Should You Buy a New Phone? Here are the Tell-Tale Signs

Oftentimes, people don’t really need to buy a new phone. They can just take their old device to a cell phone repair center and it can be properly restored for normal use. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should just stick to your old phone. Here are some indicators that tell you it’s time to upgrade:

  1. It can’t hold a full day’s charge.

If your phone battery only lasts a few hours, you can take it to a repair center to see if they can repair it or if the battery can be replaced. If not, it may be time to buy a new phone.

  1. The internet speed is pretty slow.

A 3G phone may be tolerable for some people but this is not always the case especially if you enjoy browsing the Web, checking out your social media newsfeeds or if your job entails replying to emails frequently, uploading pictures and so on. You need a phone with a 4G capability, which offers 10x faster speed compared to 3G.

  1. Camera quality is poor.

In the age of social media, you need a smartphone that has a very good camera. If your phone is over 2 years old, then its camera technology simply can’t compare to the newer smartphone models. Newer devices are not only able to produce nicer images, but they can also take pictures a lot faster. They have features that enable you to take pictures at night and even under water. Uploading to your social media accounts is also easier and faster with newer phones.

  1. You hate the software.

It’s not at all uncommon for a person to discover that the operating system of his or her phone is very difficult to use or has lots of bugs. If you’re used to Android operating systems for example and then you switched to an iPhone, then you may find it frustrating to get used to the new OS. If this is the case, you can consider swapping your phone or buying a new phone.

  1. It doesn’t have the features you need.

Old phones may have a very poor resolution or are unable to download the apps you want to use. Others have low picture and video quality, and there are those that cannot even sync to your emails. If these features are important to you then it may be a good idea to get a smartphone that have these features.

Basically, if you have a very old phone and your contract is about to end, then there is absolutely no reason for you not to upgrade your phone. The same goes for those whose phones are impossible to repair. Why allow yourself to continue using a phone that no longer works the way you want it to, or is sorely lacking in the features that are important to you?

On the other hand, if the phone issues are minor and they can still be fixed, then it would not be practical to spend several hundred bucks on a brand new smartphone when you can just send your old phone to a repair center.

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