Real Solutions to Enhance Website Protection

Does your IT person or team place a large emphasis on website development but does not consider website protection? It is not uncommon for this to happen. Although many people may not be the case, it could be a close second, which leaves your company vulnerable to any malicious attacks going around.

Why isn’t website protection viewed as a necessity?

For the most part, website protection has been in the background, but when your infrastructure starts failing, website protection comes out in April. A lot of web and mobile operations feel that getting an additional security system in place would help.

Protection system facts:

  • System is easy-to-use
  • System is cost-effective
  • System is easy to install
  • System is cloud based

Unfortunately, the lack of web security continues to grow. As the Internet becomes more interactive, taking the necessary precautions to protect your interests is key.

website protection

What are some common website security issues?

  • Software

This means that for any system you implement, the updates must be ongoing to keep the program operating at the highest capacity. For managed hosting solutions, you may not have to worry about this, but it’s better to be prepared for anything.

  • Error messages

Make sure the information you are giving away when you receive an error message is on a need to know basis.

  • Passwords

Using passwords on the site can be a good idea, especially when operating as an administrator of the site. Creating passwords with encrypted values is a must.

  • File uploads

This practice has become increasingly difficult due to the sensitive nature of information that may be being uploaded onto a server. When uploading files, this is a perfect time for hackers to get into your site and throw the website protection plan off.

Is there a solution that can assist with these tasks?

Cloudbric is the ultimate solution in website protection that can address all your needs in real-time. A cloud-based solution, this program accesses 99% of websites, giving them an edge in the technical market. The beauty of the program is no costs, no hardware and no installation in less than 3 minutes.

We set up a shield for your website that will have the highest levels of encryption to combat against spammers, DDoS, hackers, crawlers & bots. Our system offers website protection at all levels against common issues such as website vandalism, to more serious concerns.

Cloudbric takes pride in helping other organizations reach their website protection goals. With an intuitive dashboard, no tech jargon or installation fees, the platform continues to shine as the best solution for your company.

Taking the time to learn why this system is best suited for your needs can make the difference between a bad decision and a good as it relates to your operational capacity. Don’t put your computers in a vulnerable spot while attempting to hinder any cyberattacks that may be introduced.

Getting your system’s infrastructure in line with what you need to successfully transfer everything over to a web based protocol that will meet and surpass your needs. For more information on how Cloudbric can assist you in protection your chair, contact a team associate today!

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