Newest Sports Based Video Games To Play in 2021

Sports aficionados are having a really boring time during these Covid-19 pandemic enforced lockdowns that have shaken up the world pretty badly. With no stadiums to go to in order to get the hit of the best sports matches ever, sports lovers now should check out the newest video games based on sports that have just come up in the video gaming market in 2021.

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The following is a list of the top as well as latest video games based on sports that will fill your sports fan brain with absolute pleasure:

●      Blood Bowl 3: This game is so very different from what usual football based video gaming enthusiasts are used to. Blood Bowl 3 is an amazing game to play if you are a fan of fantasy genre video games such as Skyrim and so on. Developed by indie special Cyanide and published by Nacon and Bigben Interactive, Blood Bowl 3 is an amazing new fantasy sports driven video game that has all the hallmarks of the Super Bowl based video game with smooth movements and striking graphics. But that aside, the Blood Bowl 3 video game has an added fantasy gaming genre to it. Instead of Tom Brady, you just have an ogre or an elf playing the Super Bowl, set in the universe of Warhammer. To win, you just need to break a few jaws, blast a couple of foes and reach the touchdown in a maddening frenzy. It is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and more;

●      SkateBIRD: Another super fun video game offering in 2021, SkateBIRD is the ultimate skateboard game for us humans, but just in the way of birds. Developed by Glass Bottom Games and published by the same, SkateBIRD is full of flapping wildly colored birds who go full on raging mad on the skateboards as you whizz past all the very best locales, all in high definition graphics of course. SkateBIRD is all about birds skateboarding through the various landscapes, but interestingly, there are skateboards based on the size of the birds. So, go ahead and use a straw or even sticky tape as a skateboard if you want!

●      Space Jam: A New Legacy: Developed by gaming software provider Other Ocean and marketed by Warner Bros. Entertainment and Microsoft, Space Jam: A New Legacy is a new entrant into the list of video games based on sports where the basketball legend Le Bron James is teaming up with the Looney Tunes riot, Bugs Bunny to give you the smoothest ever experience at playing ball and basket.


So, what are you waiting around for? Lay your boredom to rest now and pick up the gaming console because these sports based video games are hot and straight off the table for you to play and win at, aren’t they?

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