Mobile Casino or App: What’s Better for the Player?

Gone are the days of desktop computers and even laptops; the entire World Wide Web has made itself comfortable in one’s pocket. Even the most popular online casino site is going to lose its players these days if it doesn’t offer them a mobile application to install on their smartphones. What is it that makes mobile gambling so attractive, and is it really better than playing the game at the table?

The Pros of Mobile Casino Applications

The invention of a new language called HTML5 in 2008 has made it possible to create software applications suitable for smartphones and other mobile devices. By 2013, more than 100 online casinos, including most of the big gambling operators, had gone mobile. Gambling is now possible from a Windows, IOS, Blackberry or Android device in your hand.

Freedom of Location

Online casinos once made it possible for you to gamble in the comfort of your home. You no longer had to be near a physical venue and wait for it to open. Mobile applications have made one step further: you don’t even have to be at home or in your office anymore. Since the game is now on your mobile device, you may play it on the train on your way home, when you are waiting for your order in a restaurant or enjoying a good weather in the park.

Time Saving

The opportunity to gamble from any location helps you save a lot of time too. You can play while being engaged in some other activity, ocassionally checking how the game is going on. And unlike desktop casinos, mobile applications don’t require logging in every time.

High Security

With the latest and most advanced encryption technology, mobile casinos offer you better protection of your personal identity, banking details and other sensitive information. You can check the UK’s best examples of these casinos not on GamStop here.

Better Variety and Promos

Mobile applications enable players to choose from an infinite number of gambling platforms. As a result, casinos now have to exert a lot more effort in order to attract and retain their players. The way they try to win the competion with each other is by offering increasingly better variety of games as well as higher bonuses and promos, like free spins, welcome and deposit bonuses, higher jackpots and many others.
The Cons of Mobile Casino Applications

However, there are some disadvantages of casino apps as well, mainly due to the relative novelty of mobile technology. Free demos are not available for mobile devices as yet, for example, and the number of games is quite limited too. So if you want access to the full menu, the desktop is still a must.

Another downside of mobile gambling deserves special attention. Due to its 24/7 availability, the player runs the risk of ending up in a 24/7 game, having neither time nor inclination for anything else in life.

Recent advances in mobile technology seem to have brought casino applications to the cutting edge of gambling industry. The functional options and the convenience they offer are quite impressive already, and they keep on getting better still. With the current pace of development, there may soon be no need for a desktop anymore.

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