Selling Your Phone? Here’s How OnRecycle Can Maximize Your Returns

When looking to sell your old mobile phone or more modern smartphone, it is a bit of a minefield. Do you try to sell it online and risk a return due to a scratch the buyer took a dislike to even though it was pointed out in the description? Or do you try to find a local, private buyer who can come to you?

Selling Your Phone

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Either way, it is difficult to find a good way to get the maximum amount of value out of selling your mobile phone without losing a ton of time in the process. We’re all busy after work and we don’t really wish to lose much free time just to sell a phone.

Here are some reasons why OnRecycle may be a good idea when you’re next looking to sell a mobile phone.

1. Selling a Phone with OnRecycle is Like Shopping but in Reverse

Selling your phone using OnRecycle is pretty much like reverse shopping, instead of buying online, you’re selling instead.

The website is set up on the home page, so you can simply pick your phone from the list of models shown (it is also possible to sell a tablet, smartwatch or gadget). Just select the brand, mobile and memory size in order to be specific about the phone that you currently have. The phone’s condition also needs to be selected (working, broken / fault, or new).

2. Getting the Best Price for the Phone

OnRecycle can search live with the major UK phone recyclers to verify which company is currently offering the best price for the exact make and model of phone based on its stated condition. Trying to perform this search on your own would take too long and OnRecycle has already established strong working relationships with all the major recyclers of mobile phones (and other devices) in the UK which saves you the trouble.

3. Feeling Good about the Environment

Selling your phone for someone else to be able to use it is good for the environment in a couple of different ways.

Firstly, the mobile phone can be used by another person without the need to use more raw materials to build a replacement phone. This helps to reduce the reliance on the mining industry for the raw materials; an industry with a poor environmental record. It also cuts back on the level of carbon emissions.

Secondly, if not selling the phone, many people would dispose of the mobile phone in way that is not advisable. Quite a few phones end up in landfills where they eventually start to leak into the local water supply which can be quite harmful.

4. ADamaged Phone Can Still Be Used For Parts

Rather than believing that a faulty or damaged mobile phone is worthless, it is actually true that many of the parts can be stripped from a non-working phone and used in similar devices for repairs. This process is cheaper with repairs and is also good for the environment as well while providing the owner of the mobile phone with an unexpectedly generous payment for their faulty phone.

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