Options for watching TV in different parts of the house

How easy it would be if the cables ceased to exist. However, despite some wireless solutions the truth is that we depend on them. Power cords, speaker, antenna … There are many wires, not all households have a generous installation or more points that we need to bring.

If the house is to be building from scratch or will be reform, we can always take some time to plan the connections necessary for both the local network they are. However, when this is not possible we will have to see what to do. The other day the issue was raise out the antenna signal from one point to another and then all possible options. Visit http://realorigin.org/ for more home improvement tips.

A single antenna connection, multiple TV

Let’s get first position… Possibly many, when you have arrived at a rented house that you have to live in it for a while or you are newly buy home and you see that there is only one antenna socket. To make matters worse, this decision is not in the right place. Normally at the wall where we did not think positioning the TV.

If you have, the antenna jack on the wrong wall it is itself a whole lot worse setback is to see that in our bedroom directly no aerial socket and that the problem is worse.


However, as there are several solutions … Some are more “complicated” and expensive, some less comfortable and that always annoyed. Then we will see different options to bring the antenna socket one point to another house.

Cable, wire much

A cable from one point to another in the home is the basic option and the most feared. It supposed to work to bring it inside the wall to the point (and avoid display) or get right against the wall. For the latter, less aesthetic but more comfortable, we can use the classical staples or fix it with glue.

Now a few questions that often assaulting many what is the maximum length of cable, will there be lost. A coaxial cable is not usually large losses and can make a roll of 20 or 30 meters without problems. What we do have to keep in mind is that each cut if a loss occurs.

For the reason it is important that no joints and of course the pins are in perfect condition. The best option is to use screw connectors and splitter to avoid losses at the points where we should “split” the signal into two.

If we start from a signal with sufficient quality and power there will be no problems and we can carry the signal via cable to any part of the house.

Television signal where there

It is the most typical case. We want to watch TV in a room where there is no antenna connection. Use a portable antenna may be a viable solution only if our area has good coverage. If so small antennas for portable TDT work great but if not we will have to change strategy.

One option is to make use of known senders Video, small devices consist of a transmitter and a receptor that allow the signal wirelessly. However, beware not the one that provides the antenna cable but to a video source. That is, we will have several options:

  • If we do not mind seeing the same thing you are watching on the main decisionyou do is connect your TV to Video sender, and in the other room TV, there we receive the same signal. It may, depending on the model, even changing the channel on the main TV.
  • If you want to see a different channel then the option isto connect a tuner to the emitter of video sender. It is not an elegant option and the TV tuner is hereby bedroom adornment. Yes, it is practical and should not involve more than $70-80 disbursement.

Using a NAS with support for USB tuner

This option could see the other day in the comments of one of our entries. The idea is to take advantage if we have or plan to purchase a NAS, the ability to connect a USB tuner to it and accessible through the web interface.

The solution is good and viable but requires that your television has dorm browser or we connect any additional device, as it could be a computer, Raspberry Pi or the like.

From this web interface offering such products as Synology or QNAP NAS, we can change the channel and even schedule recordings and much more.

W-LAN TV system 50N

Another option is to use the same cutting devices like PCTV Broadway 2T. Able to tune in the DTT signal and wirelessly distribute it so we can access it from your computer or mobile device.

It works very well but of course, we require a device with an application for use. Although, considering that many already has tablets and smartphones alike is good choice. We save having a TV in the room and may be more comfortable finish watching the game or movie of the week.

Several options but the best remains cable

As you can see, there is an ideal option for every case and pull wire is still the best but also the most hated by many. Still, if the layout of the house and the distance it is possible to run a cable from one point to another I advise you to do.

As long when you have cleared that, the TV will stay there. For spend an afternoon fixing the cable, making the odd hole in the wall, etc … is too entertaining to you a few weeks decides better not to have a television in the room.  Finally, we  suggest visit http://healthyhouseplans.com/ to make your home healthy and decorative.

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