Important Features of an Email Verification Service

One of the best ways to promote a business on a digital platform is through email marketing. This form of marketing enables you to connect with your clients directly, but as with any other method, there are some disadvantages associated with email marketing as well. There are times when you send out an email, only to find out that it wasn’t delivered. If this happens frequently i.e. the bounce rate is very high, it can have an impact on your reputation and can also get you blacklisted by ISPs. Why does this happen? This typically happens when a business’s contact database becomes obsolete.

There is a possibility that your clients changed email addresses, switched jobs or may have unsubscribed from a mailing list. This is where an email verification service can be immensely helpful as it can ensure the deliverability of the email addresses you have accumulated. Here are some important features of an email verification service:

  • Efficiency

It is not possible to confirm the validity of an email address with a single look. However, email verification service is basically a software that takes only a few seconds to determine an email address’s validity and can give you accurate results. A good email verification service automatically deletes all duplicate and irrelevant email addresses.

  • Notifications

A high-quality email verification service is programmed to send timely notifications of any changes and also provides you with delivery reports. This aids you in ensuring that your emails are delivered to the right address. In addition, it is a great way of reducing the number of expired emails and this can help the business in developing a great reputation.

  • Reliable

One of the most notable features of a good email verification service is its reliability. When a business’s email list is growing rapidly, it needs the service to verify the addresses are reliable and they want one that can give quick and accurate results simultaneously. The use of a reliable service can also raise the business’s performance as the emails are delivered to the target audience and provide the desired results.

  • Affordable

A great email verification service is easy to install and also quite affordable. There are a number of such services available today and they offer various packages to their clientele. But, the pricing can vary, depending on the number of addresses they can verify. Monthly packages are typically a good choice for every business as they reduce the hassle of paying on a daily basis.

  • Burden

Ability to handle a huge list of email addresses without any impact on the accuracy of results is another prominent feature of an email verification service. A good one should be able to handle your growing email list competently and should not make any mistakes that can have a negative impact on your business’s reputation.

If you are searching for an email verification service, you can look for the features outlined above to make the right decision for your business needs.

Email verifier platforms let you save money. For this, choose yearly subscription plan which nearly always goes with discounts.

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