The Future Of The Digital Key

Technology is ever changing and having a rusted old key to enter your home is almost a thing of the past. With the development of the Digital Smart Key comes the ability to unlock and lock your home or office from anywhere around the globe. Digital Key’s gatekeeper service enables the user to remotely gain access at the click of a button.

Converting any digital lock can be converted to a smart connected lock using a smart phone with a Universal Digital Key app for a predetermined and limited period of time.

What May You Expect From Digital Key Apps

Taking your family for that once in a lifetime trip to a foreign country after you’ve won big at betting sites to experience the rawness of its culture sounds like the holiday never to be forgotten. Once you land on solid ground and have booked yourself into a urban luxury hotel you are bound to miss out on the tradition of that country if you are running around worrying about keys. Using the unique Digital Key system you can now enjoy your new destination as a local and have the complete experience without the fuss.

Amazon Key

Amazon recently launched Amazon Key which featured a smart lock with a camera and mobile app.  This new age development allows Amazon to deliver goods to their customer without them being home.  Amazon Key gives delivery staff access to buyers homes in order to leave their purchased product safely at home.

This technology is available to Prime members and aimed at bringing package theft down.

The Future of Amazon Key

With only 5-7% penetration into the market it is a slow but steady move towards the future of cyber key technology. New cars today do not function with physical keys and there is no logical reason why our homes should not follow the same trend.

Most keys are small and easy to lose or misplace. Although a pin for the Amazon key could be forgotten, a digital key is by far harder to duplicate or lose. Forging your way into a home with a copied key is far harder than cracking a code designed by leading tech giants like Amazon.

Future Vacation Rentals

Using smart keys in Airbnb in places like China and across the globe is a prime example of how digital door locks and smart keys could spread throughout the tourism industry. Like Amazon Key, Airbnb could use digital key apps for safe and secure access to various home rentals.

Normal Keys Are So Old School

Smart keys offer a whole new world of security that compliments the modern on the go lifestyle. This new age key-less technology could not only improve all round home security, it could be a revolutionary invention for travel and corporate delivery businesses.

If you think about it, it’s only logical, we carry around our smart phones for just about everything, storing one more use in our mobile device reinvents your stack of possessions and allows for more on the go movement and portability, which is exactly the aim of future technology.

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