Marketing Your Niche Wedding Business

Wedding businesses are abundant, and if you want yours to stand out from the competition, it is important that you find a way to set yourself apart. While having a unique idea is part of that, differentiating yourself long term means that you must establish a brand that people recognize, a product people understand, and a company that people can trust. As always, it’s a good idea to contact a lawyer like Aaron Kelly to ensure all of your startup legalities and logistics are in order, and then follow these tips for marketing your niche wedding business.

Sell a unique product. Keep in mind that unique does not mean it is completely different. In the wedding industry, small changes to a product can mean big business. Every bride, for example, will need wedding invitations, so the product itself is not necessarily “different.” But embellishing a paper product or finding ways to customize or personalize a standard invite might make your invitation stand out and attract a specific demographic. Perhaps you want to specialize in invitations that are specific to holiday weddings. Or maybe you want to focus on blended families or same-sex unions. Perhaps you want to explore watercolor-inspired invitations or geometric design programs for the minimalist bride. Target your consumer base and start from there.

As a smaller niche wedding business, you will be better able to respond quickly to the dynamics of an entrepreneurial venture. Because you carry smaller inventory and have fewer marketing commitments, you will be able to add new products, respond to customer preferences, and experiment with various marketing techniques. It will also allow you to shift your pricing structures, if necessary, and develop incentive programs that will entice your loyal customer base. These are things that larger companies cannot do as easily or quickly.

Sell your story and yourself. Part of what makes your company unique is you. Your company’s mission and vision start with your backstory. How did you get started in your niche wedding business? Where did your idea come from? What do you hope to do as part of the process of opening your business? Your face and your name are key aspects of drawing your consumers in. As a result of their interest in you and your story, they will learn about your product.

Wedding businesses are special in that engaged couples are trusting you with the single most important day of their lives. Whether they are allowing you to capture special moments in wedding videography or counting on you to spin the tunes that tell their special story during the reception, brides and grooms choose vendors that they trust.

It’s important that you find a way to connect with your customers and help them see your company as more than just a business and your product as more than just something to purchase. This means your website should include an about us page, testimonials from satisfied customers, wedding blog posts, links to associated products like wedding dresses and interesting wedding content. All of these help potential consumers understand how much you value their wedding day.

Offer the best in customer service. Speaking of valuing the wedding day of your consumers, nothing says “I care” like providing excellent customer service, especially in the event and wedding planning industry. Develop a user-friendly website replete with interesting content, and be sure to have an easy-to-navigate checkout process complete with plenty of payment platform options. Provide an idea shopping experience by using high-definition stock images or take beautifully composed photographs of your niche wedding products.

For most consumers, the experience of buying, especially online, includes more than just getting the best price. Your niche company is in an excellent position to provide consumers with that experience. Customer service is more than just being nice. Customer service means that you are responsive to consumer suggestions, comments, and interests. It means going out of your way to be helpful, even if that means it will take a substantial amount of time. This might include producing videos about how to use your product or developing a line of specialty products for a specific demographic. It also means responding to criticism in a mature way.

Developing a niche wedding business can be a pleasurable and profitable business endeavor. With the right idea, a positive attitude, and some hard work, you can be a wedding business entrepreneur in no time!

What are some niche wedding businesses you’ve found interesting? What drew you to their product and their site? Feel free to comment below.

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