own security!
  • Now that you have logged in with your account you should know that you will get free and unlimited services!
  • When you open up the tool, you will see a very simple interface of the essay checker tool which will mainly contain a text box and a few buttons and icons!
  • Now in the text box, you have to write the text or paste it after cutting it! You can also upload the documents as a whole using the upload icons below this text box!
  • Make sure that your input text does not exceed the 1000 words limit!
  • After entering the input, you have to simply click on the check for plagiarism button, and the tool will easily detect plagiarism within seconds!

You see the use of the tool is very much easy and you can easily do a lot more with the help of this tool once you read about its special features!

Special Features of the Check for Plagiarism Tool by SmallSEOtools.Com

Now here we have listed top-quality features of the plagiarism checker which makes it the best tool for checking for plagiarism on the internet these days! Read them carefully and till the end so that you can utilize the tool in the best ways possible!

  • This tool has more than billions of web pages which are also updated on a daily basis so that your content is checked with fresh content!
  • You guys should know that this tool uses artificial intelligence to check for plagiarism! Now, this feature of this tool helps it to detect plagiarism even in the smallest sets of words! This feature of the tool actually splits your text into phrases of mere four to seven words which are then compared and checked individually!
  • The automatic rewriting feature of the tool is also known to be a unique masterpiece! We would like you guys to know that if your content is detected to have plagiarism in it, then you can also use this feature of this tool to rephrase the content in the most unique and same manner!
  • This tool can easily accept multiple formats of your document!
  • This tool can understand multiple languages!
  • This tool has the best reporting features, with the help of this tool you can easily get a detailed report regarding the authenticity of your content plus you should know that this tool can easily highlight your content in red and green on the basis of uniqueness and plagiarism!
  • We will like you guys to know that with the help of this tool you can easily specify the URLs which you want to check for plagiarism and you can also exclude those that you don’t want to compare your content with!


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