Mobile phones and watches are the hottest gaming platforms

Mobile phones and smart watches are portable gadgets which you can take anywhere with you. No wonder these gadgets are now being targeted by online casinos which seek to flow with the revolution as the world now goes fully digital. These two gadgets now integrate perfectly in every aspect of peoples’ lives, so it’s easy to see why everyone is seeing them as part and parcel of their lives.

The mobile phone technology and how it encourages gambling operators to jump aboard

There’s a huge market in the mobile segment. And with this population now consisting of over 50% of people owning mobile gadgets across the world, there is no better place for online casinos than in these gadgets.

Processing power is growing better by the day. Modern high-end smart phones even come with aggressive graphic engines which assure that HD games will run flawlessly. And then there’s the big displays coupled with a slim frame. All these characteristics add to the convenience that platforms such as Royal Vegas online casino are looking to capitalize on.

Furthermore, smart phone manufacturers, especially those who make devices which run on Android OS keep slashing prices while offering value in their products. It is also for this reason that many games are built in favor of the Android platform in order to suit the growing population of Android lovers. In fact, there is no shortage of Android slot games to kill time with. You can try gaming on the move as long as you own these devices, and it costs you nothing, thanks to the fact that some online casinos even offer no-deposit bonuses.

Smart watch revolution and how online casinos can benefit

Smart watch technology informs our lives. Take the example of a brand like FitBit. They’ve been known to produce smart watches that monitor your health through a series of tracking devices. They keep track of your lifestyle goals even when you aren’t aware that this is happening. It’s all about setting and forgetting it. These watches are now aimed at understanding what you’re engaging in, your surroundings and possibly your own body conditions without the need to feed them with this data.

But this is very good news for gaming platforms like Royal Vegas online casino, why? Well, a modern wrist device now comes withplenty of sophisticated sensors which can be used to monitor a number of activities which concern you.

Maybe your future wrist device could scan and keep your biometrics. And through the help of GPS, it might even learn where your favorite store is. Also, this very watch can detect a change in your heart rate. This may signal boredom.

Of course this intricate biometric feedback together with some algorithmic calculations in the OS can be used to determine your favorite slot game for that matter. It can also be used to suggest games that you are more likely to play.


You can see that mobile devices now open a world of opportunities for online casinos to come in. So even though the industry is still young in terms of offering games that can successfully be played on a smart watch, it is headed in the right direction and at the right pace. We can therefore watch this space.

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