New and Convenient Wireless Charging Solution

When we talk about wireless charging technology, we think about convenience. This technology has already made our lives a lot easier, but can it become any more convenient? As it stands, it has already taken a leap in that direction.

From the phones we use, to the controllers of our favorite console – everything is on the verge of going wireless. But most technology needs to be charged with a wire, despite its wirelessness.

Wireless charging has made progress in the last couple of years. But it still isn’t as mainstream as it should be.

Wireless Charging As We Know It

Inductive charging is currently the most common wireless solution, but it has many disadvantages. It helps us get rid of those entangled wires and makes our houses a lot tidier, but by using field source charging we have to bring the product in close proximity of the charging device.And this means that weare not able to use the product while it is being charged.

Moreover, one cannot place the product on the charging device in any position other than the one required for the charging to take place. This does seem inconvenient doesn’t it?Well the good thing is that companies like Humavox – a leading innovator of wireless charging solutions – are already up to the challenge and have made a significant impact to the industry.

Technology from the Future

The future of wireless charging technology is already upon us. Humavox has already tapped into the innovative trends in this area and found the points-of-pain of people. To solve that matter, they have come up with a radio frequency wireless charging method where you are not bound to place the product on the charging device or near it. You don’t even have to position your product in any specific way.

In other words, they have tapped into the future of wireless charging.

Treat For Product Designers

Humavox’s wireless technology platform – ETERNA– is a mind-reliever, especially for the product designers while designing their product.


Product designers no longer need to worry about where they’re going to put their charging stations. This is precisely because ETERNA holds no limitation to how and where the station is placed. This charging station is called NEST.


In addition to the NEST, the receiver – which basically fits into the product that is being designed – iscalled Thunderlink. Thunderlink has the ability to be integrated in a gadget even as small as a Bluetooth ear device.

Real-time Charging Optimizer

The Real-time Charging Optimizer from ETERNA is present with every Thunderlink. It allows the charging process to be smart enough to save as much energy as possible while the charging process is underway.

Looking at these products and how they cater the wireless charging process, the direction this technology has taken and the way it is progressing in the area is simply mind-boggling. Products like ETERNA from Humavox assure a promising future for technology, especially in the field of wireless charging.

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