Maintaining Your Computer

The modern computer system has become an integral part of our lives in today’s day and age. Computers have come to take over all the menial tasks that would otherwise take us obscene amounts of time to complete, such as doing calculations, taxes, and much more. They have also ushered us into a new age of entertainment, whether it’s playing your favourite computer games or watching the latest series; computers can do it all.

Our powerful computers aren’t without limits, however, and much like our bodies, they require care and maintenance so that they always stay at their peak. Before you go out and empty your bank account paying a repairman to fix up your machine, learn some of the tips and tricks you can easily perform at home to keep your computer running like it was brand new.

Cases – Keeping it All Together

Computer cases, also known as chassis, are the skin and bones of a computer system. They provide the space and means for all the important components to sit comfortably, while also making sure that these components are protected from the elements. Cases are designed intelligently – with each one being made to not just give a home to all the parts that keep the computer running, but also to ensure that there is enough airflow to keep everything running smoothly.

Like the human body, computers work best at certain temperatures, and this is where cases play a big part. To keep your computer running happily, try and keep the case in a cool, dark room, away from any moisture and direct sunlight. Always make sure to never cover the case in a blanket or anything that can inhibit the vents from moving air in and out of the computer. Your computer needs to breathe, and a well-ventilated case is its only means of doing so, otherwise it may overheat at a crucial moment, like when you’re checking the latest NRL Premiership odds.

Dust Is The Enemy

While having the vents on a case is vitally important, this can also create its own problem: dust. Many modern cases have special intake fans on the front that draw cool air into the system, and while plenty come with dust filters, there will always be dust getting into the system and covering the components. Dust provides no benefits to anyone, but it does make an incredibly effective insulator, which means it traps heat very easily.

When your components start being covered in dust, they are also unable to effectively transfer heat away, meaning they simply get hotter over time, and any technician can tell you the heat is one of the main reasons for component failure. There is a simple and easy way to deal with this, however, and that is by going out and buying a cheap air dust. Air dusters are cans of compressed air, and while they don’t last forever, they are the perfect means of cleaning a computer without too much effort.

With air duster in hand, take off the access panel of your computer case, and give everything inside a liberal spray of air to move all the dust away. Always make sure that your computer is turned off and unplugged before doing so.

Keep It Clean

Computers can be scary to some people due to their complexity, and that may dissuade most from attempting to clean them. But keeping the case well-ventilated and making sure the insides are always dust-free can save you time and money, and keep your machine happy.

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