The Relevance of Getting Real Instagram Followers Using Kicksta

The rise of social media has helped people to easily communicate  with friends, peers, or relatives through such platforms.  Being a sharing platform, most entrepreneurs have also taken the advantage to market their businesses. You can post products you are selling or the services you are offering through your social media sites.  Some of the most popular social networking sites you should use include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Instagram is one of the best for those who want to market their products because it gives you the opportunity to share photos of your product, videos, share blog posts, and links to your website.  Not to mention, today Instagram has 8 million business profiles!  The businesses that are using Instagram successfully are the ones that have a higher number of organic followers and engagement on their accounts.  Instagram automation tools like Kicksta are a great way to help you grow your Instagram following organically, without those spammy fake accounts or bots.

How Kicksta Works

The steps are straightforward, all you need to do is register on their site and link your Instagram account to start gaining followers.  You will be required to provide them with a list of target accounts with followers you wish to attract. Kicksta will like the photos of the followers of those targets account that you provide, which will drive them to your profile once they get a notification.  Since Kicksta is targeting accounts that are similar to yours, it increases that changes those users will like your account and follow you back.

With your account you will have access to an analytics dashboard where you will be able to track the growth of your account and track likes and comments that followers are leaving on your posts.  Within the dashboard users can remove underperforming targets and replace them with new ones, and update billing information and passwords.

When you’re using an Instagram automation tool like Kicksta, you save a lot of time on trying to grow your following, which can be pretty tedious.  You’ll have more time to focus on posting good content, posting more frequently, and working on potential collaborations with influencers, which in turn will attract more users to your page.

Kicksta Pricing

When it comes to the Kicksta pricing plan, it’s one of the best you’ll get when you want to increase Instagram followers. The Kicksta pricing plan is made up of the professional and creative monthly packages each going for different rates. These packages also have their own sets of benefits which you get to enjoy after paying or subscribing to any of them.

You can also contact Kicksta support anytime you are experiencing challenges or have questions about choosing the right targets. Kicksta support is always active 24/7, and they will attend to your queries through e-mails or live chat option on their site.  They also have a blog on their website with useful Instagram marketing tips.

Benefits of Getting Real Instagram Followers Using Kicksta

  • Increased Visibility
  • Increased Sales and Website Traffic
  • Saves you time to focus on higher level tasks
  • Gain more social proof


Using Kicksta to get Instagram followers will guarantee you the best results. They have the most reasonable pricing plan and strategies that will help grow your audience safely and organically.

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