Raising Your Game with Digital Marketing

No business can ignore the impact of digital marketing in today’s increasingly connected age. Before you consider engaging professional support for web design in London, here is a look at some of the opportunities that SMEs should be investigating if they want to retain their competitive advantage.

Raising Your Game with Digital Marketing

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Social Media

Everyone knows about social media – or do they? Many business owners are simply not yet up to speed with the marketing opportunities that await on these social platforms. Whether you decide to have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or another platform, you must have a social marketing strategy that forms part of your broader marketing strategy.

The reality is that the majority of your customers will already be using at least one social media channel, and your competitors will be out there engaging with them. This means that you need to consider your own position and get educated about the digital world and the opportunities that it offers you. Many of today’s digital platforms are far cheaper to use than traditional print and other forms of marketing, and the benefits of targeted online advertising can be huge, offering far greater audience segmentation and analysis than ever before to help you refine your campaigns.


Increasingly, users are engaging with apps – smartphone applications that allow businesses to deliver specific functions or smartphone-enabled content. Apps needn’t be expensive to develop, but they do require a specialist developer. You can find a range of these skills and more by taking advantage of London web design by VizionOnline or an agency in your vicinity that specialises in digital marketing.


As an absolute essential, every business needs a website. This can be a brochure site or a more complex site that allows direct sales and customer self-service and which integrates with your business CRM and other systems. You’ll need to engage the services of a developer and designer to get started – you’ll find plenty of agencies that specialist in web design and can offer entire teams.

The Next Step

Before you consider your next digital step, consider using the services of a specialist agency. This will give you access to the skills that you need for a successful build and ensure you attain your goals whilst sticking to your budget.

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