Mobile Casino technologies

The mobile casino is one of the greatest innovations in the online gambling industry. With the introduction of the mobile casino players were no longer confined to their computer and their house. This really captured the meaning of online gambling and playing on the go. In the past in order to play at an online casino you would have to download their software on your computer or play directly on the casino website from your browser.

But as technology in the world advanced the need for playing games on the go arose. This was not an easy task to do, but after some hard work and futuristic thinking the mobile casino concept was introduced on the market. The mobile casino became an instant hit among online players and today the revenue from mobile gambling surpassed the one from the PC version.

How it all happened?

The need for the mobile casino came with the development of mobile phones and the internet. Since access to data became fairly easy and new mobile phones came with powerful specs it paved the way for the mobile casino to be born. The main problem the designers faced was that all casino games required a flash player in order for them to run. Even though there were ways to work around this on Android, iOS devices were fully excluded from playing the casino games.

The designers tackled this problem and came up with an ingenious solution. They decided to use the latest HTML5 protocol for the new casino games and the mobile casino. This meant that the games would adapt to any device they were played from. Thanks to this there was no more need for the flash plugin to be installed, meaning that the casino games only needed a mobile browser to run.

This now meant that even iOS users could access all of the casino games from their iPhones or iPads. With such freedom the revenue from mobile play quickly managed to surpass the instant play version. Today every reputable casino in the industry has their own mobile casino version.

Benefits of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is more attractive to players for a number of reasons. The first being is freedom to play the casino games on the go. Since access to the internet is very easy nowadays you can play your favorite casino games from wherever you want. You could be playing on the bus, on your break or just tucked away comfortably in your bed.

Another great advantage for mobile play is bonus promotions. Many mobile online casinos in the industry today offer generous bonus promotions for players on the go. You can find a big number of operators who offer no deposit sign up bonuses if you try their mobile casino platform or download their mobile casino app. Also many operators have generous welcome bonus promotions which you can claim from your mobile device only. This way you get the best of both worlds. You can get some free money to play with, while you’re lying comfortably in your bed.

Mobile casino apps are another great way to make access to the casino even easier. More and more online casinos today are launching their own dedicated mobile casino apps. All you need to do is download the casino app and install in on your mobile device. After that whenever you want to play at the casino all you need to do is launch the casino app and you will be ready to play in seconds.

What are the best mobile sites?

Even though most of the online casino operators in the industry today have a functional mobile casino platform, not all of them provide the best service to mobile players. The best mobile casino sites usually have their own mobile casino app to make access to players easier. They also need to have generous and reasonable bonus promotions to attract players and offer fast payouts to e-wallet accounts. A great mobile casino also needs to have live chat support available 24/7 and offer casino games from the leading software providers in the industry.

Where do I find the best mobile sites?

Finding the best mobile sites can be very problematic, since the offer of online casinos is very big. It can be very tiring searching through the casino website to find out everything they have to offer, especially if you’re doing it from your mobile phone. This is why sites like MobiCasinos are founded in order to make your quest easier. At the website you will find sites recommended by MobiCasinos team and you can easily see what each one has to offer. You will just need to spend 5 minutes to read their trusted mobile casino reviews and after that you are free to make an account and start your mobile online casino adventure.

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