Is Learning about Ruby on Rails Difficult?

According to several studies and research, ruby on rails is one of the most widely used modern web applications among web developers today. It was found out that most developers consider Ruby, a programming language, as fun to work with. It is because Ruby is a high-level language, meaning it abstracts away most of the details that are complicated. That is why it has been taken into account as a language fit for beginners and intermediate code learners. Furthermore, most of the biggest websites are made with Ruby on Rails. Conversely, there are also several people who believe that learning ruby on rails is hard.

Is learning the web application really hard?

 The Level of Difficulty

To regard a subject as easy or hard generally characterizes familiarity. According to most ruby_on_rails_developers, learning the web application can be easy if you have a lot of knowledge and understanding about it. On the other hand, it is hard if you lack the knowledge, skill, and experience needed for its application. Since it contains various independent concept and requires a level of comprehension, learning ruby on rails can be daunting.

Fortunately, the competencies associated with ruby on rails can be developed correspondingly and independently. For instance, you can learn how to use a version control system known as Git while being in the process of learning the command line. You can also learn setting out a basic rail app even without having a full understanding on all of the testing framework alternatives.

In simpler terms, any skill that you developed accompanying the Ruby programming language can increase your efficiency and understanding on rails.

The Most Effective Way to Learn

Learning is the foundation that backs up the skills of a rails developer. Through it, the competencies of the web application can be best explored. In order for you to know the most effective way to learn ruby on rails, experts suggest that you must first be able to recognize the style of learning that fits you best.

According to some research, most of the rails developers have picked up their skills generally by watching a screencast or reading books for rails. Screencasts and books provide different kinds of tutorials. A screencast allows you to view a collection of video and documentation tutorials for accomplishing the functional concepts of rails. On the other hand, books provide a detailed information on learning web development.

Another method includes working through exercises on the Ruby programming language. Interacting with the language a couple of times have proved to be a solid base for some developers. Once you have gotten familiar with the language, spending some time to program and build an invoice application can prove to be a great practice for you.  Hands-on learning is effective to practical learners.

Each person has different ways of learning things.  Whatever learning style you deem fit, you have to stick to it as long as you have seen the improvement.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to the common misconception that ruby on rails is hard to learn, it is actually one of the easiest and most fun open-source software products present today. While it may appear to be intimidating, it would eventually become easier and simpler once you begin to understand the basics.

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